Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stretched To The Limit

Oh yeah baby ... now this is what I'm talking about. I knew that this newly released photoshoot of Britney Spears for the 20th anniversary issue of Q magazine would be hot. The fact that these pictures were taken while she was still incubating her second Spederfetus does nothing to hinder her ... dare I say ... sexiness?

Yep, the pictures are hot ... and the accompanying interview is ... well, interesting. In the interview, Brit Brit reveals an intense love of ice and the music of Prince and Shania Twain and, in a way, blames Madonna for marrying Kevin Federline ... here is her quote about her MTV VMA performance with Maddy: That was kind of crazy. That was Madonna's idea for the whole wedding thing and she got me obsessed with marrying somebody after that. Damnit! So the reason that we all have to deal with Kevin Federline is because of Madonna! Britney also talks about the inherent sexiness of uniforms (referring to the school girl uniform she wore in her debut video Baby ... One More Time) and reveals one of her fantasies: Maybe in my next video I'll be a police officer. And I could be shooting all the paparazzi! That's a great idea! I love it! Hmm ... someone's got some pent up aggression. She better hope the paps don't lose interest in her ... her career is already flailing as it is. Anyways ... the rest of the interview is fluff ... her responses sound very immature (shock!) and abruptly hangs up on the interviewer at the end: Q Magazine -- [What was] your best haircut? Britney -- My baby's crying, I've got to go now. [Hangs up] Sometimes you gotta wonder why these magazines even want to talk to her anymore. That's our Britney. [Source, thanks Steff]

Matthew McConaughey is really all about the physical fitness these days ... from the biking to the surfing to the yoga to the jogging ... what else could be next for the shirtless athlete who shuns the conventions of modern cleanliness? Why ... it's the jungle gym, of course:

Photo credit: X-17

I really hope Matthew doesn't change a thing about his exercise habits. I can't wait to see what he's gonna try next. Nice abs there, Matthew. [Source]

It would seem that Matthew McConaughey isn't the only Matthew interested in physical fitness ... Matthew Fox is also hard at work sculpting his lean, hard body into peak physical shape ... altho, Mr. Fox likes to do his exercise regiment while wearing a lot more clothing -- and spandex appears to be his clothing of choice ... which begs the question -- who's got the better spandex bulge, Matthew McConaughey or Matthew Fox?

Matthew McConaughey appears to have the unfair advantage of having a rolled up sock (or two) stuffed down the front of his shorts ... so I give extra points to Matthew Fox for rockin' the spandex in commando mode. So whadda we think ... who wins the battle of the bulge? [Source]

Hmmm ... just a day after Harry Morton went on Extra to tell the world that he and Lindsay Lohan are taking "a break" from dating the pair were seen having lunch together at the paparazzi friendly restaurant The Ivy in Beverly Hills:

Photo credit: Splash News

To be honest, I'm really not as concerned over whether or not the couple are dating or not ... I'm more concerned with that wretched haircut that Harry got. Did his mother threaten to take away his inheritance if he didn't get this haircut? Boo! I do not approve. [Source]

Oh no ... something horrible has happened to Kristin Cavallari! I would seem that the poor girl is suffering from some sort of tragic neck injury:

I'm not sure why her head is no longer screwed on right but I hope she gets that thing fixed soon. Her 15 minutes are ticking away and no one is gonna want to hire a freaky-looking chick with neck problems. [Source, Source]

Yesterday, many people posted comments and sent emails regarding whether or not that picture I posted yesterday of the topless woman with the bird tattoo on her boob was really Christina Ricci or not ... Pink reader Marisa alerted me to the fact that Christina was on the June '06 cover of Vegas magazine where her bird-on-the-boob tattoo was clearly visible:

Huh ... so yeah, I'm not really shocked that it's her (nor am I shocked that Christina had a breast reduction [note the scars]). Kudos for the inventive tattoo placement. Tho, I'm sure sure that someday that sparrow is gonna be looking more like a goose. [Source, thanks Marisa]

Jessica Simpson must really be scrambling for funds ... or something. She and her partner Ken Paves have taken their fake hair business to the realm of the Home Shopping Network:

Geeze ... couldn't she at least have gone to QVC? I bet this stuff would fly off the shelves if it were sold on the air after the scrapbooking segment at 3AM. Lord! It's no wonder that Ashlee Simpson is getting all the better gigs ... Jessica is too bizzy thinking of ways to ruin what's left of her career. Anyways, if you're interested in getting some fake hair extensions, I'm sure Jess would love it if you bought some HERE. [Source, thanks Violet]

Here are a bunch of pics sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers ... I have to send out lots of congrats to Mandy and Heidi who recently each got married (thanks Kelly and Jana) ... I have to send out much Birthday Lurve to Lindsay who, thanks to her friend Suzanne, celebrated her 22nd birthday in PITNB style ... and a huge shout-out to Nasira, Steve, Justin, Meg, Marta, Meg, Kathleen, Liz and Noelle who tailgated at the Boston College home game (where BC beat Clemson) and sent us all some love:

Thank you all for the great pictures. It's always so cool to see how people like to incorporate PITNB into their festivities! Thanks again so much! XO

And lastly, but surely not leastly ... today is my dear friend Mark's birthday ... he turns ... er, older today and I am sending him lots of love all the way back to Detroit:

Happy Birthday, Marcus! Drink up for me, bud ... and knowing you ... you're prolly already working on your third 40 oz. of the day. It better be Schlitz, bitch! XOXO

Les News:
Boo ... I had plans to hang out with my friend Irene last night but I started not feeling well yesterday afternoon and pulled out of hanging out. I feel better now but I just wasn't in the mood to go out. Fortunately, I'm really into Antonia Fraser's Marie Antoinette book so I had no problem chillin' at home last night.

Thank god I've already got a BF.

So ... I hear that there's some concert at The Avalon tonight ... some band is playing or something ... yeah, I think I'm might have to check it out.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend! I'm out.

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Grey Goose Got The Girl Feelin' Loose

Woot! As my search for the 20th anniversary issue of Q magazine with Britney Spears on the cover continues, Pink reader Brian alerted me to the fact that Brit's cover photo is from a new photoshoot ... so far, we've only got thumbnails of all of the covers (except for the Madonna one) but by the looks of it (grainy as it is), the Brit Brit cover looks hot as hell:

See ... why can't she be this hot all the time? While I kinda liked her Harper's Bazaar pictures I didn't think they were especially hot. This photo looks great ... hopefully there will be more pictures from this photoshoot soon. Love it! [Source, thanks Brian]

Oh Anna, Anna, glamorous Anna, Anna Nicole ... you continue to be soooo outrageous. "News" broke yesterday afternoon that Anna Nicole got married to her shyster lawyer Howard K. Stern in the wake of his shocking revelation on Larry King Live that he is the father of her newborn baby girl Dannielynn Hope ... but almost as soon as that story made the rounds Anna Nicole's publicist released a statement that the couple did not actually wed ... they merely "committed" themselves to one another:

ET has confirmed that ANNA NICOLE SMITH and her friend and lawyer, HOWARD K. STERN -- who claims to be the father of her newborn baby -- were united in a commitment ceremony early Thursday morning in the Bahamas, according to her publicist. Anna Nicole and Howard "escaped their house" at three o'clock this morning, according to their press release, "and boarded a boat to quietly sail the ocean around Nassau ... on a clandestine sail to recapture simple pleasures -- fresh salt air on the face, a sunrise on the ocean, and wind in their hair. And then a good thing happened: during the sail, Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern made a commitment before God to be there for one another, to be each other's strength during this difficult time. "By mid-morning, helicopters flew overhead, speed boats approached, and camera-equipped scuba divers invaded what had been an otherwise perfect moment of peace, solitude, and hope," continues the statement. "The event was intended to be totally private between two adults deeply in love with each other and needing simple reassurances that they could count on one another through life's ups and downs. The outing was never expected to be shared with anyone other than Howard, Anna, [her newborn daughter] DANNIELYNN HOPE and a few close friends and family." Although the ceremony was officiated, it was not a wedding and no marriage certificate was issued, according to the release. Could this woman's life be any more INSANE? While I feel the utmost pity and sorrow for the tragic loss of her son I can't help but be kinda grossed out by all this baby-daddy business that she's surrounding herself in. The more I think about it ... the more I'm starting to think that her lawyer Howard isn't really the baby's father -- that all of this recent crazy shizz (his revelation that he's the father, this crazy ceremony) is for the sole purpose of trying to keep the real father, celebrity photographer Larry Birkhead, from getting his grubby hands on her grubby money that she won in her own grubby fashion. I'm convinced this poor baby girl is the central pawn in a disgusting play for Anna Nicole's ill-gained fortune. Both the photographer and the lawyer have dollar signs in thier eyes ... it's really, really sad and yet, completely repulsive. [Source]

In happier news, Beyonce Knowles -- the good-girl of r&b/pop -- has found that she responds well to massive amounts of spirited drink. Either B is really, really plastered in these pictures from Movida nightclub or she's just really tired -- you make the call:

Shoot ... I ain't mad atcha, Beyonce ... we've all been there. I just hope she didn't puke onto and ruin her Manolo Blahniks. [Source]

Here are a bunch of pictures, taken by the infamous Cobrasnake, from Hilary Duff's birthday celebration last night ... it looks like her beau Joel Madden was having the time of his life:

Maybe all Hilary wanted for her birthday was to be embarrassed by her boyfriend ... well, it looks like she got her wish. I keed, I keed ... actually, she looks really happy and Joel looks over the moon. In all actuality, I think maybe her birthday wish was to have a boyfriend that loves her to death ... once again, it looks like she got her wish. [Source]

You know ... Matthew McConaughey is generally a super sexy beast ... and sometimes, he's just not:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh or cry. Doing either would be appropriate. [Source]

The Daily Mail published this picture of a gigantic-looking Katie Holmes taking her miniscule man Tom Cruise out for a walk after they dined at the Beverly Regent in Hollywood earlier this week and I have to say ... they've never looked so good:

You know, if they really did want to avoid the paparazzi (but why in the hell would they want to do that?) she could've just put Tom thumb in her purse and snuck out the back door. I'm not going to comment on how I think this picture looks a little doctored because I want to believe that it's real. [Source, thanks Katherine]

Paris Hilton and Travis Barker appear to be carrying on with this strange new relationship that they've embarked on together ... here are pictures of Paris and Travis trying to pull a fast one on the paps ... you see, Paris goes into a club in the Red Light District of Amsterdam (actually they went to The Mansion club and Absinthe Bar) wearing a bright red dress and her friend Kim Kardashian follows her in and is seen wearing the leopard print coat ... so that Paris can try and sneak out not as herself but as Kim ... or something like that:

Photo credit: Splash News

Gee, I wonder which of these nitwits came up with this brilliant scheme? You know, they almost had us fooled. Anyways ... I really have to wonder what the eff is wrong with Travis Barker. I get that he's pissed at his soon-to-be ex-wife Shanna Moakler because he believes she cheated on him ... but messing around with Paris Hilton is hurting no one but himself ... literally. Dumb! [Source]

Speaking of hurting ... do you suppose that Lindsay Lohan is so distraught over losing her summer lover, Harry Morton, that she's decided that bathing is no longer something that interests her?

Someone get this girl a man STAT! She's starting to lose it. [Source]

Pamela Anderson is at it again ... well, actually, her boobs are at it again ... one of her nips wants to say hello to everyone:

Click above to see larger, uncensored NSFW image
Photo credit: Splash News

We've come to know each one of her nips so well, I feel like I'm on a first name basis with them. It's good to see Pokey looking so well these days. [Source]

In other boobie news, these pictures would seem to suggest that Christina Ricci is the proud owner of a new tattoo that she got on her right boob. While I am not 100% convinced that this is actually her (one should always be weary of alleged topless [or bottomless, for that matter] photos of celebs where the head is cut off) I wouldn't be surprised in the least if this actually is her:

Click above to see larger, uncensored NSFW image

While I question the logic in getting a bird tattooed on one's breast, I suppose I have to commend Christina (if it is really her) for taking such an avant garde risk in tattoo placement. I wonder where she'd put a tattooed bird's nest on her body? [Source]

Pink reader Nell did an amazing thing for me ... she and her roommate went to a Neil Gaiman signing and she asked him to sign something for me ... much to my surprise, he is familiar with Pink is the new Blog and was happy to comply:

Nell writes: I asked him to sign something for you and have attached the picture. He thought I was nuts when I handed it to him, but I explained that your blog is one of my favorites and how one of his books is on your right column, etc. He responded, "Oh! Of course. I know that blog. It hasn't quite made it onto my blog list yet, but I rediscover it every now and then through something else and absolutely love it." Anyway, I wrote "Pink is the New" on the paper and was hoping he'd sign it so that it said "Pink is the New Neil Gaiman." He did me one better. Because he was writing in turquoise, he wrote, "turquoise" and then signed his name. After my explaining what it meant and his realizing he knew who you were, he wrote a P.S. at the top -- the P.S. says, "Love the blog. Neil." !!! Nell rules all ... she is so sweet to do this for me. I'm also kinda floored that Neil knows my blog. I have been a huge fan of his for years and years and never once thought I'd be on his radar. Thank you so much Nell and Neil ... I <3 you both! [thanks Nell]

And finally, Pink reader Jessica sent me a link to scans of all the month's nekkid rugby players from a 2007 calendar featuring Aussie footie players (thanks CBC) ... and in kinda semi NSFWness (but not really because nothing is exposed but I'm sure that bosses might still have a problem with some of these pics) I present to you my top 6 fave month's of the coming year:

Ooooooh yes, indeedie! It looks like it's going to be a very good year. Enjoy! [Source, thanks Jessica]

Les News:
I pretty much spent all of yesterday cleaning, doing laundry and reading. I've finished 2 Augusten Burroughs books and am now reading the Antonia Fraser book on Marie Antoinette. I've also finished off the latest issue of The New Yorker magazine (David got me hooked on that mag after I read a couple articles in his his copy ... the article on how a handbag is created totally fascinated me -- no comments, please) having fallen in love with the diversity of incredibly interesting articles that they publish. Yeah ... pretty much that was my day ...

But last night thanks to Pink reader Sam and my good friend Kevin, Jim and I got to attend the official opening night of the Scissor Sisters' North American tour at the Shrine Auditorium:

The band was great but I'm not used to seeing them in larger venues. The sound was a bit off but the show was still a smashing success. The place was teeming with celebs ... I saw Joshua Jackson outside in the smoking pen, Jerry O'Connell with Rebecca Romijin in the beer line and Dave Grohl and (what looked to be) Ian Somerhalder up in the balcony. I also ran into a few Pink readers ... it was awesome getting to meet you all.

The show was hot ... we had a blast.

Tonight I have kind of a date with my new friend Irene. So the weekend is upon us ... I hope y'all have a great one ... I'm out.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Fantastic Four


Now, I don't usually start out a Thursday post with my Project Runway recap but since last night's episode was the last regular challenge episode of the season (with only the runway showdown finale to go) and I have pretty mixed emotions about how things went down, I figured I might as well lead off with the recap. So ... if you don't want to be spoiled then you can close your eyes and scroll down past this first part ... oh and you might not want to look at this first set of photos either:

Now, for those of you who watched last night ... what the hell is going on? When did the judges get so ... forgiving? Granted, they were pretty harsh in their comments at the end of the ep but allowing all 4 finalists show at Fashion Week I feel was ... well, pretty weak. Right off the bat, I felt this challenge was really lame. I like all the usual challenge restrictions because that makes for more interesting results. Bascially by telling the designers "make whatever dress you want" you're telling them "hey, why don't you bore us with the same ol' thing!" Thank GAWD Uli woke up and came out of her rut ... the dress she created was, by far, the best thing of the night and she really deserved to win. I was getting nervous that she would eff it all up and get sent home but she pulled her shizz together and came up with a hot dress. I think she was aided by the fact that she was able to work with Michael's model. That woman looks hot in everything she wears. Maybe his model stole his mojo as well ... Michael was not having a good night last night. It was strange seeing Nina Garcia acting ... nice. While I love the brassy and no nonsense Nina, I also liked this nurturing one as well ... but if I had to pick, I'd take the bitchy Nina any day. In the end, I have to say I'm a little disappointed that they decided to let all 4 show at Fashion Week. Don't get me wrong, I'm very interested in seeing what they've come up with (I'm still holding off on seeing any pictures from the show ... I want to be surprised when I watch the final episode) but someone should've gotten cut. If I had to cut someone, I think it would've been Laura -- or if Uli hadn't won, then I would've cut Uli. Blah ... next week is the reunion episode ... and the finale ... WTF? We have to wait that long?! Boooo! Well, on the bright side ... I'm not looking forward to the end of the show so I guess I'm cool with waiting. [Source]

Last night, a bunch of Hollywood "It" Girls came together for a special screening of the new Sofia Coppola movie Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst. Here are a few pictures from the screening that took place last night at the Arc Light theater in Hollywood:

I am so happy to see that Robin Tunney was there. She has to be one of my favorite actresses. She is in 2 of my all time favorite movies (Empire Records and The Craft) ... and actually, I've never not liked her in any movie I've seen her in -- and she ruled on Prison Break. It would be great if she got more work ... she really is great. Kirsten and Rose McGowan looked nice but Lindsay Lohan looked like she just came from a liquor store robbery. [Source]

P!nk kicked off her world tour in Switzerland last night and it looks like she pulled out all the stops for this show. It looks like someone has gone all Mariah Carey on us:

While all the costume changes are a bit surprising (I pegged P!nk as a no frills kind of performer), I think I'm most surprised by that acrobatic thing she's got going on. Since I’m a new P!nk convert, I might actually have to see this show for myself. [Source]

Mary Kate Olsen likes to smoke:

You gotta problem with that? Doesn’t she look like she could just cut you if you pissed her off? [Source]

See ... I generally like Nicole Richie and her fashion choices ... and I realize that celebs can't always dress to the 9's every single day ... but is that any excuse for an outfit like this:

The leggings are bad enough but the K-Mart hoodie has got to go! At least Brody Jenner is rockin' a hot tee from DCMA. Well ... the pair still seem very happy together ... that's something, right? [Source]

Beyonce Knowles has done the unthinkable ... Miss Thang has taken out her weave and is rockin' the natural look:

She doesn't look half-bad. I never realized how much hair she usually wears until I saw these pictures. I think I quite like the au naturale Beyonce. [Source]

Hmmm ... this is prolly nothing but ... does it look like Pamela Anderson is growing a little tummy in these pictures? Maybe with a kid Kid Rock of her own?

I know it's hard to judge the size of her stomach with her massive boobs looming just above but maybe she is starting to show that she's going to be a mother again. [Source]

Pink reader Courtney stumbled upon Drew Barrymore doing a photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar magazine atop the Rockefeller building in NYC early last week and sends in these great pictures:

I love it ... just give Drew a flowy dress, a wind fan and a little direction and she turn it out. It's always funny to watch photos being taken ... because the end results always look so nice and not at all cheesy as it would appear from the shoot. I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out. [thanks Courtney] There have been rumblings of a Dustin Diamond aka Screech Powers sex tape in existence and I hoped against hope that the rumors were not true ... Blech! Unfortch, it looks like the rumors are true and a sex tape of the most unholy kind is about to be unleashed upon the world:

TMZ has obtained portions of the latest celebrity sex tape, featuring former "Saved by the Bell" star Dustin Diamond, who played Screech. To say the least, the video is unique and, dare we say, entertaining. David Hans Schmidt, who has become famous in the sex tape industry by peddling videos featuring Paris Hilton, Colin Farrell and others, claims ownership to the Screech tape. It was shot in a hotel. Diamond is holding the camera and narrating, as he engages two women in various combinations and positions. The tape begins with Diamond in a bathtub, narrating what's to come. It ends with Diamond introducing one of the women to a "Dirty Sanchez." Suffice it say, it is unbelievably graphic. That's it, I'm never eating again. Blah ... I feel so gross even just thinking about it ... I think I'm gonna go out and rent 1 Night in Paris just to clear away those nasty images of Dirty Sanchez Screen in a bathtub. Oh ... if you're interested in watching the preview you can do so HERE. You have been warned. [Source]

In less horrifying news, here are a few pictures of Hilary Duff and friends innocently sucking on lollipops at the Los Angeles J-Gurlz Fund launch of Glamour Gurlz the book this past Tuesday night:

All I know is that I sincerely hope that these innocent ladies stay very far away from Dustin Diamond. [Source]

And finally, one more bit of Hilary news ... I need to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to our dear Hilary bee ... she turns 19 years old today:

I hope you have a super duper birthday today, Hil ... here's hoping that you get every present you want this fine birthday ... and here's hoping that Joel Madden's credit card can take it. Happy Birthday! XO

Les News:
Yesterday turned out to be bizzier than I had anticipated. I met up with my good friend Michael for a quick lunch in Venice. He is in town for a couple days doing some work on the new Cranium game called Pop 5 which has an online component that can be played HERE. You can even download Pink is the new Blog cards that Michael and I worked up together for use with the game (click HERE, lower right corner). Anyways, we had a great lunch and a great conversation. It sucks that he's only in town for work cuz we weren't able to hang out more ... I told him he has to come back down to LA for a vacay so we can hang:

After lunch with Michael, I met up with Robbie from Instinct magazine who wanted to meet up so we could do a little interview. We chatted and hung out for a bit at The Abbey for pretty much the rest of the afternoon. While we were there, The Abbey was putting up Xmas decorations ... I guess they're doing this Xmas in September party or something like that -- they were even blowing "real" fake snow (made from ice) all over the place. Ugh ... it gave me the creeps so we had to roll outta there.

Last night, my friends Phillip and Jeremy invited me to see a play called Doubt in downtown LA. The show is extremely powerful and engaging. Set in a catholic school in the early '60s, the plot revolves around suspicion, accusation and high emotion. The set design is sparse and there are only 4 actors but the writing and performance was superb. It's definitely one of those stories that keeps you engaged long after it ends. I loved it.

Tonight, my friend Kevin arranged for me to be able to go to the Scissor Sisters show at the Shrine ... I'm very excited but I have so much housework STILL to do ... but it is great to be home.

I'm out.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How Many Lawyers Does It Take To Screw Anna Nicole?

See ... if you ever wonder why people are insanely distrustful of lawyers you need look no further than one Mr. Howard K. Stern, Attorney at Law ... and Anna Nicole Smith baby-maker. Yes, folks ... Anna Nicole's lawyer (the one who attached himself to her person as soon as her billionaire husband died and has been within 5 feet of her at all times ever since) has revealed to Larry King on Larry King Live last night that he is the father of Anna Nicole's newborn baby girl:

An attorney representing former Playboy Playmate and reality television star Anna Nicole Smith said Tuesday he is the father of her daughter, born earlier this month in the Bahamas. Howard K. Stern added that he plans to marry Smith. "Anna and I have been in a relationship and we love each other, and it's been going on for a very long time, and because of my relationship as her lawyer, we felt that it was best to keep everything hidden," Howard K. Stern told CNN's "Larry King Live" ... Stern said he and Smith are confident he is the father, and "based on when the timing of when the baby was born, there really is no doubt in either of our minds." Entertainment reporter and photographer Larry Birkhead also claims to be the father of the girl, named Danilynne Hope. In a statement, Birkhead said Smith told him he is the child's father, and that he has proof. He said he accompanied Smith to doctors' appointments until a "minor disagreement" took place while she was pregnant. He suggested a DNA test be conducted to determine the child's paternity. He also made similar comments to "Entertainment Tonight." In response to Birkhead, Stern said, "I think, first, you have to look at what his motives are. If he honestly believed he was the father, based on when the baby was born, he should have handled it appropriately ... handle it through the proper channels, not through television and through the media." Birkhead also has sent "a slew" of e-mails to Smith, Stern said, calling it "just completely inappropriate." !!!!!! This lawyer is talking about impropriety?! LOLOLOLOLOL! See ... I never trusted this guy ... watching him on the Anna Nicole Smith Show on E! a couple of years ago ... I knew he was up to something. Anna Nicole became prime shark bait as soon as her rich husband died and I knew it would be just a matter of time before her lawyer sunk his teeth into her. So gross! [Source]

I doubt he's lying about being the father ... it would be absolutely foolish for him to do so on national TV. Here is a picture from the most recent issue of In Touch Weekly magazine of the "happy family":

Is it wrong that I really believe this whole baby thing has everything to do with money? Call me jaded, but it just reeks of a scam. I suppose it's possible that they're in love ... but I somehow doubt it. Click HERE to watch the video of the revelation. Click HERE to read the transcript of the interview. [Source, thanks Monica]

In other news, it turns out that Paris Hilton is not going to be allowed to skate by with her latest run-in with the police. The LA City Attorney is pressing misdemeanor DUI charges against the flamboyant heiress:

Photo credit: X-17

The Los Angeles City Attorney filed misdemeanor charges Tuesday in connection with Hilton's arrest earlier this month. The heiress, who was driving her pricey Mercedes McLaren SLR, was pulled over in Hollywood after police spotted her driving erratically. Cops administered a field sobriety test, and Paris blew a .08. In California, driving with a .08 blood alcohol level is the minimum level for DUI. TMZ has obtained the criminal complaint filed against Hilton today in Los Angeles court. Hilton was charged with driving under the influence and driving with a .08 blood alcohol level or higher. The charges carry a maximum jail term of six months, however, it is standard practice to give first offenders probation, as well as a license restriction. Typically, first offenders are also required to attend AA meetings. I can just see it now ... hoards of paparazzi following Paris Hilton to her AA meetings as she's flanked by her posse (lead by either Nicky Hilton or Brandon Davis) who will attend the meetings with her as a show of support ... and who knows, if she sticks with the program one of her sobriety chips may end up on eBay -- bedazzled, of course. I smell a reality TV show prospect here. [Source]

Meanwhile, as Paris was bizzy getting charged with crimes in LA, she herself has been spending time in Germany dressing as a hooker milk maid as she promotes Rich Prosecco (whatever the hell that is) in Munich:

If anything, she should be locked up for crimes against fashion. Maybe this brush with the law and its inevitable consequences will teach Miss Hilton a sense of responsibility and will give her a moral code. Yeah ... or not. [Source]

Incidentally, Pink reader Jami reveals that Paris was spotted with Travis Baker in Munich at his new band +44's show. Interesting.

The Victoria Beckham robot went out for some shopping in Rome this week ... she must've gotten her wires crossed because she inadvertently went out dressed in hubby David Beckham's clothing:

I wonder if Becks minds that his wife likes to wear his clothes. I wonder if Becks likes to wear her clothes as well. Now that's an interesting prospect. Anyways, I'm sure Becksie doesn't mind that she wears his clothes ... now, if she were to borrow his eyelash curler or his eyebrow tweezers I bet he'd be fuming mad. [Source]

Here are a few more photos of Pete Doherty and Kate Moss' reunion earlier this week ... because I have this thing for young love ... here are some photos of the lovebirds swapping spit:

Hey, it's better than sharing needles ... and only slightly more sanitary. [Source]

Check out these adorable pictures from Lyric Angel's first birthday party. Mommy Tiffani posted these pictures on her My Space profile ... it looks like little Lyric is all set to grow up to be just like his daddy Ashley Parker Angel:

Seriously, this kid is sooooo cute. With a name like Lyric, he just has to grow up and be a musician ... right ... either that he'll just grow up to be resentful. Happy Birthday, Lyric! [Source]

Q magazine is celebrating their 20th anniversary and they are releasing 20 different magazine covers for readers to collect (Britney Spears is among the cover models). Here is what the Madonna cover will look like:

Q is known to do stuff like this ... but 20 different covers is nutso! I doubt that anyone will collect all 20 but who the hell knows. Congrats to Q for making it 20 long years in the magazine biz. I think I'm going to have to seek out the Britney cover issue. [Source]

My new fave band The Oohlas had their CD release party at Cinespace last night but before I get to that subject, here is a picture of the band from the new issue of Nylon magazine:

I love this picture of the band. I can't wait to see them profiled in more magazines as time goes by. They rule!

Beyonce and moms Tina Knowles are the latest Got Milk? campaign models -- here is your first look at their ad:

See mothers and daughters who drink milk together fortify strong bones and promote healthy living. It works for the Knowles family, it can work for you too!

Check this out ... the amazing cast of Degrassi sent me this awesome picture from a recent party called Your Ultimate Degrassi Party at the Hard Rock Cafe recently:

Apparently, Pink is the new Blog is enjoyed in the offices at The N and among the castmembers of Degrassi so they decided to send me some love. Thank you so much you guys ... I'll definitely be tuning in for the debut of the new season of Degrassi this Friday night! XO [thanks Alicia]

And finally, here are a few pictures sent in by Pink readers ... I know I haven't posted any reader pics recently since I was away but I'll do my best to get back into the habit of posting some pics occasionally. Here are pictures of Pink readers Deanna on the first day of school this year (ULS in the hizzy!) -- Tront, who celebrated his birthday with a cake from his friends (you can see his party pics HERE) -- and Sara and her friends Jen, the Heathers and Keira celebrating Sara's big 3-0:

Thank you so much for the pictures ... they're rad and I love receiving them! Thanks so much, you guys. Happy festivities to all! XO

Les News:
So yesterday, I pretty much crashed after writing the blog because I'm still dealing with time issues ... but I did eventually get up at some point. Jim and I had a great late lunch together in West Hollywood before we met up with Davey and made our way to Cinespace for The Oohlas cd release party ... we had so much fun last night ... the party was sick, the band was amazing and the crowd was really really fun ... here are some pictures:

Ollie kinda wanted me to go on stage to announce the band ... and I immediately wanted to puke onto the floor -- I'm not good on stages in front of people. But Ollie's dress was so cute that I couldn't heave my lunch onto her so I swallowed hard and agreed to do the intro. Blah! After that unpleasantness was finished, the band took the stage and rocked out! Adriana, Jon and Jeff joined us for the show but only Adriana hung with Jim and me to the end ... which is why it was also difficult to wake up this morn.


I have to say hey to the amazing Pink readers that I met last night ... much love goes out to Nikki, Sarah, Megan, Britney and Sophie (who gave me an amazing customized t). It was great meeting you all :)

I have lots of settling to do ... my once immaculate apartment is in shambles with remnants of my NYC/Parisian holiday strewn all over the place ... I need to go take care of that today before my head explodes.

Have a great Wednesday, ya'll! I'm out.

PS: The Cobra Snake's chicks are really creepy in person ... but the man does take great pictures.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Didn't Steal Your Boyfriend

Well ... after flying half-way around the world in just a few short days, I have to say that I'm holding up pretty well ... let's get to it ...

Spederline have gone underground ever since Britney Spears gave birth to her second child, Sutton Pierce, and then holed her herself and her family inside her mansion to stay out of sight. It appears that Kevin Federline got the itch and had to escape ... here are new pictures of The Federline tooling around town in his Ferrari with one of his homedawgs:

Maybe he went out for snacks for his wife? More likely, he went out for cigs for himself. At any rate, it's been a few weeks since the birth of Spederbaby #2 ... we should be seeing that kid splashed across the cover of People magazine any day now. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson made her theatrical stage debut last night in London in the West End production of Chicago. It would seem that her performance went off without a hitch, here are some photos from Ashlee's worldwide stage debut:

I've seen Chicago on Broadway and, of course, I've seen the movie version so I know that the role of Roxie Hart is very challenging. I was actually very surprised that Renee Zellweger did as fine a job as she did in the movie version. I would be very interested to see Ashlee on stage myself but seeing as I've already flown home from Europe, I don't think that'll be the case. I suppose we should just be happy that her rampant acid reflux problem didn't rear its ugly head. [Source]

Here are a couple more pictures of Ashlee from just after her performance ... oh look, her proud sister Jessica Simpson is right there by her side:

I know the sisters *say* that they're very supportive of one another and, generally, I'm sure they are but they are sisters and there has to be some sibling rivalry going on there. I don't really believe that Jessica is as happy for Ash as she says she is ... shoot, I'd be pissed as hell if my little sister started stealing the lime light away from me. Well, at least Jessica can content herself with the fact that she's a big movie star ... er ... well, at least she has her fake hair business to fall back on. [Source]

Well, well, well, well ... lookie, lookie here ... could it possibly be that the newly-single Lindsay Lohan is making a play for Paris Hilton's ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos? Really? That's just so impossible to believe ... but here are pictures of the pair looking pretty chummy last night:

I hightly doubt that L. Lo's interest in Starving Nachos has anything at all to do with any sort of petty revenge against Paris. I'm suuuuuure it's all very innocent. [Source, Source]

After all, it would seem that Lindsay is still carrying a torch for her beloved Harry Morton ... here are a couple pictures of Linds rockin' a new ballcap:

I wonder if she meant for this cap to be cute ... cuz, it actually looks very sad and pathetic. [Source]

Happy days are here again ... the sun is shining, the birds are singing and Pete Doherty has been let loose from rehab ... yet again. Here are photos of Pete who has just been reunited with his beloved and extremely loyal girlfriend (fiancee?) Kate Moss as they try and make their way thru an airport in Dublin, Ireland:

On-off couple Pete Doherty and Kate Moss were back together this week, traveling in Ireland where Doherty's band is on tour. Witnesses said the 32-year-old supermodel took the stage Monday night at a nightclub south of Dublin and sang alongside Doherty at the start of Babyshambles' new tour. "They came in the front door and chatted with the fans. Kate got up onstage at a few points and helped sing the chorus of a few songs. They both appeared to be in fine form," said Damien O'Brien, manager of the Music Factory in the town of Carlow, where the show attracted about 680 fans. Doherty, 27, skirted a jail sentence on drug charges earlier this month after a judge in London ordered him to continue rehabilitation. He checked himself out of a drug rehabilitation clinic last week. He pleaded guilty on Aug. 18 to five charges of possessing heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and cannabis. The charges stemmed from arrests in April and August, in which drugs were found in his vehicle and home and he was found with a crack pipe and a small amount of crack cocaine. Ain't love grand. You can see how these two were made for one another. Don't die, Pete. Good luck. [Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made another guest starring appearance at one of Tom's kid's sporting events ... this time, Connor's football game (incidentally, don't these kids do anything other than play sports ... do they even go to school?). Here are pictures of, what looks to be, a very disinterested TomKat rooting the boy on:

Katie's meds must be wearing off ... she generally looks a lot happier at these functions. Interestingly, Suri was no where to be seen ... maybe she's at the fake-baby factory getting a tune-up. [Source]

Matthew McConaughey is back home at the beach he so dearly loves ... here are a few photos of the shirtless one playing a little game of fetch:

Even tho he looks like he smells, I bet he's fun to play with. [Source]

Kirstie Alley recently threw a yard sale at her "estate" to get rid of some stuff that she no longer needed ... and apparently to make a few bucks on the side ... here are a few photos:

It's my understanding that she got rid of things like "ripped lampshades, lots of children's toys, kitchen utensils" and her dignity. I hope she made a couple hundred, at least. [Source]

Hang on to your lunches, y'all ... if you thought that image of Jack Osborne and his hot pink undies was a fright, wait until you get a load of this:

Photo credit: X-17
Click above to see full-size NSFW image

I warn you ... do not click the link if you have a sensitive stomach. Blech! [Source]

Justin Timberlake is on the cover of the new issue of Bon magazine ... and homie is keeping it real interesting -- check out the really cool photos from the photoshoot:

These are great photos. They're simple ... but look really cool. Love them. [Source]

And finally, here are a few more official stills from the new Harry Potter movie The Order of the Phoenix:

Those kids are so old now ... they should be ready to start "doing it" at any moment now. [Source]

Les News:
So ... I'm home and it feels damn fine to unpack my stuff and put it away once and for all. I was not made to live out of a suitcase ... I swear, I'm never flying again ... well, except for my quick trip home to Detroit in a couple of week's for Angi and Tony's wedding and then NEVER AGAIN. Well ... NEVER AGAIN at least for a little while :) I missed my couch ... my bed ... my TV ... it's so sad, but I am so looking forward to getting into my routine again.

I am planning on doing a bit of laundry (and I only have a bit to do, I got most of it done in NYC) and then catching up on my saved DVR shows. I'm all caught up with Prison Break (yay!) and have a ton of Laguna Beaches to watch. Mostly, tho, I'm looking forward to just laying on my beautiful couch and reading. I've been so out of the TV mode for so long and into reading mode that I think I'm going to polish off a few books while I'm still in the mood. I've just discovered that I insanely LOVE Augusten Burroughs ... I've never laughed out loud and for so long from just reading a book before in my life. I tore thru Running with Scissors and am 98% finished with is most recent collection of stories Possible Side Effects.

Tonight, tonight ... is the big night that we celebrate the release of the debut album by my new fave band ever The Oohlas! Best Stop Pop is released today (go buy it now or download it from iTunes HERE -- at least download The Cahuenga Shuffle -- it's my fave song) and I'm hosting the cd release party at Cinespace tonight:

It's a free party but get there early so you can be sure to get in and hear The Oohlas rock your world! I hear Ollie is giving away free hugs to anyone who asks so don't miss out! I hope to see you there ...

... and that is all ... I'm out.