Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Becks Is The Man

There has been a lot of David Beckham news and sightings recently ... so much so that I figured all this news was worth its own post. I was very saddened to learn that poor Becks had his new BMW stolen ... again ... this was the second time in 6 months that his car was stolen:

David Beckham is reeling after his second prized BMW X5 was stolen in the space of six months. The sports star, husband of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, was shocked to learn thieves had removed the flashy vehicle from an underground car park in the Diversia commercial Centre in Madrid, Spain. Even though the motor has been fitted with an anti-theft security system, the clever thieves used computer software to start the engine electronically.

The poor little dear ... how ever will he get over his loss ... how about with a brand new £70,000 Audi Q7 4x4 with £20,000 worth of extras that was given to him FOR FREE:

I love it when the filthy rich get filthy richer. Normally I'd be disgusted by this sort of luxury and luck but I simply adore Becks so much ... good for him! [Source]

In other news, Becks and Posh stepped out over the weekend for a nice, quiet dinner date at The Ivy in London:

Pumped full of botox and all decked out in pink, Posh was looking especially scary on the arm of her superhot hubby. [Source]

A day or two later, the pair attempted a little shopping jaunt that turned into quite the frantic melee:

Currently enjoying a stay in their homeland (that's here in the UK, peeps), Vix and Dave caused a right storm in a tea cup when they hit the shops. At first, it was just a few paps pounding the pavement behind the couple - a piece of cake for the couple's bodyguards to deal with. But, quicker than you could say media frenzy, the pair found themselves mobbed by more paps and plenty of curious members of the public. It was so hectic, the boys in blue had to be called in to sort it out, particularly when two photographers got all tangled up and fell over... Such a rough life indeed. [Source]

And finally, check out these screencaptures from Becks' latest commercial for Police eyewear:

Click HERE to watch the commercial of Becks lookin' hot. [Source]

The man is just gorgeous ... and I didn't want all of these pictures to go to waste ... so I hope y'all enjoy!