Friday, January 06, 2006

Into The Desert

On a spur of the moment decision at about noontime yesterday (Thurs. Jan 5), the couple drove across the desert on the I-15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in two SUVs. "Britney is one of the world's worst flyers. She just doesn't like planes," one of her relatives told me. So brother Bryan took the plane and Britney, Kevin, new-born babe Sean Preston and a new nanny (plus requisite drivers and bodyguards) took almost 6 hours to journey from Malibu. Britney told me "It was so windy, we just couldn't go any faster. It wouldn't have been safe."

Uh ... yeah ... Spederline have fled to Sin City to reconnect with one another and they brought Britney's family with them:

Papa Spears is not lookin' too hot but the whole family is in Las Vegas. What is interesting about this news it that while the article contends that Britney Spears is officially back for now with husband Kevin Federline and the couple are celebrating in Vegas this weekend! it goes on to say As you will no doubt notice, though, while we observed them being casually couple-like throughout the evening, Britney and Kevin still avoided posing for any "second Honeymoon" type shots together ... "It's definitely an on-and-off relationship between Britney and Kevin," one of her closest friends confided to me. "It certainly was off the last time, when he was here by himself. But today, it's definitely on. However, their relationship is much like a hurricane. You know that one is coming. You just dont know exactly when, and how much damage it's going to cause when it does!" [Source]

What is also interesting is that all of this reporting comes from Robin Leach, Mr. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous himself. Apparently, Britney is a fan of Robin Leach: Sipping on grapefruit juice, Britney laughed with me about how different my English accent was from her Louisiana accent. "I grew up watching you on Lifestyles," she told me. " I always wanted to live like that!" she laughed. Sometimes dreams do come true.

Er ... yeah ... the whole article is very interesting to read ... as much as Robin Leach talks about how "together" Britney and Kevin are you can't help but get the feeling that he's just spinning what's really going on in the best possible light.

We'll see ... the whole thing is so weird!

Watch Yer Back

Blogging.LA posted this picture of someone who looks a lot like Britney Spears but because of the grainy nature of the picture it's not completely clear if it's really her or not ... let's look at the clues, shall we?

Hmm ... well, we do know that Brit Brit is very fond of her flip flops but she's been wearing those awful boots recently and she tends to wear the same articles of clothing many days in a row soooo ... let's consider the tracksuit -- Brit hasn't been seen in a full tracksuit like this for quite some time ... but if she were attempting to go incognito then this would be a good thing to wear. The same goes for the trucker hat ... it could be Britney but without the presence of a large bodyguard nearby I'm not entirely sure. What do you think? [Source]

Yesterday we saw pics of Brad Pitt picking up little Maddox from school ... today we have pictures of a blonder Angelina Jolie dropping off Maddox at school with Zahara in tow:

I love how Brad and Ang take turns with the kids ... I bet they have all the drop-offs and pick-ups charted out on a dry erase board in the kitchen or on the refrigerator. They seem like a dry erase board kind of family. [Source]

Here is a picture of a very happy Denise Richards playing with her children at the park:

She doesn't look at all miffed at the prospect of moving forward with her divorce from Charlie Sheen. It appeared that they successfully worked out all of their problems and there was no hint of any new trouble between them ... just the news that the reconciliation is over and the divorce is back on. I wonder what happened this time ... [Source]

Speaking of celebs and their kids, check out these cute pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal with his children Atticus and Boo:

Aren't they just the cutest family ever?! Jake makes a hot single dad. [Source, Source]

So, Lindsay Lohan was finally released from the hospital last night and immediately flew home to New York to continue her recuperation. Her mother contends that her daughter merely suffered an asthma attack but I wonder if anyone even considered a more sinister scenario ... what if there is some evil plot at work to unseat Linds as the reigning teen queen -- leaving that position open for ...

... her little sister Ali Lohan. Hmm, it make sense ... and the signs are all there ... just what message is Ali sending out with those corn rows -- and to whom? Lindsay better watch her back ... I don't trust that all-too-innocent-looking Ali. You can never really trust a white person sportin' corn rows. [Source]

... what if it was Ali who needed the pregnancy test??? Where was Jared recently??? I'm keepin' my eye on this one ...

Well now ... look who's all Mr. Popular all of the sudden ... just days after news broke that Ryan Seacrest signed a $21 million dollar deal with E! he's now getting all kinds of attention ...

... poor John Stamos ... is he really that desperate for cash? I bet he misses those Full House glory days. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson was spotted getting hot and heavy with her newish boyfriend Braxton on a beach in Hawaii:

She looks happy ... and I'm sure she's totally completely over Ryan Cabrera ... and she'll keep kissing Braxton in public until she believes it as well. [Source, thanks Kacey]

Here are a few pictures of Paris Hilton heading into the recording studio:

She must be feeling pretty confident ... anything she releases cannot be as horrible as K-Fed's PopoZão, right? Well ... here's hoping. [Source]

Well now ... Gwen Stefani is taking every opportunity she has to wear loose-fitting maternity wear now that she finally came clean about her pregnancy:

But what the fug is up with those terrrrrrible boots? She cannot be serious, can she? [Source]

Las Vegas is the place to be for electronic geeks and technophiles this week ... the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing and is bringing out the big names ... like Justin Timberlake:

Shoot, with the kind of money that Bill Gates has, who wouldn't dance a little jig for his amusement? Someone should tell John Stamos that he needs to be cozying up to Gates not Seacrest. [Source]

Here's another odd couple courtesy of the Consumer Electronics Show ... who knew that Donnie Osmond was a Snoop Dogg fan?

Snoop does not look impressed. [Source]

Louis Vuitton has chosen Gisele Bündchen as their new spokesmodel:

A match made in heaven. Hotness all around! [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Cameron sends in this scan from the Hearld Sun newspaper in Melbourne, OZ ... Pink is the new Blog is ranked #3 on their Hit List ... right behind Ian Brown (Stone Roses) and Kevin Federline ...?

Um ... I'll try not to take it personally ;) [thanks Cameron]

VLB, Erik and I make the trek out to B.F.E. to hang out with Tracey and Zakiya last night. We had a blast ... it's too bad that Tracey lives on the otherside of the planet otherwise we'd prolly be over there to visit every other day. See, Tracey thinks she's a card shark but I was merely playing with her ... I feel bad that I beat her at every game we play, so I let her win a couple hands of Blackjack. There you go, Trace, I blogged about it.

So, last night I finally finished reading Neil Gaiman's latest book Anansi Boys (excerpt). I know, it took me FOREVER to finish this book ... with all the flying I've been doing back and forth you'd think I would've finished it ages ago. But anyways, I did finish the book last night and loved it immensely. Neil Gaiman has such an incredible way of telling a story. It's so matter-of-fact and conversational. He is incredibly funny and extremely smart with his characters. If you are looking for a fun story by an awesome writer than I encourage you to pick up one of Neil's books.

Brandon is coming to town tonight ... and this is Kirsten's last weekend here before she goes back "home" to New York. Someone mentioned dancing ... which might, very well, become a reality.

But for now ... I'm out.