Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Error Proof Test

Lest you think that Kevin Federline is only horrible at rapping, let me remind you that he is terrible at a whole lotta things ... fatherhood, commitment, hygiene, dressing himself ... oh, and he doesn't strike me as a very good golfer either:

Well, at least it looks like he's giving it the ol' college try ... which is ironically funny when considering who we're talking about. Maybe if he gets really good at golfing he'll give up his attempt at a music career. Go, Kev, Go! [Source]


Yay! Project Runway returned last night with a new episode after a one-week holiday hiatus. The challenge for last night's episode was for the designers to create a party dress for a famous Hollywood socialite to wear for a night out. I have to admit, I was a little bored by the fact that Nicky Hilton was the socialite who was featured on the show. Obviously, Paris Hilton would have been too obvious ... but Nicky is practically the same thing. Anyways, all of that is unimportant ... in the end Santino won another challenge and Guadalupe was axed from the show:

I don't understand why Santino won this challenge ... his dress looked too messy in the bodice. Nick's dress was my favorite ... it was clean, sexy and had a really cool hem. I think Santino really connected with Nicky at the party and sold his dress to her on the spot. I agree that Guadalupe's dress was not the best but I don't think she deserved to go home. What the hell is Marla even doing on this show ... she has no creativity at all. She even admitted that she doesn't know what she's doing. I think she should have been the one to go home -- and not only because she copied the other dress but because her copied creation was lame. Marla's days are numbered ... she can't last much longer. [Source]

So, there has been a lot of Lindsay Lohan drama lately ... it all seems so perfectly timed with the release of her shocking revelations in the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine (on newsstands now) ... Lindsay was recently rushed to the hospital because of an asthma attack but the Best Week Ever blog had pictures of an L. Lo associate delivering a grocery bag with various items including a box of Cocoa Puffs and an EPT pregnancy test to her in the hospital:

EXCLUSIVE: Pregnancy Test and overnight bags delivered to Lindsay Lohan in hospital.

A friend of Lindsay Lohan returns to Mount Sinai Medical Center with some shopping including a Pregnancy Test. The woman left the hospital in the early hours of Wednesday with Lindsay Lohan's limo driver. She returned to the Emergency Department at 1:30 am with several overnight bags and food shopping including a Pregnancy test, Playing cards, mouthwash, Coke, and a box of Cocoa Puffs. The friend declined to comment on Lindsay's condition.

The pictures have been removed from the BWE blog (they have also been removed from other blogs as well -- altho, I Don't Like You In That Way still has the pictures up). What is going on??? Is there a conspiracy to keep news of Lindsay's immaculate conception quiet? Does Jared Leto have this much control of the media? [Source]

Anyways, while we wait to learn whether or not Linds is, in fact, knocked up here are a few pictures from her revealing issue of Vanity Fair magazine:

Doesn't she look all angry on the cover? Her teeth look a bit like smokers teeth as well. Well, she was bound to go topless sooner or later ... at least by taking off her clothes and covering her breasts with her arms in a magazine like Vanity Fair she can call it "art". [Source, Source]

Queen Latifa was honored in Hollywood yesterday with the 2,298th star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame:

It must be quite an honor to receive the almost 3,000th star! I keed, I keed ... she really looks happy and I'm glad she got a star. Latifa is the first hip-hop star to be honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She is way more deserving of a star than Ryan Seacrest or The Olsen Twins. Congrats, Queen Latifa! [Source]

Brad Dad Pitt has been spending the new year doing the regular daddy stuff that most new fathers do ... picking up books to read and picking up kids from school:

OMG ... Brad and Maddox are so cute together. Despite the rumors that Brad and Angelina have "called off the wedding", I contend that they are still very much together. We won't see it coming ... we'll just wake up one day and find that Brangelina already got married. [Source, Source]

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have been hiding out together in Las Vegas ... here's a picture of the pair strolling down the Vegas strip:

Vinnifer spent the weekend clubbing and gambling. They were in Sin City because Vince had a comedy performance on New Year's Day. It's nice to see these 2 still together ... I don't think they'll make it to the altar but they do seem happy. [Source]

Here are a few new pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony on the set of their new movie ...

... I have the sneaking suspicion that I'm gonna hate this movie. The fact that Marc Anthony is the lead actor is but one sign that this movie isn't for me. J. Lo looks so old in her costumes and make-up. Is she supposed to look aged and weathered? Boo. Bring back the supersexy Jenny from the block. [Source]

Here is another picture of Joaquin Phoenix, this time on his way into Folsom Prison ...

... it's a very cool picture -- especially since it's very similar to the pictures of Johnny Cash's visit to Folsom Prison back in 1968. The man in black lives again. [Source]

Heeeey guys ... a little bird revealed to me that someone we know and love has a My Space profile ... it's our fave person ever ... Miss Kimberly Stewart:

The profile looks pretty real to me ... especially since she's got so few friends. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out a very Happy Birthday to Marilyn Manson:

The Antichrist Superstar turns 37 years old today ... and it looks like he's gonna have a super gothy party courtesy of his new wife Dita Von Teese. Have a great day, Brian.

Les News:
Erik and I had a very nice date night last night ... it's been a little bit since the 2 of us were able to just chill out together. We had a great dinner and then went to the movies to see The Squid and the Whale:

Yes, this movie is as good as everyone says it is. It was smart, funny and a bit outrageous at times. The characters were great ... the dad (Jeff Daniels) was horrible but the mother (Laura Linney) wasn't a saint either -- but I did sympathize with her the most. I absolutely loved little Frank -- that kid (Owen Kline) did a great job with that role. I get that this movie was going for brutal honesty but some parts seemed a bit over-the-top. Even so, I can totally see how families like this could and probably do exist somewhere in America. I really liked the way the movie ended ... it was a nice and poignant ending (if a bit abrupt). Walt (Jesse Eisenberg) faced his fear head on and may finally see that his father was completely wrong all along.

Tonight a bunch of us are trekking out to hang out with Tracey and baby Zakiya for a pizza party. It's about time I get to pinching that baby's cheeks again ... it's been a few days now.

That's it ... I'm out.