Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Personal Fave Moments Of 2005

I cannot tell you how amazing 2005 has been for me. As the year started out, I was just blogging along as I had been doing for the previous 2 years ... I had no idea that things were gonna get so nuts for me. In January, I was incredibly geeked that my all-time highest day reached 700 people:

By June I had my 1 millionth visitor:

And as 2005 comes to an end I am almost to the 13 million visitor mark. Believe me, it is very humbling to think that so many people like reading this blog. It has always been a fun venture for me -- it makes me really happy to know that other people enjoy the fun as much as I do.

In May I received an email from a Pink reader who told me that my face was put on a birthday cake for another Pink reader:

It was at this moment that I knew that things were gonna change. was the first publication that contacted me for an interview ...

... and the next thing I know I was being written about in the New York Post:

Then came my listing in Blender magazine's list of Hot 100 Things of the Year:

Then Instinct magazine asked me to collaborate on a fun piece for them:

But, the coup d'etat was getting interviewed by the New York Times:

It was truly shocking to know that the NYT wanted to feature me and my little ol' blog. As if that weren't cool enough, Nicole Richie even gave Pink is the new Blog love by featuring it in her debut novel The Truth About Diamonds:

If that ain't cool ... I don't know what is.

In April, Sarah and I took a trip to NYC and we were lucky enough to meet some new friends ... Ultragrrrl and Josh Madden:

I kept in touch with Ultra and Josh and, in turn, Josh passed along my blog to his brothers Joel and Benji Madden. In the summer, Joel started blogging about PITNB on his blog:

Joel and I blogged back and forth and he hooked me up with meeting Hilary Duff when she came to Detroit in August:

And I finally got to meet and hang out with Joel (and Benji) in October:

I was very lucky to be invited to some ultracool events this year. At the Motorola party I ran into a few celebs, including Nicole Richie:

In November, I was invited to the LA premiere of Brokeback Mountain and was lucky enough to meet Jake Gyllenhaal, Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Carnes:

Yes ... I got to meet some very cool people this year ... OH and then there was the time I got to meet Madonna:

There is no one bigger than Madonna. Meeting her was truly a milestone for me.

The staff at VH1's Best Week Ever sent me a picture of them posing with one of my stickers ...

... which led to a guest stint where I was able to appear on Best Week Ever:

Sure, I only got about 5 seconds of screentime ... but it was my first time on TV so I was damn excited.

In November, I was invited to be a guest on QTV's talk show Queer Edge:

And in December, I appeared on the E! year end special:

I never, ever dreamed I would get to appear on TV ... but in '05 I finally got my chance. Who knows what 2006 will bring ...

In March, I got a new tattoo:

In May, Erik and I had an amazing vacation in Caseville, MI:

In June, Erik and I had an even more amazing vacation in Los Angeles, CA:

But ... the most important thing that happened this year had nothing at all to do with me or my blog. My beautiful god daughter, Zakiya BiBi, was born in August:

She is truly the most important aspect of 2005 for me. Yes, it's true ... she is the most beautiful baby in the world.

So that's it, y'all. That's the whole year ... I had a blast. This blog is so fun to do. I am so happy to know that so many other people enjoy the blog as well. I know there are some haters out there but there ain't nothing I can do about any of the negativity. No matter what, I will never be able to be all things to everyone ... I can only be me. I'm not trying to save the world, I'm not trying to be the end all, be all ... I'm just a dude with a blog having the most fun I can.

I'm looking forward to a whole new year of fun with all of you. Peace.

The Last One

This is the last "official" post of 2005 ... there isn't much breaking news going on today so let's just take a look at a few pictures of celebrities enjoying the last days of 2005 ...

Lindsay Lohan and her family (sans dad) are ringing in the new year down in South Beach, FL ... here are a few pictures of the Lohans lounging by the pool:

Yes, Lindsay sends us off with her best wishes for '06. We <3 you, Linds!!! [Source, Source]

Ashley Olsen has put away her 14 layers of clothing and stripped down to her bathing suit as she frolicked on the beach with the new man in her life:

The guy looks huge! If he looks as good coming as he does going I think Ash got herself a hottie. [Source]

Celine Dion is also sportin' a bikini these days ...

... and I really don't know what to say about that. [Source]

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have opted for the cooler climes of New York City for the year end festivities:

These 2 are deffo my new favorite couple. [Source]

Jennifer Aniston is still pretty chummy with her summer fling Vince Vaughn ... the pair have been spending the holidays together:

I wonder if they'll really stay together in '06. [Source]

Michael Jackson has happily sequestered himself away in Dubai ...

... which is a magical land where his children are free to roam about without having to wear masks. [Source]

And finally, I just had to throw in this picture of Kelly Osbourne and her pet pooch:

That's it ... that's all the goss for 2005 ... I can't wait to see what 2006 has in store. [Source]

I am forgoing the news rundown for today ... there will be plenty of news in the new year.

I have to wish a very Happy Birthday to the lovely Candice Conant:

Candi turns one year older today and I am sending her all my pink love! I hope you have a happy birthday!!!

Last night VLB and I were invited to Sevin the Nightclub by my new friend Ray to party with Jesse Metcalfe:

The party was so fun ... VLB and I had a bit much to drink -- which is exactly the way we like to roll. I have to give a big shoutout to Pink readers Ashley and Stephanie.

Ugh ... it was a long night ... and tonight is gonna be an even longer night ... in a little bit I'll be posting my fave personal moments from 2005. I'm out.