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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thin Tuesday

First things first ... it's Fat Tuesday, y'all! It's the last day of Mardi Gras and the last day to sin like crazy before the onset of Ash Wednesday:

I hope y'all have a great day ... party up ... do it big ... sin like there's no tomorrow!!!!!

Britney Spears and Co. are in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras festivities and it appears that she brought along all the fake hair she could carry:

Let me just say that I think it's cool that Britney hauled her cookies all the way to her home state to help out with this year's festivities. She looks a'ight ... her cohorts, on the other hand, well, it's plain to see they felt there was no need to dress up. Kevin did lose the corn rows (tho, the rat tail is back) and Lynn ... bless her ... I think she's just given up entirely. Party on, Spederline! [Source]

Elsewhere in the Big Easy, celebrities like Anderson Cooper and Michael Keaton have come to town to participate in the various Mardi Gras parades and festivities ...

... while celebs like Josh Duhamel (who teamed up with Bacardi) lent their fame to raising money for New Orleans. Josh was on hand to participate in Bacardi's attempt to create The World's Longest String of Mardi Gras Beads to raise funds for the Rebirth of New Orleans Tourism Fund. New Orleans (well, Louisiana for that matter) has a long way to go still in the rebuilding effort but it's nice to see that the spirit of Mardi Gras, which is the spirit of the city, is still holding strong even if the crowds are thinner this year. Slowly but surely, things will get back to normal. [Source, Source]

Click HERE to watch Mardi Gras happen live on


Woot! 24 was so great last night ... it felt good to just get lost in that TV show ... let me just say up front that I TOTALLY knew that Jack Bauer was walking into a trap with that guy from Omicron (or whatever the biz was called). Classic 24 moment ... Jack always has one lapse in judgment per season. President Logan is the most pitiful excuse for a TV human being ever ... he is just pathetic. I knew he'd choose to let his wife get killed because of his complete and utter weaknesses as a President. I'm bummed I couldn't find any screencaps from last night's ep but, I tried to make do:

It was only a matter of time before The Hobbit flipped out and shot himself in the foot. I suspect this won't be the last we see of Lynn McGill but it was great to see the whole team rally around Curtis and Audrey and oust The Hobbit. I was a bit surprised to see that limo survive a rocket launcher blast ... but I suppose that's what they're built for. I was very happy that Aaron survived ... I think he and Martha Logan should run off together ... after the day is finished, that is. All in all I was very entertained by last night's ep ... but I am THRILLED that next week will bring 2 full hours of 24! The excitement of such an event may just drive me wild! [Source]

Check out these pictures of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie filming new scenes for their upcoming season of The Simple Life:

Note how they are no where near one another ... it's gonna be a fun season. [Source]

When Paris isn't busy filming TV shows she spends her time shopping for things she doesn't need ... and occasionally runs into awkward situations:

I have to believe that Paris Hilton isn't that close with Brandon Davis ... she doesn't strike me as the kind of person who overlooks a person's flaws for the sake of friendship. At any rate, let's just chuckle at the poor boy's see-thru blouse and be done with it. [Source]

My lord ... I ... I'm at a loss ... Ashlee Simpson has become the celeb with the absolute worst taste in hairstyles that I have ever come across (except for Kelly Osbourne and Kevin Federline, but those are givens). It appears that Ashlee's last haircut wasn't ugly enough for her:

Dayum. She's practically dead to me now. [Source]

Well, well, well, well ... what have we here ... is this little 15-year old Emma Watson (aka Hermoine Granger) being photographed knocking back a brewski?

What is it with the kids these days drinking Coronas? First we see Jesse McCartney imbibing the Jesus Juice and now little Emma ... it's curious, isn't it? Whatever would Professor Minerva McGonagall say about all of this? [Source]

Awww ... it's been a while since we've seen little Violet Ann Affleck out for a stroll ... check out these cute pictures of Ben and Jen taking their precious little girl out for a walk:

Expect to see a picture of this little lamb knocking back a Corona Light in a few short weeks. [Source]

Gwen Stefani looks amazing as a pregnant woman ...

She's actually glowing ... it's a beautiful sight. [Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have fled to Tahiti to get away from the mad crush of onlookers ...

It won't be long now ... the TomKat moment of truth is close at hand. [Source]

Have you ever wondered what makes the X-Men mutant Juggernaut such a cross fellow? I suspect it's constipation as is evident in this picture of Vinnie Jones in his Juggernaut garb:

Wee! X-Men 3 hits theaters in a few short months ... and I can't wait! [Source]

Pink reader Armands sends in this hilarious picture of Nicole Richie and I just *had* to use it ... I mean ... I'm not trying to clown on Nicole but ...

... it kinda has to be done. Couple the picture of Nicole with the picture of Victoria Beckham ... lord ... celebs really do exist for our mere amusement. Loves it! [Source, thanks Armands]

And finally, it's not enough that the Sex Pistols have publicly snubbed their entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but lead singer Johnny Rotten felt it necessary to post a hand-written letter showing his true feelings on his official website:

I'm sure he posted this letter as a point of clarification with all due love and respect for the Rock Hall. Oh and someone needs to fill ol' Johnny on the difference between "your" and "you're". [Source]

The News:
So ... yeah ... it's been an interesting couple of days. I am finally feeling better, still the lingering cough but considering how I felt a few short days ago -- I ain't complaining. I spent the afternoon with my parents and then the evening with Sarah and Mark.

I want to thank you all for your kind comments and sentiments for both Erik and me ... I know they mean a lot to me. I suppose I'm going to throw myself into my work and try and keep my head on straight. I have a quick trip to Chicago later on this week and then I'm gonna get outta Detroit for a few days just so I can clear my head. I'm still processing things ... life has gotten very strange, very quickly.

That's all for now, I'm out.


Monday, February 27, 2006

The First Cut Is The Deepest

It's always a sad Monday morning for me when I have no Spederline news to open with ... good news or bad, y'all know I likes me some Brit Britness to kick off a new week. But ... in the absence of a K-Fed eff up or a Britney fashion faux pas I think I'll take a celebrity arrest ... those are always fun no matter what the occasion. Sooooo ... it appears that Mr. George Michael hasn't had his fill of scandal in recent years ... the poor chap was picked up by the fuzz in London after being found slumped over in his car in London's Hyde Park Corner at 1:50AM. He was arrested on suspicion of drug possession:

Police and an ambulance raced to the scene after a Good Samaritan spotted the semi-conscious singer and raised the alarm. After ensuring the millionaire star had no obvious injury, officers breath-tested and searched him. The B-test proved negative but police allegedly found cannabis and GHB -- a Class C drug known as Liquid Ecstasy that is popular with clubbers. In the boot of the car, thought to be a dark Range Rover, cops are also said to have found a cache of pornographic material including sex toys and masks. Well now ... it looks like he was either going to or coming from a pretty saucy soiree. I feel I have to point out that isn't it better that he was sleeping in his car rather than driving on the road if he was, in fact, "on something"? Ah well ... what's the worry ... he's likely to get a slap on the wrists and be done with the whole matter. Don't you worry, Georgie. [Source]

Um ... does anyone watch the show Dancing with the Stars on ABC? Yeah, I don't either but I suppose it's worth mentioning that Drew Lachey ended up winning the whole competition with his professional dancing partner Cheryl Burke.

Drew and Cheryl utterly dominated Thursday's interminably long two-hour show, so they were in the lead with the judges cruising into Sunday's interminably long two-hour show. After dumping even more endless filler on the audience, the show finally showed a little dancing, as each couple took one more shot at scoring with the judges. LOL ... it sounds like it took a lot to endure this TV show. At any rate, it's nice to hear that a Lachey is doing something with his life ... way to go, Drew! [Source]

Avril Lavigne was on hand to perform at the closing ceremonies for this year's Olympic Winter Games in Torino, Italy ... her performance came courtesy of the the 8-minute portion of the closing ceremonies that paid tribute to the next Olympic Winter Games that will take place in Vancouver, Canada in 2010. Unfortch, I didn't watch her performance but she looks cute in these pictures:

Normally I spend at least some time watching the Olympics when they come around (VLB and I spent a lot time watching the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2004 summer Olympics) but this time around I just missed the whole thing. I kept catching glimpses of events when I was in public places (watched some ice dancing at a coffee shop in Amsterdam, caught some speed skating at a bar in Dearborn, MI) but I barely paid attention to any of it. Were this year's Olympic Games as good as the last round of Olympic Games? [Source]

Awwww ... the happy family is no longer together ... Brad Pitt is now in New York City whilst Angelina Jolie and the kiddies are still spending time in Paris, France:

Can someone tell me why I'm so fascinated with these people? Like, I get that they're famous and famous people can be interesting but this couple/family ... they're so cute and look so perfect together -- normally I would be annoyed by them. I dunno ... I guess I've just been suckered by the hype that is Brangelina. I'm not sure why I like posting pics of these people ... [Source, Source]

Hmmm ... check out these interesting pictures of Lindsay Lohan ... is her nose really bleeding or what?

A bloody nose can be completely normal ... it could stem from a bad case of hay fever, high blood pressure, Wegener's Granulomatosis or something as simple as dry air. I'm sure it's a simple as that ... yup ... totally sure. [Source]

Check out these amazing pictures of Elisha Cuthbert and Christian Slater workin' the karaoke tip at the wrap party for the indie movie He Was A Quiet Man last weekend:

They look quite lit. It looks like Elisha really knows how to down that brown stuff. I didn't hear of Christian groping any innocent onlookers ... nor did I hear of him falling off any rooftops so it appears that it was a pretty quiet night.

Okay, Evangeline Lilly is just really adorable in this frilly little bathing suit photographed with her boyfriend Dominic Monaghan on a beach down in Hawaii:

It's still really weird for me to see Kate and Charlie hooking up. I just don't think Kate would ever touch Charlie on the island but WHAT AM I SAYING?! IT'S A TV SHOW! Oy! I'm gonna shut up about it now. [Source]

David Beckham has been running around with his shaggy (kinda gross) longer hair lately but showed up at the England Football World Cup 2006 photocall with a haircut! I have to say, I greatly approve ... I love this look on him:

Compare the new pictures with this picture from a game last week where Becks was running around on the field sportin' a happy willy. Well, it's not really fair to compare the pictures ... cuz you really shouldn't be looking at his hair in that last one. [Source, Source]

Can we talk for one second about Matthew McConaughey? Sarah, Mark and I were talking about him this weekend ... why is it that he looks totally unthrilling in some pictures and then totally hot in others?

Maybe it's just the nekkidness but I generally don't see the appeal ... and then he'll be on the beach or something and I'll think "Oh ... kay" and can see it. Maybe I'm just crazy ... is he hot or not? [Source, Source]

Check out this hilarious picture of Harry Connick, Jr. in his Broadway debut in the revival of The Pajama Game:

The boy can play the piano, sing, act AND do a full-eagle leg split in midair. Color me impressed. [Source]

Amanda Bynes was on hand at Planet Hollywood (um, yeah ... Planet Hollywood is, apparently, still open for business) to immortalize her handprints in cement as a promotional stunt for her new movie She's The Man:

I somehow don't think the Hollywood Walk of Fame will be calling anytime soon. [Source]

Here is our first look at the poster artwork for Paris Hilton's new movie Bottoms Up:

I have the sneaking suspicion that this movie will be THE "Brokeback Mountain" of next year's awards season. Yup, you heard it here first! [Source]

And finally ... let's take one last look back at the Flour Incident that happened to Paris Hilton and designer Julien Macdonald in London a few weeks ago ... this time, In Full Color:

I love these pictures. I had to share them. [Source]

I got to spend yesterday afternoon/evening with Tracey and my baby Zakiya ... when Tracey told me that Z cut her first tooth a few days ago I as mortified that it had been so long since I've seen her. I saw them before I went off to LA and then to Amsterdam but, apparently, babies can achieve major milestones in a 2-week timespan. Let's get to the pictures so you can see how beautiful she keeps getting:

Isn't that the cutest tooth you've ever seen? I had such an amazing time with Tracey and Zakiya ... I love them both so much.

One last thing ... I kinda don't want to get into details, at least not yet, but I am sad to announce that Erik and I are no longer together. It is my sincere hope that we can continue to be friends but that still remains to be seen.

I have a few things to take care of today ... I'm out.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Come And Knock On Heaven's Door

LOL ... well ... it was only a matter of seconds before Kevin Federline decided to start rockin' the corn rows again ...

Something tells me that he's gotten a big head since his "collabo" with Game on that song that is streaming on K-Fed's My Space profile. Homey must be feeling his rappin' roots so much so that the call of the corn row was too much to ignore. I swear ... it is his worst.look.EVER. [Source]

It is my sad to duty to Peace the Spork Out one of my favorite TV actors of all time ... Don Knotts. I will always remember him as Mr. Ralph Furley on Three's Company but he has been in countless TV shows and movies, he was 81 years old when he died:

According to MSNBC: Knotts died Friday night of pulmonary and respiratory complications at a Los Angeles hospital ... Unspecified health problems had forced him to cancel an appearance in his native Morgantown, W.Va., in August 2005. This is such sad news ... Don Knotts has always been a very funny character actor ... his emotive face was priceless. He will be missed ... he was a great, great comedian. [Source]

It turns out that Mariah Carey was chosen as this year's First Lady of TRL at MTV's TRL Awards yesterday ... here is a picture of Mimi on her way to the MTV studios to collect her award:

Wow! She looks amazing! She has really slimmed down. Um, wasn't she a little bigger, like, last week? Oh Mariah ... who cares ... I will love you thru thick and thin ... congrats on your latest award! [Source, thanks Mikey]

Click HERE to see who else picked up an award at this year's MTV TRL Awards.

I love it ... Jake Gyllenhaal is breaking in a new guy to hang around with ... the last time we saw Jakey hanging out with Austin Nichols was at a Lakers game last week ... now the 2 are chumming around town together:

They make a cute couple ... I'm just sayin'. [Source]

Nick Lachey seems to have gotten over his fascination with that brunette ... the former Miss Kentucky (or whoever she was) and has moved on to an elder-looking blonde:

After a dinner at Mr. Chow the pair moved on to the Four Seasons Hotel -- isn't that interesting? Hmmm ... she doesn't look like the spring chickens that he's usually seen canoodling with ... let's see if this one sticks around. [Source]

Jesse Metcalfe is spending his time down under in Australia to hang out with the Desperate & Dateless ... and to catch some rays on the sunny beaches of OZ:

Jesse was hanging out with his male friend (the one who always wears white) but I didn't feel like including him ... why ruin a good thing? He is rockin' the eyebrows and 5 o'clock shadow like nobody's business. [Source, Source]

Nicole Richie was featured in last weekend's issue of The Guardian UK and here are a couple of the pics:

She's good at pullin' off the Twiggy look. Hell, she's good at pullin' off the twig look. Ahhh, I still love her :) [Source]

Here is this weeks Hot Dude of the Week ... it appears I have a thing for dudes with balls ... footballs, that is ... say hello to Anton:

I think I can forgive the bad dyejob ... yes ... I think there are a few things I could forgive Mr. Anton. [Source]

And finally, Pink readers Elanor and Stephanie give me the head's on a tiny piece in Complex magazine regarding Pink is the new Blog. Here is the scan:

I never know what to say when these things come out but I am always very flattered ... I guess check out the magazine if you want to ... Paul Walker is on the cover of the February/March issue. [thanks Elanor & Samantha]

Les News:
Sarah, Mark and I spent most of yesterday hanging out on her couch (that couch is like a black hole ... it grabs hold and refuses to let you get up and do anything else ... oh yes, it can be used for evil purposes). We managed to get our shizz together enough to venture out for food. We went into Mexicantown for dinner at Xochimilco where we ate and drank to our hearts' delight (and then our hearts' fright ... grease and cheese covered cheese is NOT your friend).

I wasn't really in a partying mood ... so we grabbed some coffee and went back to Sarah's place. Not exciting ... I know ... I'm not very exciting these days.

Today I'm going out to visit with Tracey and Zakiya ... and I am very anxious to get out there. Get this, Tracey tells me that Baby Z has grown in her first tooth! I'm dying! I need to get out there and see my baby! I'll see what I can do about pictures ... I know she has many fans out there :)

That is all ... I'm out.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Game On OFF

Awwwww shizz ... I was afraid that something like this would happen. Even tho there aren't many people out there who consider Kevin Federline's foray into the rap game a serious one you have to admit that he has a pretty serious shot at giving it a real go, especially when you consider that he has all of Britney's (now fleeting) fame behind him. It occurred to me that he might be able to convince a real rapper to help him out on one of his rap tunes ... and sure enough ... K-Fed sends out this bulletin on his My Space profile:

By the way this message reads you would think K-Fed and Game worked up a duet or something ... but that's not really the case. Basically, it's a pretty tight Game song with one line rapped by K-Fed. Either Game felt really sorry for Kevvy and decided to throw him a bone or he just made a baaad decision to ally himself with The Federline. At any rate, you can download the song HERE and check it out for yourself. [Source, thanks Amber]

One tiny bit if Britney Spears info ... here are a few more preview screencaps from her appearance on Will & Grace:

Nothing new or major ... just some cute pics of Britney doing her best Jess. [Source]

Check out these great pictures of Evangeline Lilly working her shizz out at a dance/kickboxing studio down in Hawaii:

She looks great ... no wonder she looks so believable kicking all that booty on Lost. Her friend looks a little like a younger Portia Di Rossi. [Source]

Speaking of looking great, Kelly Clarkson looks so hot in these promo pictures and in the picture from her recent concert in Manchester, England:

I love how hard this girl works for what she has. She puts her all into everything she does and manages to remain humble and thankful for everything. Kelly rules, y'all! [Source, Source]

LOL ... this picture of Uma Thurman kissing this dude is hilarious:

C'mon, you know we've all been in that same situation at one time or another. Loves it! [Source]

Here is your first look at Lisa Marie Presley's latest wedding picture from her recent nuptials in Kyoto, Japan:

Uhhhh .... okay. Well, they look happy (I think) and they are ... all well-dressed for the occasion. I'm sure that Lisa Marie has finally found her true soul mate in her new husband (music producer Michael Lockwood) but if not ... she can always get married again. [Source]

And finally, here is a new picture of Kylie Minogue that will be featured in Another Magazine:

This is her first official photo to be published in a magazine since undergoing breast cancer treatment. The photo is entitled Grey Gardens (as an homage to the film of the same name) and was shot by Katrina Jebb (who has also worked with Tori Amos) in Paris. Kylie looks so frail and gentle. It's a touching portrait of the usually buoyant pop star. I am very much looking forward to Kylie's return to her old self. I totally heart her! [Source, thanks Pete]

The News:
Sarah and I had a great night together last night. I packed a bag and came over to her place. We had a leisurely dinner at Pizza Papalis in Dearborn and then decided to go to the movies ... and it turned out that the only movie that we both were marginally interested in seeing was When A Stranger Calls:

BOOOOOO! This movie is bad, y'all! I heard it was bad but I figured there had to be some scary or creepy aspects to the plot ... yeah, there really weren't any at all. I ended up dozing off thru a bit of the midportion actually. I mean, what can really be expected of a PG-13 horror flick, you know? The scariest thing in the whole movie was the lead actresses eyebrows ... yikes! Get thee to an eyebrow waxer STAT, woman! Seriously, if you think you have a passing interest in seeing this movie ... I'd let the interest pass altogether.

After the movie we met up with Mark at the Double Olive for some martinis, beers and Irish Car Bombs. Yes, I think I'm finally over my illness so why not pound my liver with the alcohol that it has become so used to. It's bad ... I know ... ah well.

We stayed up kinda late watching TV and then called it a night ...

Not sure what's on the agenda for today ... I don't think any of are in any sort of mood to necessarily do anything.


Friday, February 24, 2006

By The Grace Of Brit

Seriously ... all of this Britney Spears news is kinda cool ... I know many of you are not on board with my Britney fandom train but I'm totally loving it! Check out these promo screencaps from Britney's upcoming appearance on Will & Grace:

She looks great ... well actually, she looks exactly like Jessica Simpson but great nonetheless. It's amazing how well she cleans up! She can go from frumpy gross to really cute in a matter of hours. Either the folks at NBC have a magic wand at their disposal or she really is a pretty girl underneath -- which is what I contend is the case. I can't wait to see this episode! [Source]

In frumpy news, here are pictures of Brit Brit taking Sean P. out for a walk in Hawaii ...

The word is that she's gonna be in Hawaii for a while recording her new album ... which is interesting because K-Fed will be in LA (or wherever the hell he wants to go) with complete autonomy. Hmmmmmmm. Priceless, indeed! The coming weeks will be very interesting. [Source]

What is this? Have Nicole Richie and DJ AM reconciled? The couple look very friendly holding hands in this recent picture of the two of them out and about:

I'm not holding my breath, because many couples choose to stay friends after a breakup, but it would be very nice if the two of them could get back together. Keep at it, guys! [Source]

Lord ... this picture of LC and Jason is a bit old (it's from their February 5th appearance at Tracy Reese's fashion show in NYC) but it's too precious to let go ...

What the eff where they thinking?! They went to a fashion show looking like this?! Jason looks like a bad Colin Farrell wannabe and LC actually looks like LO in this picture. Booooo! And some people wonder why I'm on Team Kristin? [Source]

Jennifer Lopez is workin' that shizz out ... check out these pictures of Miss Thang strutting her stuff on the runway at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, Italy yesterday:

Yeah ... she can work it. It's too bad she's wasting her goodies on Marc Anthony ... ah well, whadda ya gonna do? [Source]

Okay ... so James Bond fans are actively speaking out against Daniel Craig being chosen as the new James Bond ... they've gone so far as to create a website that seeks to organize a huge boycott of the new Bond film Casino Royale. Are they freaking crazy?! Are they blind???

Hello ... James Bond is supposed to be sexy ... I never thought Pierce Remington Steele Brosnan was sexy at all. Daniel Craig has my support ... long live James Blonde! [Source]

Just like it's been a while since we've seen Ryan Phillippe on PITNB, it's also been quite a while since David Beckham made an appearance ... so here you go:

This picture of Becks is from soccer match, where something happened, somewhere in the world -- the deets are unimportant. Let's just enjoy the picture :) [Source]

Jaime Pressly is the latest "celeb" attempting to launch her own clothing line. Her line is called J'aime (clever, huh?) and here are a few pieces from the collection:

Uhhhhh ... yeah ... you are free to ROFLOL to your hearts content now. [Source]

Speaking of "celebs" with their own fashion lines, here is the latest ad for Chick by Nicky Hilton:

Ugh ... I'm not sure what she's sellin' ... but I know I ain't buyin'. [Source]

The official Spiderman website has been updated with a picture of this cover story from the Daily Bugle:

We're still more than a year away from Spiderman 3 and they're already hitting us with teaser stuff. The suit will look great in black ... but I'm really excited to see how Venom turns out ... yeah, thanks for the tease you bastards!! [Source]

Mariah Carey is moving full steam forward with her line of "jewelry" from Claire's. Mariah thinks you want to be a "hot tamale" and her jewelry baubles are things you need to become one:

Mimi ... I'm usually with you ... but I can't endorse this crap. The shizz looks lame as hell ... not to mention fake as hell too. BUT if you think you're interested in procuring some of this ... stuff ... you can check out pictures of the collection HERE. [Source]

Morrissey is on the cover of the new issue of NME magazine ... and I love him to death but dang ... what a bad angle to be photographed at:

The Mozzer is showing no signs of slowing down tho and you've got to give him props for that. [Source]

And finally, AOL music is debuting Gwen Stefani's new music video for Crash exclusively on their site:

Since Gwen is hella pregs they decided to release live performance footage for the video. It's fairly standard but the song is great. Enjoy. [Source]

Les News:
I ended up spending most of yesterday afternoon at the auto repair shop ... not only did I need to get a new tire but I had to have my bent rim repaired as well. At least I was able to spend the wait time with my parents. Yes, I was hacking up my lungs every 3 minutes but we did have a nice lunch together.

I got to spend some time hanging out with Sarah afterwards ... we haven't been spending nearly enough time together so I think I'm gonna spend the night at her place tonight so we can just hang out and do nothing.

My weekend looks pretty nonexistent and let me tell you ... that is a good feeling. I've been running around so much that I will not mind a couple days of doing nothing. I'm slowing getting better which is a good thing.

I hope y'all have a great weekend ... bring it on!

I'm out.



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  • "Pink has never looked so good! Rumor has it that even the midgets love him!" -- Christie

  • "Trent is one of the few gay bloggers I could actually get along with in real life." -- Toby

  • "Pink is the new crack" -- Johnnie

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Now I Can Die ...

Me and Madonna
NYC 10.17.05