Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pink Is The New Bride

Yay! Something happened in celebrityland! Pink got married to Carey Hart in Costa Rica yesterday:

Lisa Marie Presley (who tends to show up at all the celebrity weddings these days, she was just at Marilyn Manson's wedding last month) and about 99 other guests joined Pink and Carey in Costa Rica for the nuptials. Carey was quoted as saying: "Once we get married, I'm gonna tattoo her name down my ring finger. I'm a sap." It won't be long now that the newlyweds head on down to the tattoo parlor to really seal the deal. Congratulations to the happy couple. [Source]

In more geriatric couple news, Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton appear to have gotten themselves engaged ... or something:

It wasn't long ago that Nic was engaged to her last fiancée Niklas Soderblom and now she's all up in Michael Bolton's bizznazz showing off a new ring. Well, good for them ... these 2 go way back together ... it's nice that they found their way back to each other. [Source]

Yesterday I was lamenting the fact that there has been a shortage of juicy goss thus far this year ... I was hoping that Fergie might have another one of her accidents ... well, it appears that the goss gods were paying attention because today Mischa Barton give us a little something to talk about:

Aww ... poor Mischa -- doesn't she know that it's not wise to wear white when you're totally surfing the crimson wave? I love that she's wearing a Whitestarr t-shirt and a RedDot pair of stretchy pants. [Source]

Always wear protection ... that is Sarah Jessica Parker's motto:

No matter how unsexy they are, you never want to be caught without your rubbers! [Source]

Speaking of unsexy, check out these pictures of SJP trying to look sexy in EPS magazine:

Yeah, the O face just doesn't do it for me. [Source]

Now Reese Witherspoon ... she can do sexy ... check out these hot pictures from her upcoming photospread in W magazine:

I'm not sure how I feel about the 80's-esque Robert Palmer backup dancer look that she's got goin' on in the first pic, but she does look stunning in the closeup. The article that accompanies the photoshoot is a nice portrait of Reese the mommy/superwoman. [Source]

Pink reader Marissa sends in this scan from Elle Girl magazine who have chosen Pink is the new Blog to be on their Hot List:

Well, when Elle Girl Zahara Jolie-Pitt talks, people listen ... and I am flattered. [thanks Marissa]

On a totally random note, check out this insanely bizarre tattoo of Maddox Jolie-Pitt:

Who, in their right mind, would choose to get a tattoo of Maddox on their leg ... well, besides Brad Pitt? [Source, thanks Greg]

And finally, after taking a week off, I present the return of the Hot Guy of the Week ... say hello to Wesley:

This week's hot guy is not too muscley ... and a wee bit hairy. He seems like a very nice chap, what do you think? [Source]

Les News:
Alas, there was no dancing last night ... Brandon and Erik spent most of the day working on revamping our bathroom so they were a little pooped out by nightfall. We did manage to make a cameo at our friend Stephanie's birthday party. Even tho we didn't get to go dancing dancing we mananged to dance a little bit at Stephanie's ... hello, you try and stand still while Madonna blares from the stereo. It was so fun, wallah -- I swear!

Oh and we did also manage to stop by the Living Room for a martini nightcap before going home. Mmmmm. I had been craving a dirty martini all day long.

Today is our last day with Kirsten before she goes home to New York City. A bunch of us got together for brunch at the Majestic Cafe today (which is why this post is so late in the day) where the mimosas and bloody marys were bottomless and the conversation was ... inappropriate for the dinner table ... just the way we like it.

And that's it ... I'm out.