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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Panty Raid

Jamie Lynn Spears is growing up so fast ... it seemed like it was only yesterday that she was starring in her own TV show on Nickelodeon ... oh wait ... nevermind ... here are pictures of Miss Jamie Lynn at her boyfriend's senior prom:

If it's true what they say about "prom nights" then I think JL did a whole lotta growin' up after the dance. Her prom dress looks so nice ... I hate to think of it rumpled up on the back seat floor of that dude's Honda. [Source]

Hee hee ... Rush Limbaugh, one of the most hypocritical men ON EARTH, was arrested on Friday on prescription drug fraud charges ... doesn't he look like a smug jerk in his mug shot?

The arrest coincided with a settlement between Limbaugh and the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office in which Limbaugh was charged with a single count of "doctor shopping." As part of the settlement, Limbaugh agreed to continue seeking treatment for prescription drug abuse. He also agreed to pay $30,000 to offset the cost of the criminal investigation. Limbaugh pleaded not guilty to the charge. Nonetheless, the State Attorney agreed to defer prosecution and dismiss the charge altogether if Limbaugh complies with the terms of the settlement for the next 18 months. Hmmm ... I wonder if Rush can keep his nose clean for 18 months ... I wouldn't be surprised if he fails. [Source]

LOL! Paris Hilton sure loves to tan ...

... she looks a wee bit overcooked to me tho. She also looks to be about 47 years old. [Source]

Here are pictures of Paris lookin' a whole helluva lot better in Austria where she is promoting a new soda pop ... or something like that:

Apparently, Paris is also in Austria to host the Austrian music festival called Top of the Mountain. I am stunned at how great she looks ... so much so that I'm not even gonna comment on her head to toe crushed velvet outfit. She looks hot! [Source]

Mischa Barton is one classy chick ... you can tell by the fact that she's wearing panties even tho she splayed her legs over her chair ... see, a trashier chick would've left her panties at home:

Um ... Ew! [Source]

Speaking of Ew!, check out these pictures of Jessica Simpson and her very prominent camel toe:

LOLOLOL ... you can practically see her uterus! Damn, she'll do anything for attention these days. [Source]

Holly Valance was looking great at the end of the season Prison Break party late last week:

She is seriously one of my favorite Aussies ever. In addition to her stint as Nika on Prison Break she will also be starring in the movie DOA: Dead or Alive which is due out this summer. It appears that Holly has put her music on hold for a bit but I'm glad to see she's making a name for herself here in the US. [Source]

Speaking of my favorite Aussies ever, Dannii Minogue has revamped her website and has announced that she will be releasing new music this summer:

Even tho Dannii is releasing a greatest hits compilation as her next album, she will be releasing new music as well. Personally, I'm down with whatever new music she wants to release ... I think a lot of her stuff is just as good as Kylie's. Dannii's new song, So Under Pressure, is pretty hot. I can't wait to hear the other new stuff that she's set to release. [Source]

Check out these cute pictures of Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend taking in an LA Lakers basketball game:

They always look so happy and in love when they're photographed together. I like the little make-out sessions that took place in between periods. Cute! [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude Dudes of the Week ... this week let's feast our eyes on a couple of hot bods wearin' tiny bikinis ... let's say hello to Josh and his good buddy Krag:

Even tho Krag has been featured as the Hot Dude before I didn't think anyone would mind that he showed up in this picture with Josh. Double your pleasure, double your fun. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
Thankfully, every thing seems to be okay with my laptop otherwise I might have had a heart attack. System Restore is your friend, remember this.

Anyways, it's great being back in NYC ... yesterday's trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens was amazingly beautiful and fun. David and I had the best time ... we had a small sushi picnic lunch and even took a quick cat nap in the sun on the Cherry Blossom Esplanade.

Last night we hooked up with the ThighMaster and got our boogie on at MisShapes:

MisShapes is THE place to rub elbows with the celebrity elite ... in recent weeks Sienna Miller, Annie, Ladytron and Axl Rose made cameos ... last night, we got Simon Rex. I shizz you not ... isn't that amazing?! We had a great time despite the Rex effect.

We seriously danced our asses off ... it was a blast ... it was very cool running into a few Pink readers as well:


David and I going to spend this gorgeous day out in the city ... I'm out.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

In Bloom

Sorry y'all ... my computer was effin' up this morn and I didn't have enough time to get the damn thing fixed so that I could get my shizz done for today. David and I had a date at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens so ... here are some pictures from our day enjoying the Cherry Blossom Festival at the botanical gardens:

Last night, David and I met up with Ultragrrrl, Gurj, Josh M. and his mother in SoHo for drinks and convo:

We were joined by their friends Danny, Lisa and Junior and we all had a late night hanging out on Gurj's bed ... which isn't at all as dirty as you might imagine.

Barring any computer problems (which, I think I've taken care of) I'll be back with a regular post tomorrow. I hope y'all are having a great weekend ... I know I am!

Anyone going to MisShapes tonight? XOXO


Friday, April 28, 2006

Stick It

Wow! I had a hard time believing this story when I read it ... but seeing the picture makes it a whole lot easier to believe. The Sun is reporting that Pete Doherty has taken his dangerous drug addiction to the next level. Check out this picture of Pete allegedly injecting an unconscious fan with a needle full of ... something:

The junkie Babyshambles singer, who has won the heart of supermodel Kate Moss, was snapped jabbing the pretty youngster as she lay in his squalid kitchen. Other pictures seen by The Sun show the rocker -- who faces drugs charges -- injecting himself and being helped to take drugs by a girl using her hands to form a makeshift tourniquet. Yet another sees Doherty, 27, smoke a "crack bowl", his tattooed and blood-stained arms betraying his addiction. The disturbing scenes were captured by a pal at Doherty's pad in Hackney, East London, within the last five weeks.

I'd like to say that I'm shocked ... but, sadly, I'm not. It won't be long ... Pete is headed for an early end. It is truly sad. [Source]

I hope y'all have a great weekend ... and please, just say no to drugs.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

"It's Duck Soup For You"

I'm not sure if y'all heard yet ... but ... media shy Tom Cruise has a new movie hitting theaters next weekend ... it's a small, independent film called Mission:Impossible:III which is the second sequel to his minor hit Mission:Impossible. Yeah, this movie is being quietly released and I felt it was my duty to try and clue y'all in ... M:I:III premiered in Belgium last night:

Keri, JRM and Maggie Q look thrilled to be there ... but what of the principal star Tom Cruise? Surely he wouldn't have missed this premiere ... I wonder where he was ... [Source]

... oh that's right, Tom is freaking crazy ... he was busy scaling the rafters showing the world how excited he is about his new movie, his new baby and his new woman:

Someone should do the guy a favor and shoot him with a tranq gun ... the overzealous homeboy is gonna have a heart attack one of these days. [Source]

Charlie Sheen is doing his best to try and portray himself not as a gay-porn lovin' gambler with a ravenous hunger for prostitutes and death threats but as a kind and gentle lover of children with a deep desire to design clothing for little kiddies ... here are pictures of Charlie and a bunch of kids who better have been paid a lot of money for their participation in this fiasco:

Irregardless of what you think about Denise Richards' allegations against Charlie he still looks creepy as hell hovering over these little kids. Does he seriously think that people would view him as a clothing designer for kids?! It's a ridiculous notion no matter the circumstance. C'mon, even if the guy wasn't getting sued left and right I still don't think a business venture working with small children is a good idea. [Source]

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans (swoooooon) are working together on the new film The Nanny Diaries ... here are a couple of pictures of the pair shooting a scene on the campus of Columbia University:

He is hot! She is lucky. First she makes out with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers in Match Point and now Chris Evans? Yeah, I officially hate her ... and her stupid new hair color. [Source, thanks Kristen & Amanda]

Whoa ... what is going on here? Why does it look like Nicole Richie is vying for the position of Ashley Olsen?

All she needs is a pair of ugly boots and an assistant holding a garment bag in front of her face and Nicole will have the complete look down. [Source]

Nicole's new BFF Mischa Barton is being seen all over the place with her new puppy Ziggy in tow ... it's like the summer of 2005 all over again ... will puppies become the new handbag again this summer?

Well at least this season's accessory doggies come complete with their own handles. [Source]

Janice Dickinson is seriously one crazy-insane woman ...

... and she's not even a Scientologist! She kinda scares the hell outta me. [Source]

Sharon Stone appears to be trying out a new look in a desperate attempt to try and erase the horrible failure that was Basic Instinct: 2 ...

... altho, I think rummaging around in Halle Berry's trash can litter box is not the way to go. She should try for something a more subtle and a lot less pleather. [Source]

I absolutely hate it when mysterious celebs go out in public and manage to successfully mask their true identities:

Those celebs are so damn sneaky. [Source]

ANYWAYS ... Jessica Simpson is starring in a new movie called Employee of the Month ... here is one of the first promo pics released for the flick:

The movie also stars Dax Shepherd (the unlucky one) and Dane Cook (the lucky one). I somehow think that this is a movie that Nick Lachey might be saving for NetFlix. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of the new issue of Russian Seventeen magazine:

Man ... those Russkies are really making a play in the magazine arena. That's pretty coolski. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez, in addition to being the más bella of the Más Bellos for 2006, is the face of Lux shampoo ... here are a couple of her adverts:

So that's her secret for having such silky and luxuriously soft hair! What ... is she too good for Suave shampoo? Huh ... you learn something new every day. [Source]

Here is the cover art for the Neil Gaiman tribute album that is due to be released this summer:

Wee! Gothy goodness! The album features songs from Rasputina, Cruxshadows, Voltaire and Tori Amos. Love it! [Source]

And finally, I have to wish a Happy Birthday to Jessica Alba who turns 25 years old today:

Try as she might to hide them, her bobbies just can't be contained ... they'll make their debut someday. Anyways ... Happy Birthday! [Source]

I also have to send out lots of love and birthday wishes to Brooke!!! XOXO

Last night I attended a Detroit-area screening of the new movie Brick. I wanted to get there early enough to secure a good seat ... apparently every person over the age of 65 in the Royal Oak area decided to do the very same thing. I'm fairly certain that every senior citizen in town came out for this free movie (as they probably do for any free movies that are offered). Anyways, I was able to get a seat for this awesome movie:

The thing that struck me most about this movie were the well-developed characters ... they all came across as if they were cartoon characters -- or comic book characters. They seemed hyperhuman, as if they existed in a different world (if that makes any sense at all). The story is well told ... I kept trying to see where it was going but so many things were going on at once that I stopped trying and just tried to keep up. Brendan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a very cool cat. Joseph did an amazing acting job ... and while I want to say he was totally believable I have to admit that I had a hard time buying the fact that 1.) he was that smart (for being so young) and 2.) he could take that many punches to the face (and hits to the body) and still manage to function normally. Tug was a great, flawed character ... he looked like a guy who listened to way too much Eminem. Pin was very comical and his mother was hilarious ... I was also surprised at how funny the movie was ... there were many instances where the audience erupted in laughter. I think Brain was my favorite character ... he made the perfect sidekick. Even tho I think I "got" everything I think I'd like to see the movie one more time ... just to make sure. It's that good, y'all.

This afternoon I'm having lunch with my friend Sherri and then tonight I'm hopping on a plane to NYC for a few days ... well ... I'm sure y'all know why :)

That's it ... I'm out.


Bello And The Beast

While Angelina Jolie may be the most beautiful among the Most Beautiful People in the English-speaking World, Jennifer López has been chosen as the most beautiful among Los 50 Más Bellos in the Spanish-speaking world. J. Ló graces the cover of the new issue of People en Español magazine:

If you are interested in seeing who else made it onto the Más Bello list (including Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodríguez, Shakira and Ricky Martin) then you can click HERE for the full list. [Source]

Here are a few pictures of J. Ló from the magazine that accompany her interview:

Because the interview is in español I can't understand a word of it (yes, I know, I'm the worst.Mexicoid.ever) ... but maybe they ask her why in hell she is still married to the zombified Marc Anthony -- who, incidentally, does not make the Más Bello list even tho his wife is on the cover. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! [Source]

Okay ... that's it ... adiós!


Beauty Is Only Spin Deep

In a shocking attempt to to appear cutting edge and indie, People magazine has gone against the grain and named Angelina Jolie as one of the World's Most Beautiful People placing her on the cover of their annual issue:

"She looks the most beautiful when she's in the field -- natural, no makeup, nothing," says Wyclef Jean of the actress-activist, 30. Indeed, her beauty needs are decidedly practical: a dusting of powder, a few strokes of mascara, a dab of Vaseline on her world-famous lips and - voilà! - she's ready to meet the president of Pakistan. Never before have I seen a magazine go out on a limb like this to buck tradition and choose an underdog for the cover of a magazine devoted to the World's Most Beautiful People. Kudos to People magazine for taking such risks. [Source]

If you are interested in seeing who else made the cut of the World's Most Beautiful (among them -- Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Brandon Routh and Naveen Andrews) then you can click HERE for some of People's photos. Oh and if you're interested in learning Ryan Seacrest's manicure techniques you can click HERE. Incidentally, he still contends that he is not gay.

US Weekly threw themselves a little Hot Hollywood Awards party last night in LA ...

... which of course attracted the hottest Hollywood "It" Girls around ... [Source]

... and Kimberly Stewart:

... who obviously only got in because someone forgot to lock the door. [Source]

Michelle Rodriguez, who chose to serve a 5-day jail sentence rather than serve 240 hours of community service, donned a fetching white ensemble as she turned herself in to the authorities so that she could begin serving her jail sentence:

"Lost" actress Michelle Rodriguez pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a single count of driving under the influence, choosing to pay a $500 fine and spend five days in jail rather than do 240 hours of community service ... On Tuesday, a judge gave Rodriguez the option of jail time or community service. She was to surrender to authorities at Kaneohe District Court later in the day. Rodriguez' lawyer contends that she chose jail over community service because it would be too hard for her to complete her community service because of the throngs of fans that would be harassing her for photos and autographs. This is an argument that I completely understand. [Source, Source, thanks Meghan]

Jennifer Love Hewitt seems hellbent on destroying what little career she has left. She dodged a bullet by signing on to star in the CBS spooky-drama The Ghost Whisperer (which, so far, has been a minor Friday night hit for CBS) but hasn't learned her lesson. J. Love is sportin' a new look these days ... a new horrrrrrible look:

What the hell ... does she think that merely by looking like Katie Couric that she'll be able to command a Katie Couric-sized salary? It's so gross! If she did this to herself for a movie role then she better be gettin' paid an insane amount of money. It'd be so sad if her hot new boyfriend dumped her over this terrible misstep. [Source, Source]

Wee! Here are more pictures of Kylie Minogue out and about in NYC:

She's still lookin' fab as ever. I wonder how long Miss Kylie will be staying in the Big Apple? [Source]

Ouch! Alicia Silverstone is lookin' pret-ty bad in these pictures:

Granted, she was on her way from yoga class and prolly didn't expect to be seen out in public lookin' a fright. It's cool babe, I still loves ya! [Source]

Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie are spending so much time together that I have decided to dub them Mischie (which is a terrible name, I'll admit, but serves my purposes -- so there) ... mainly because they make such a cute couple:

As opposed to Mischco ... who do NOT make a cute couple at all. Mischa has great taste in friends and in pets (Ziggy is the ... but has no taste in men at whatsoever. [Source, thanks McKenzie]

Ashley Olsen appears to be attempting to start a new trend ... if she has her way, expect to see skinny little waifs wearing thick, rubber galoshes all thru the coming summer months:

If these horrid things start showing up on the shelves of Jimmy Choo I'm gonna hafta sue somebody! [Source]

Gwen Stefani is a beautiful woman who is fond of expressing her unique sense of style and fashion in the most interesting ways ...

... and I actually think she looks great in this golden outfit, altho the flowy sari-lookin' things are a bit much sometimes. I'd like to see her wearing more things from the Harajuku-Maternity line. [Source]

Check out these adorable pictures of David Boreanaz and his cute little family (wife Jamie and son Jaden) as they make their way to a Tony Roma's Famous For Ribs restaurant in LA for dinner:

I like that the little kid is already wearing sweat pants and UGGs boots ... he'll be hanging with the Hollywood "It" Girls in no time. [Source]

In other Buffyverse news, Alexis Denisof (the real-life husband of Allyson Hannigan) joined his wife on the set of How I Met Your Mother playing a guest role as a news anchor:

Allyson and Alexis make such a cute couple. I love it that these two former-Buffyverse actors found love and managed to hang on to it. [Source, Source]

Rachel Bilson is featured in the new issue of In Style magazine looking like quite the virgin maiden all decked out in this beautiful white dress:

And I'm sure that Rachel and boyfriend Adam Brody haven't, you know, like, done anything yet ... they're prolly the most sweet and innocent young Hollywood couple around. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson has been doing a very good job of looking cute these days ... it's been quite a while since she's effed up her hair or anything like that ... check out these pictures of Ashlee from her photoshoot for Bravo magazine:

Ashlee contends that she is sexier than her big sis Jessica Simpson ... while this may not be 100% true, I think it's safe to say that Ash has been giving Jess a run for her money lately. [Source]

Lost hottie Josh Holloway is on the cover of the latest issue of Men's Health magazine:

Oh yes ... he sure looks healthy indeedie. In the beginning, I was not a Sawyer fan on Lost but over time he's really begun to grown on me ... and the fact that he is smokin' hot has absolutely nothing to do with how I feel about his character. Team Sawyer! [Source]

And finally, In Touch magazine will be featuring the lovely ladies from MTV's 8th & Ocean in next week's issue which is due to hit newsstands on May 5th ... here is a sneak preview of the bikini-clad young'ns:

The girls were photographed in South Beach (obvs) at the Versace mansion. I'm not exactly sure if this is a picture of Sabrina or Kelly ... but I really hope it's Sabrina cuz, well, we all know that Kelly sucks. Enjoy! [Source]

El News:
Last night Tracey and I went out on a date of sorts. Ben and Sam agreed to babysit Zakiya so that Tracey and I could go to the movies. We decided we wanted to see an indie film at the Maple Art Theater so we chose Tsotsi:

What a stunning movie. We both thoroughly enjoyed this film (Tracey was even moved to tears at the end ... but it must be known that Tracey cries over Hallmark card commercials -- altho she's not as bad a crier as Sarah is ... but I'm getting off my point so let's get back to it). The story is simple but the characters are what really make this film. The word Tsotsi means "thug" or "gangster" which gives you a hint at what life is like for the main character. In truth, Tsotsi turns out to be merely a victim of circumstance (who's had a very hard life). There are some extremely touching parts of the film ... they're subtle and are mixed in successfully with the brutal realities that are highlighted as well. Tsotsi comes across as a very cold and unlikeable kid but as the movie progresses and as he grows up a bit that coldness melts away. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Tonight I'm hoping to attend a screening of Brick at the Main Art Theater. And that is all ... I have to prepare for my upcoming weekend ... Lates.



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