Thursday, August 31, 2006

Love Is In The Airhead

OMG ... yesterday was so much fun. It was a long day but definitely worth enduring just to be able to hang out at the MTV VMA Forum all day long. It was kinda fun doing all the writing and posting on the fly but I much prefer the format that I normally employ on a daily basis. Today is going to be another long day ... but it promises to be even more kickass than yesterday was. Let's get to today's post ...

Britney Spears shocks the world by going out ... in public ... looking pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. Even tho Britney is pregs, she isn't letting her condition keep her inside and out of public view. Last year, when Britney was carrying her first child Sean Preston, she was really lookin' pretty rough in those final weeks ... not so this time around:

Photo credit: X-17

I cannot tell you how much it thrills me to see Britney Spears back with some semblance of normalcy. Sure, she's not all gussied up but she deff looks cleaned up. Her hair looks great (if simple) and I don't even mind her outfit ... I kinda works on her. In other Brit news, Pink reader Denise (among others) sends in THIS link that claims to be Britney and Kevin Federline's baby registry. I'm always skeptical when these things come out because anyone can make a registry and attribute it to any name they choose. The items in the registry appear to be for a baby girl, but both Britney and Kevin have said many times in interviews that they are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise until it's born. Who knows if this is real or not ... it could be a "real" fake one concocted by Spederline to make people believe that she's having a girl but that involves way too much thought. Speculating about these things is always ridiculous ... you always have a 50/50 shot at being totally wrong. [Source]


Yesterday was a long day for me, as I've already mentioned, which means that I wasn't home to watch Project Runway when it aired last night. I was able to watch the show in its entirety this morning and have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. I guess there has to be at least one snoozer episode each season and last night's was this season's snorefest. PR has really been churning out the really cool challenges this year ... last night's challenge was pretty boring I think:

The challenge was to design an outfit for a jet-setter and were to be designed for themselves. I suppose the idea isn't a boring one outright but I was pretty underwhelmed with the whole process and the final outcome of the outfits. I don't really see why all the judges really liked Jeffery's design enough to make him the winner ... I honestly thought he and Kayne looked like they could be in the same band or something. I guess Jeffery's jacket was cool but I didn't like the pants ... all that stuff on the crotch looked funny. Kayne's outfit was terrible but, I have to agree, it wasn't quite as bad as Angela's. I kinda had a feeling her time was up ... she surprised everyone by winning that Macy's challenge but to me it felt like a fluke. She has a tacky air about her designs ... they just look foolish when paired with, say, Laura's designs. I really loved Laura's dress ... she was my pick to win last night. I have to admit, tho, that this episode really kicked into high gear when the contestants were flown to Paris, France. While unfortunate for Angela (who, after losing, had to get right back on a plane and fly home), it looks like the rest of the season (or at least a few episodes) will take place in Paris. This should make for much more interesting episodes for the coming weeks. [Source]

Scarlett Johansson, Mia Kirshner, Josh Hartnett and the rest of the cast of The Black Dahlia were all on hand in Venice, Italy yesterday for the premiere of their new movie ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

I was immediately intrigued by this movie when I saw the trailer a few weeks ago. I'm not big on period pieces like this but the story sounds great. I'm not exactly sure if young'ns like Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson have the acting chops to pull off these roles but here's hoping Hilary Swank and Aaron Eckhart can save the movie. Altho, Scarlett really does well looking the part of the busty, blonde bombshell I've yet to see her perform in a movie where I was wowed (she got close in Match Point). Josh looks really young to play the lead detective on a case like this. Click HERE to check out the trailer for yourself. I deff want to see this movie tho ... I hope it's as good as it looks. [Source]

Maggie Gyllenhaal was on hand for the premiere of her own movie, Sherrybaby, here in NYC on Tuesday night and she was lookin' a lot like a pregs Clara Bow ... here are a couple pictures from the red carpet:

This is the first movie of the Fall season that is generating Oscar buzz for next year's Academy Awards. David saw the film and loved it ... apparently, Maggie gives the performance of her career. I don't normally put much stock in critics' Oscar picks (especially so early in the season) but David has pretty good taste. I think it's fair to assume that Maggie G is gonna be having a pretty good next few months. [Source]

So ... the big story that broke this week is the revelation by Us Weekly (or was it People magazine?) that Jessica Simpson has been secretly dating John Mayer behind all our backs! The pair met at the 2005 Grammy Awards and then started their secret love affair in late July '06. Hmmm ... either this is just a publicity stunt to generate buzz for her new album (released on Tuesday) and his new album (released in just two weeks) or she's damn good at keeping a secret:

From Us Weekly: It started at Prince's pre-Grammys bash back in February 2005. During a jam session onstage in the rocker's L.A. mansion, Jessica Simpson found herself sitting next to and flirting with singer John Mayer. That night, says a source, "John told her that when she wasn't married anymore to give him a call." Simpson tells Us exclusively: "John is an incredibly talented artist with huge industry respect." "John has been hearing about how cool Jessica is for a few years," says a pal. "And when they met, he was surprised at how sweet she was." The friendship went to the proverbial next level on June 6, when Mayer and Simpson danced to her new single, "A Public Affair," at club Double Seven in NYC. A few weeks later, Mayer sent a handwritten note complimenting her track. "She wrote back and said, 'Glad you liked it,'" a source says. The notes became increasingly flirtatious, and soon the pair were e-mailing, texting and calling each other. "People had been trying to set them up for months, she finally gave in," a Simpson pal tells Us. Their first official dinner date was in late July. "They've only gotten together a handful of times over the last few weeks," says a Mayer source. "But yes, they've made out." (A Simpson pal says they have yet to consummate the relationship.) Hmmm ... I don't know what to make of this. It sounds like they're just flirty friends who've yet to do the deed ... OR, they're doing the deed as we speak and the mags just don't have the full story. I was talking about this story with a few peeps at the MTV VMA Forum yesterday and I heard from a couple different people that this story is true ... and that Jess and John have been "doing it" for a while now. Interesting ... they make such an odd pair. Expect the industrious gossips to be scouring the lyrics of Mayer's new album for allusions to Miss Simpson ... just like Your Body is a Wonderland was written about Jennifer Love Hewitt, John may have written a song for Jessica. [Source, Source]

Here's the thing tho ... no one can ask Jessica about this new development in her lovelife because the poor lamb has gone and lost her voice (she even cancelled a scheduled appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman). Coincidentally, John Mayer has also lost his voice (forcing him to cancel a few recent gigs). BUT, Jessica felt fine enough to appear on MTV's TRL (no performance tho) and to appear at her CD release/pre-VMA party at The Roxy sponsored by Yahoo!:

By all accounts, this was a really fun shindig. My good friend Sam invited David and me to go roller skating with him and Jessica Simpson but because my plane got in later than expected we weren't able to make it out. I haven't been roller skating in ages ... it's a bummer I couldn't make it. Boo! [Source]

Today is the day ... the MTV Video Music Awards air live from Radio City Music Hall tonight on MTV but preparations for the big night have been underway all week long. There are multiple parties going on all at the same time every single night, there are press events and photo ops every where you turn and the VMA performers have been rehearsing their little tushies off in preparation for the big night. Here are a couple pictures of the All American Rejects and Ludacris at the VMA rehearsals earlier this week:

This year's awards show is set to have some amazing performances by a lot of really cool artists. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, The Killers, Panic! At The Disco ... of course, Luda and AAR (and more!) and the one band I'm most looking forward to seeing live on stage, OK GO. OK GO have one shot at getting their treadmill choreography right ... we'll see if the boys can pull it off. Can I just mention that Tyson Ritter looks extremely H-O-T in this rehearsal picture? Yes! I cannot wait for tonight ... I'll have deets on what I'm doing tonight a little later on in the post. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan has said goodbye to her beautiful red hair and has gone back to the dark side ... here are new pictures of L. Lo emerging from lunch at The Ivy with her her darker locks:

Photo credit: X-17

I dunno ... call me old fashioned but, I really like my firecrotches to have red hair on top. It's weird when the drapes don't match the carpet. [Source]

Lance Bass and Reichen Lemkuhl, who appear to be showing up at every event available these days, were on hand with the ladies from The Hills, LC and Heidi, at the US Open Tennis Gala on Monday:

Leichen are such a cute couple and I really love them together but I don't think there is an event or party that the pair would say no to. They have been making the pre-VMA rounds like nobody's business. I just missed running into Reichen at both the Polaroid Lounge gifting thing at Marquee and the Style Villa gifting thing at the Bryant Park Hotel. I fully expect to see the boys out somewhere tonight ... not sure if they're doing VMA red carpet but there are a million parties tonight and hopefully I'll get to say hey to them at one of those parties. [Source]

It's been quite a while since we've had the opportunity to gaze upon the bathing suited male form of a celeb around here which is why I was very, very happy to come upon these photos of the insanely beautiful Marcus Schenkenberg sunning himself in a fine little square cut pair of shorts:

Oh yes ... these pics are almost in league with the hot David Beckham in Speedos pictures we got earlier this summer. Marcus has looked this hot for years now ... I wonder what his secret is to eternal youth and eternal hotness. I know Pamela Anderson is very much in love with Kid Rock but I can't believe she passed on staying with this guy. Woot! He looks great! [Source]

Hilary Duff paid a little visit to New Orleans to donate some of her time to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina on the one year anniversary of the travesty. Here are some pictures of Hilary playing with some kids at the Medard H. Nelson Elementary School in New Orleans:

Hilary made the special trip to the still raveged area of New Orleans to deliver toys and school supplies to the little kiddies as part of her work with the nonprofit charity organization USA Harvest. I love that she took the time out of her bizzy schedule to make the effort to be a part of this event ... I'm sure the kids appreciated that she cared enough to make the effort. Rock on Hilary ... you rule! [Source]

Speaking of Hilary and ruling, Hilary Duff was the special guest editor for the new issue of Seventeen magazine and she decided to put herself on the cover:

LOL! Well, if Oprah Winfrey can put herself on the cover of each issue of O magazine than why can't Hilary do the same for guest editor stint for Seventeen magazine? [Source]

And finally, here is the new David Beckham Got Milk? ad in it's final, finished form:

I didn't think any of you would mind taking another look at this picture in higher quality. MMMMMMM ... Becks! [thanks Sam]

Les News:
Yesterday, after my long day at the VMA Forum (btw, I have to send out lots of love to both Kevin and Randall for being so amazing to me yesterday) I made my way to the Polaroid Lounge and T-Mobile gifting suite at Marquee to check out the haps. Because I got there a bit late I missed out on all the hot action ... altho, Nick Lachey showed up a little bit after I did. I ran into my friend Jeremy and we made our way to the Bryant Park Hotel for the Style Villa gifting shindig. Jeremy was shooting the celebs, I just tagged along ... we ran into Nelly, Mya, Mario and LC and Heidi from The Hills who were all getting their SWAG on. I have to send out lots of love to the folks at Penguin and Zoo York for hooking me up with some really cool stuff!

After all of that hoopla was over, David and I made our way to Webster Hall for the MTV2/Lifebeat charity concert featuring 30 Seconds to Mars and Taking Back Sunday ... here are a few pics from the show:

Jared Leto was in fine form last night ... the 30STM fanclub was also there in full force. I was happy to see that Jared was not wearing his silver crocs on stage but he was wearing his usual mess of make-up. Here are some pictures from Taking Back Sunday:

Both bands are up for the coveted MTV2 award tonight at the VMAs ... who will win? You'll have to tune in to find out. Both bands put on amazing performances ... but my vote goes for TBS.

I got to meet some amazing Pink readers last night ... and I also got to meet Richard Patrick from NIN, Filter and his new band Army of Anyone:

Sarah finally arrived in NYC and met up with David and me for a late dinner in Chelsea. I'm so glad she's here ... we're gonna have a blast tonight ... Sarah will be with me on the red carpet at the VMAs tonight:

It's gonna be a looooong day, y'all. I have to get down to Radio City Music Hall and get my place on the carpet ... I'll have a full report tomorrow. I'll also be editing the interviews I did yesterday but they might not get posted until the weekend. Have a great Thursday ... and don't forget to tune in tonight to watch all the action LIVE on MTV.


PS: To answer the influx of inquiries about that Madonna shirt I wore yesterday, I must confess that it is a limited edition MTV VMA nominee shirt that was given to me at the Forum ... I also got an Xtina t-shirt. I don't believe they are available for purchase.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MTV VMA Forum: Kelis

Oy ... it's been a long day ... many of the big names didn't show up -- no Justin, no Xtina ... but I'll get my chance again tomorrow from the red carpet. My last interview was with Kelis! She was so damn cute ... I told her how my ringtone is Bossy and she loved it!

She was in high demand so I didn't get much time with her but I did have the chance to congratulate her on her new album, Kelis Was Here. I love it ... every song on the album is hot.

I am tired ... I have to run off to another thing this evening before I meet up with David for even more events ... I think. Sarah arrives tonight so it's gonna be ON! I'm so excited to see her ... we're gonna have fun:

So ... I'm out ... it's been a crazy day. Tomorrow we'll be back to normal!


MTV VMA Forum: Amy Lee Of Evanescence

Amy Lee, frontwoman and neugoth queen, stopped by to say hey ... I'm not the biggest Evanescence fan in the world but I absolutely love the song My Immortal (but the Band Version). As some of you may know, I'm a pretty big fan of some goth/industrial rock bands and, to me, Evanescense is the pop version of that:

We talked about the band's new single and new album, The Open Door, which is due for release in October. I love that Amy showed up at this event without her crazy goth outfits ... she was just cute little ol' Amy.

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Amy Lee.

MTV VMA Forum: Alex M

Alex M, from the second season of Laguna Beach, just stopped by to say hey ... she mentioned that she and the other Alex (the H. one) love to read Pink is the new Blog all the time which I thought was very sweet:

We talked about the new album that she's working on and her new single which is due to come out in October (tho, it may get pushed back) and we gossed a bit about the new season of LB. Alex swears that Kyndra and Cami aren't really as mean as they're coming across on the show ... but I suppose we'll have to take her word on that. I'm intrigued to hear her new stuff ... I'm pretty sure it'll turn out better than Talan's efforts thus far.

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Alex M.

MTV VMA Forum: Danity Kane

The ladies who have the #1 album in the country this week, Danity Kane, just stopped by to chat with me for a bit. The ladies were looking really hot ... this picture doesn't really do them justice:

Would that I could, y'all could've seen the hot pants outfits the ladies were rocking. DK and I talked a bit about their debut album which went straight to #1, their upcoming tour which begins in October (with a live band, mind you) and a couple of the girls gave me their fave VMA moments. The ladies were definitely showstoppers ... they just caused a huge melee right in the middle of all the action when they posed with Snoop Dogg for some photos ... unfortch, I didn't get there quick enough to take a pic myself.

But I did get a pic of the girls chillin' with the MTV Moonman:


UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Danity Kane.

MTV VMA Forum: The Craziness

It's a mad house around here ... a few Pink readres have left comments asking what the mood/vibe is like here and basically it's nuts. There are different media outlets spread out all over the room and publicists and handlers are running their talent around to the different interview areas. I stepped away from my post to snap some pics of some of the stuff going on:

Hulk and Brooke Hogan, Richard Patrick (from NIN and Filter back in the day, here to promote his new band Army of Anyone), the hot DJ from NY's Z100 and Teddy Geiger ... just a taste ... there are interviews going on everywhere ... musicians everywhere ... it's really insanely fun.

And so, without further ado, behold Pete Wentz' booty crack:

:) I was scheduled to interview Fall Out Boy but I just found out that they had to leave early. Ah well ... I'll try and catch the lads on the red carpet tomorrow. I suppose we'll just have to make do with booty crack until then.

MTV VMA Forum: Jason Statham

Yeah, I'm about to die right now ... I just got some very cozy alone time with the INSANELY hot actor Jason Statham. Jason is here promoting his new movie Crank which hits theaters this Friday:

Okay ... I'm not even kidding ... he was, like, 10 inches away from my face talking into my digital recorder and I almost swooned onto the floor. He is such a cool guy. We chatted a bit about his movie (I had him describe what it's about) and I pretty much gushed the rest of the time over how much a fan I am of his movies Transporter and Transporter 2. You better believe I had to be in the picture with him! Woot! Woot!

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Jason Statham.

MTV VMA Forum: JC Chasez

Woot! I just got to have some one-on-one time with JC Chasez who is here at the Forum talking up his new single Until Yesterday (due out this fall) but is basically just here as a fan of the MTV Video Music Awards:

JC revealed that his new single, which he produced and wrote with Justin Timberlake, is more representative of who he is as an artist right now. His new album, due out next year, is a more cohesive body of work as opposed to his, literally, Schizophrenic debut solo album.

I opted out of asking him the obvious "What do you think about Lance coming out?" question because I think it's fairly obvious that he supports his friend. It's too bad Lance and Reichen aren't here because I'd love to talk to them personally.

I gotta say ... this is the funnest Wednesday that I think I've ever had in my life. There are still a lot more interviews on the way ...

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with JC Chasez.

MTV VMA Forum: Ashley Parker Angel

I just got to chat with former O-Town and current solo artist Ashley Parker Angel ... we talked a bit about the blog and how he likes to read it and we talked a bit about his MTV reality show, his new album and his tour with Ashlee Simpson:

Ashley even whipped out his wallet to show me his most current pictures of Lyric, his baby boy. We talked a bit about how maybe we might be able to set up a playdate with Lyric and Zakiya some day :) Wouldn't they make an insanely cute couple?

OMG ... it's a serious madhouse, there are celebs EVERYWHERE ... it's fun, chaotic and totally exciting. Fall Out Boy (who I'm scheduled to talk with later on today) are doing an interview with a radio station right in front of me ... I have a sweet picture of Pete Wentz' booty crack (courtesy of his low-rise, super-tight white pants) ... I'll post the pic later on when I post my pic of the band from our interview :)

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with Ashley Parker Angel.


My first interview was with the superkickass band OK GO. The band will be performing their current hit single Here It Goes Again LIVE ... just like they perform it in their music video -- and if you don't know what I'm talking about, you have head on over to to check it out:

We talked a bit about their upcoming VMA performance, how I was introduced them by way of a love mix-cd and their new philosophy towards making music videos.

Enjoy the pic ... I've determined that I'm not as adept with the digital recorder as I thought I was so I'll have to wait and edit the sound files later on before I upload the MP3s. I promise tho, I'll do my best to add the MP3 files to the individual posts.

UPDATE: Click HERE for my interview with OK GO.

MTV VMA Foreplay

Hey y'all ... okay ... so today MTV invited me to participate in their 2006 MTV VMA Forum which is basically a chance for all sorts of media (TV, Radio, Internet) to get to interview some of the talent that will be appearing at the MTV Video Music Awards. The Forum is taking place all day today (like, right now) at Radio City Music Hall here in NYC:

These are a few pics of my arrival here at the Forum. I'm all set up at my own section and I'll be getting to interview a whole bunch of insanely cool celebs all day long (and by interview I mean I'll be stuttering the best questions I can muster while I try not to lose my shizz from nervousness). Keep check back throughout the day ... I'll be posting photos as soon as I can after the interviews. I'll also be uploading the MP3 interviews, but that will prolly come later on (not sure when I'll have the time to do this but I will try and figure it out).

Today is the only day I'll be posting like this ... never fear, I'll be back to the regular format tomorrow.

Okay ... that's what I'm doing ... my first interview will be by within this hour ... I'll be back. OK I have to GO now ;)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fly, Fly Away

So today I will be flying all day cross country to get to my babe in New York City ... but before I get to the airport this morning, I had to make sure that I worked up a quick post for this fine Tuesday. So let's get to it ...

Kevin Federline is finding out that he is much more popular than he used to be now that he has come into a bit of money ... granted, it's money that his wife Britney Spears earned in lieu of having a normal childhood, but that's beside the question. Here is a very strange photo of Kevin Federline chillin' with his homies Brody Jenner (in the Federation Records t-shirt) and famed musician, producer and composer David Foster (Brody's stepfather) ... oh and some other random homeskillets:

I can't for the life of me fathom what David Foster is doing hanging out with the likes of K-Fed ... maybe he's doing charity work? Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what Brody Jenner is doing hanging out with K-Fed ... maybe he thinks that the starpower of 2 D-Listers adds up to at least a combined C-Lister? He needs to lose that zero and get with a hero. [Source]

I'm not exactly sure where this masterpiece of genius came from but Pink reader Melanie sends in this brilliant portrait of what K-Fed's future might turn out to be ... just by looking to the past:

LOLOLOLOL! I absolutely think that Kevin Federline is the new Robert Van Winkle AKA Vanilla Ice. Altho, K-Fed is aided by the fact that he married a millionairess ... we may be stuck with him a bit longer than we had to endure Vanilla Ice. [thanks Melanie]

Well ... it looks like the cat is finally out of the bag ... it appears that Bichie is here to stay ... check out these pictures of Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner holding hands like good old fashioned lovebirds:

Everyone knows that holding hands is a sure sign of love in the celebrity world of Hollywood. This relationship still smells a little fishy to me but they do make a pretty cute couple ... I guess now we have to see how long these two will last. Will Bichie really stand the test of time? [Source]

Speaking of standing the test of time, Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton are still going strong after a couple of months together now ... who knew that L. Lo could focus one guy that long ... not since Wilmer Valderrama has she been this committed to a single man for so long ... now, if she could only commit to wearing a bra then she'd be all set:

Wow ... that girl is ... well ... ample. You know, at least she looks happy with herself all braless and free in the sunshine -- and you really can't hate on her for that. But you can hate on her for wearing those awful boots that look stolen straight from Pocahontas' closet. To be clear ... Bootiful does not mean beautiful, it means BOOOOOOtiful. [Source]

Thom Yorke, frontman for the amazing group Radiohead, is playing shows in support of his debut solo album The Eraser ... here are some pictures of Thom performing a show at the Rock en Seine music festival this past weekend:

It must be said that The Eraser is an amazing ... it's very much like an extension of the Radiohead album Kid A. If you dig the electronic sounds of the most recent Radiohead albums then I think it's safe to assume that you'll dig this album as well. [Source]

Holy HOT DAMN! I have to admit that I'm not a superfreaky Nip/Tuck fan (I watched most of the first season [loved it] and I missed pretty much all of the second season [hear it was amazing] and so on) and I'm even less of a Mario Lopez fan (ex-Slater from Saved by the Bell) but these screencaps from an upcoming episode of the new season of Nip/Tuck have got me seriously reevaluating my stance on both the show and Mr. Lopez:

Click above to see the larger, uncensored screencap

I've always thought that Julian McMahon was a sexy beast (I've been a fan of his since his Charmed days) but when did Mario Lopez get so freakin' hot? See ... this just fortifies my argument that people look way hotter when they're wet -- but being nekkid can help. Oh yes, Mario looks really good all wet and nekkid. Apparently, Julian's character runs into a little homoerotic confusion in this episode ... which just intrigues me to no end. You best believe I'll be watching this season (shoot, I'm even planning on catching up with all the eps that I've missed) if only to see how far this hot man-on-man action will go. Woot! indeed! [Source]

A few Pink readers, including my dear Joe from Detroit and Jeff, have clued me into the fact that this month's DNA coverboy (the one I was salivating over a couple of days ago) is non other than TJ Wilk from the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency ... who knew that Janice's models actually could pull off an amazing photospread like this:

Color me impressed ... TJ has got it going on in this photospread. If you'd like to get a little more up-close and personal with the boy, you can check out his My Space profile HERE. [Source, thanks Joe and Jeff]

Jessica Simpson really needs your money ... she can't really count on you spending your hard earned money on something as frivolous as her music so she's coming out with a whole bunch of other products in the hopes that she can get her hands on your cash in some way or another ... anyone need a new purse?

I keed, I keed ... I've already mentioned that I don't really mind her new album A Public Affair ... in my opinion, it's the best album she's released so far. This album actually has a song or two that might be pretty good hits. Eh, if you don't believe me and decide to skip buying her album and if you're not interested in any of her gaudy accessories ... then maybe she can interest you in a bit of fake hair? [Source]

And finally ... I have to send out lots of love to my peeps at the University of Oklahoma, my dear alma mater, for showing me all kinds of love in the student newspaper The Oklahoma Daily:

Not only is this article a full page spread but it's also in full color! I miss OU so much sometimes ... Norman, OK is a great town ... thank you all for reminding me of my good ol' college stomping grounds. XO [thanks Krissie and Allie]

Sorry y'all, no newslinks today :(

Okay, that's about it ... I have to haul my cookies to LAX and fly out to see my David ... we're gonna be together for the next month, can I get a Woot! Woot!

Really quick, here is one more picture of my long-awaited meeting with Paula Abdul ... Jim had the foresight to snap a picture while I was talking with Paula and it actually turned out pretty cute:

I'm still a little giddy after having met her ... even if only for a few moments. I'm pretty sure she has NO recollection of our interaction (for one reason or another) but I'll remember it always.

And finally (again), don't forget to tune in to MTV this Thursday night for the 2006 MTV VMAs hosted by Jack Black ... with performances by The Killers, OK GO, Shakira, Fergie, My Chemical Romance, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and more you know it simply cannot be missed:

I am scheduled to work the red carpet just like I was allowed to for the MTV Movie Awards last June. Sarah is meeting me in NYC to give me a hand with the red carpet stuff and I couldn't be more excited. We're gonna have fun y'all!

Tomorrow's post will be a little different from the norm ... but deets on that tomorrow. I'm out, see you on the Eastside ... have a great day y'all! Lates.

Monday, August 28, 2006

I Want My Emmy TV

Okay ... so today is basically gonna be all about the 2006 Primetime Emmy Awards that were handed out here in Hollywood last night but let's get one teensy bit of Britney Spears news out of the way because I know there are legions of Britney fans out there who just can't get enough. Here are a few pictures of Britney Spears' infamous Harper's Bazaar nekkid magazine cover as it is being displayed in the subway walkways of Tokyo, Japan:

You may recall that the photos were almost censored by Japanese officials but good won over evil and the photos were given the green light for display: A heavily pregnant Britney Spears has finally bared all in Tokyo after subway bosses reversed a decision to censor an advertisement showing the US pop diva in the nude. The photograph, taken for the cover of fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar, shows a six months' pregnant Spears covering her breasts above her swollen belly in a pose reminiscent of actress Demi Moore's iconic 1991 shoot for Vanity Fair. Tokyo Metro initially asked the publisher to cover Britney below the elbows as the sight of her naked midriff and thighs was inappropriate for impressionable Japanese youths and more sensitive commuters. But bosses later back-tracked after the story hit the local headlines, prompting dozens of commuters to contact the subway operator to request the pop sensation be displayed in her full glory. In the end, her naked pose raised few eyebrows among harried Tokyo commuters Monday at Omotesando station. I love it ... no matter what Britney Spears does she still manages to make a splash when she really wants to. Her Dateline NBC interview is already a long forgotten memory and now everyone is all excited about her second pregnancy. See ... this is why I'll always have hope for a return of the Britney we know and love. [Source]

So ... the Emmys ... I have to admit, I was pretty unprepared for the whole thing this year. There really hasn't been much buzz around the awards since the surprising nominations came out a couple of months ago. I actually forgot that the awards were to be given out last night until I was perusing the day's news yesterday. Here are a few photos from the red carpet:

All in all, the red carpet was pretty boring (altho, it was plainly clear that purple was the new black last night). Everyone pretty much looked nice, no one really stood out too much and Paula Abdul looked like she was about to fall over at any second -- it was pretty much par for the course this year. Leading into the awards, I was very excited and hopeful that it would be a good night for some of my favorite actors and TV shows ... and I am very happy so see that some of my faves took home awards last night (What up, 24?!?). [Source]

Conan O'Brien did a pretty good job playing host for the 2006 Emmy Awards, even if he inadvertently offended a whole bunch of people by performing a skit about a disastrous airplane crash on the very day that a real airplane crash occurred in Kentucky (head on over to to watch the Conan video if you missed watching it live last night). Overall, tho, last night really wasn't about Conan or his performance as host ... for me, it was really all about how 24 rules the effing world!!!

Fox network's action thriller "24" came out shooting at the annual Emmy awards, beating heavily-nominated rivals such as ABC hospital drama "Grey's Anatomy" in the top US television awards ... The series, whose 24 parts each depict an hour in the day of agent Jack Bauer, picked up outstanding drama series, best director for drama and earned Kiefer Sutherland best actor in the category for his energetic portrayal. "Every once in a while you'll have an evening that just reminds you that you are given too much and this is that evening," he said, accepting his award and paying tribute to his father, Donald, also nominated for an Emmy. The series, which is now in its fifth season and had led the nominations with 12 nods, was the only winner for Fox, with cable network HBO claiming the evening by picking up nine gongs, ahead of NBC with six. Cringe-worthy spoof documentary "The Office," adapted from the British show of the same name, won best comedy, while the category's best actor award went to Tony Shalhoub, for his role as an obsessive-compulsive detective in "Monk." Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the best comedy actress with her role as a divorced mother in "The New Adventures Of Old Christine," while Mariska Hargitay, took home best dramatic actress for "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit." I have to send out much congrats to all the winners but I am especially THRILLED that my fave show ever not only took home the award for Best Drama Series but also allowed Keifer Sutherland to win the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series (but next year, Mary Lynn Rajskab [Chloe] needs to win an award fo' shizzle!). It was also really cool to see Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) and Louis Lombardi (Edgar Stiles) up on stage with the rest of the cast. See ... what have I been telling you all along ... 24 rules, y'all. There ain't no better way to spend an hour each week then by sitting on the edge of your chair, butt cheeks clenched in anticipation, watching Jack Bauer save the world hour-by-hour despite insurmountable odds. Much love and congrats to all my 24 peeps ... Woot! [Source]

Unfortch, one of my other fave shows ever, Project Runway, did not win any awards last night but I still love the show anyways. Here are a couple really cute pictures of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn at the Entertainment Weekly pre-Emmy party on Saturday evening:

I love these two together ... Heidi looks ready to pop out her third baby and we already know she's ready to get all knocked up again. I gotta admit, I was not a Tim Gunn fan on the first season of PR ... I don't know why, but he irritated me. I found an appreciation for him in the second season and now he's my fave person on Project Runway (Nina Garcia is a close second). Even tho the show didn't win, I'm confident it will have longevity and will prolly be around to win the award next year. [Source]

Click HERE for a full list of 2006 Primetime Emmy Award winners.

Okay ... Emmy stuff is finished, let's move on ... Jared Leto and his insanely uncontrollable gothiness were spotted at the LA hotspot Hyde late last week ... here are some pictures of the desperately-trying-to-appear-undead-by-way-of-eyeliner clad lad as he made his way out of the club:

I'm not exactly sure WTF he was thinking by wearing those silver clogs (actually, these hideous things are called crocs ... they're footwear worn by people with orthopedic problems ... or geriatrics who like to feel frisky) out in public. The skinny jeans must've been borrowed from former flame Lindsay Lohan ... or maybe Jared just likes to shop in the Little Miss section at Macy's. He really is becoming a caricature of himself these days, ain't he? [Source]

Here are a couple new pictures of Miss Hilary Duff doing a little shopping by her lonesome last week ... it looks like she picked up quite a haul ... I wonder where her main man Joel Madden or her sister Haylie Duff were while poor Hilary was left to carry all of her own bags?

This is totally unacceptable ... she shouldn't be carrying her own bags like this. See ... this is another reason why Haylie Duff needs to not have her own career ... poor Hilary is the one to suffer. [Source]

Tara Reid is just a complete mess ... even when she's not acting like her normal messy self (i.e. boozed out on the streets of LA) she still looks like a mess:

Yuck! Tara is one of the few people who can make something as simple as "eating" look so very unappetizing. [Source]

Here are a few outtake photos from Adam Brody's recent photoshoot for Elle Girl magazine:

He is seriously the cutest thing ever ... he has a bit of sass about him that makes him so appealing to 12 year old girls ... and gay men. To be fair, gay men tend to easily indentify with the 12 year old girl mindset -- but I'm not exactly sure why. Whatev, Adam is, like, totally hot! [Source]

Here are a few photos of one of my fave female musical artists, Imogen Heap. She stopped by the Rolling Stone magazine offices for a little performance and posed for a few impromptu pictures:

Okay, she may look weird but she's a total genius -- think Bjork but taller and British. Click HERE to check out Imogen's performance for Rolling Stone magazine and hear how cool she is for yourself. [Source]

And finally, Justin Hartley may have lost his dream of becoming Aquaman but it looks like his comic book superhero dreams still have a chance of actually coming true ... Justin has been cast in the role of Green Arrow in the upcoming season of Smallville:

I'm not sure which is a more pathetic superhero ... Aquaman or Green Arrow? Green Arrow has really cool arrows he can shoot at bad guys but Aquaman can talk to fish. Aquaman also was one of the main members of the Super Friends while Green Arrow was usually just a "guest" hero. I'm thinking that Green Arrow is a step down for Mr. Hartley but I guess it's better than nothing ... he could've been cast as someone even lamer ... like Apache Chief. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was mostly a pretty chill day ... I spent most of the day cleaning and packing for my upcoming trip to NYC (I fly out tomorrow morning). My very good friend Jeremy invited me and a guest to come out for the Access Hollywood/TV Guide After-Emmy party at Social Hollywood so I cleaned up my lazy butt, picked up Jim and off we went. I have to send out much love to Ann and Shannon who helped us out at the door ... and much love to Gina and Jeremy for inviting us to such a fun party. We were treated to a performance by none other than P!NK:

You know, I am not the biggest P!nk fan but I was very impressed with her performance last night. I took a ton of pictures and recorded three videos but YouTube is not working right for me. Only her performance of Get This Party Started uploaded successfully ... click HERE to check it out for yourself. I also recorded Trouble and Stupid Girls, I will update with links if I can get them to work.

I also got to meet a few celebs at this amazing party ... including the one, the only Paula Abdul. I know I don't talk about her much on this blog but back between the years 1989 - 1994 I was a HUGE Paula Abdul fan. She was my Britney Spears back in the day ... I won't bore you with tales of my scrapbooks, t-shirts, videos, import singles, etc. Nor will I embarrass myself by letting you all know that when I graduated high school, I signed all my friend's yearbooks with the tagline "Paula Abdul Rulz!" (it's true, my friend Sherri can show you her yearbook as proof). Needless to say it was a thrill getting to finally meet her face to face ... unfortch, she was a bit out of it and didn't really make eye contact ... nor did she seem to believe me when I told her how a big a fan I was ... in the end I just showed her where to look and we took our picture:

I also got to meet Sophia Bush (who was an absolute doll and is extremely beautiful in person), the incomparable Leslie Jordan (who played the insanely fabulous Beverley Leslie on Will & Grace), the completely kickass Pauley Perrette (Abby on NCIS ... who I've decided needs to be one of my new best friends and she knows it, too) and Simon Cowell (even tho, from the looks of this picture, it appears we didn't meet -- we did, but he was hounded by fans and paparazzi that I didn't want to impose on him any further ... Jim snapped this pic from afar). Unfortch I wasn't able to snap any pics of or with Wentworth Miller (who looks HAWT in person), Hugh Laurie, Megan Mullally or James Denton ... but CaCee Cobb was there and I kinda didn't want to bother ;) Click HERE to see more pictures from the Access Hollywood/TV Guide After Emmy party.

Meeting celebs is always fun, but I really love meeting Pink is the new Blog readers even more:

I have to give a huge shout out to Pink readers Amanda, Russ, Justin, Luigi, Nelson, Tracey ... thank you all for saying hey! It was my pleasure meeting you all :)

Jim, my LA partner in crime, and I had a blast ... we love Social Hollywood ... it's actually becoming our second home:

And yes, that's us "on the cover" of TV Guide. We didn't want our picture to look like a prom picture so we went for cheesy ... I think it works.

Okie ... I have to run, much more to do before tomorrow.

NOTE: Tomorrow’s post will prolly be a shorter one since I have to be at LAX by 6AM ... I'll do my best to write as much as I can before I have to fly. Wednesday's post will prolly be a special one as well ... I think I'm going to do something different on that day in preparation for the 2006 MTV VMAs. Have a great day, y'all ... I'm out!

PS: Sherri -- congrats on the news, now's your chance to finally use the name Chauncey. XO

I'm out.