Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Big Earthquakes

Well now ... how's about we start out with a nice fresh dose of Britney Spears to start out the day ... get ready, y'all ... Miss Brit is in full effect:

Lord.Have.Mercy! I'm not sure when these Las Vegas pictures were taken but I doubt they are from this weekend. Britney took out her extensions before she and her family drove out to Vegas this past weekend. In any case, she looks a hot mess ... which is, sadly, par for the course. [Source]

Anyways ... Britney is back home in LA and was seen shopping at the Beverly Center yesterday ... notice her hair is short and that she seems a little more put together -- cleaned up, if you will:

I guess it's about as much as we can hope for these days. Boo. [Source]

What the hell is going on here? When did Steve Martin start scoring hot chicks ... well, younger chicks?

Whoa! Sky News is reporting that Steve Martin and Kristin Davis have been together since March of 2005?!? What?!? Way back in March 2005, rumors were doing the rounds that Kristin Davis was dating Steve Martin ... But then in June, the Sex And The City star denied the chat, saying: "I have never in my life been on a date or had a private conversation with Mr Steve Martin. People make things up. It's out of control." Yeah ... and now we have pictures of the pair frolicking on the beach ... um, Ew! I guess good for them ... Steve Martin gets to make out with a naked Clare Danes in Shopgirl and has, apparently, been enjoying Kristin Davis for months now. I guess he's the pimp. [Source]

In less disturbing news ... Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane were honored in Hollywood by each receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Sarah Jessica Parker was on hand ... to watch and stuff. I say congratulations to them both ... Matthew has deserved a star ever since he starred in War Games and Nathan has deserved his star since his performance in The Bird Cage. Rock on, guys! [Source]

Oh look, it's a new Mariah Carey sighting ... here are a couple pictures of our dear Mimi while on vacation in St. Barthelemy:

I love the high heel shoes that seem Oh So Appropriate for walking on the beach. What I don't like is that she's damn near sportin' corn rows! Blech! [Source]

Hee hee ... I love it! It looks like Nicole Richie and Steve-O have become fast friends:

I wouldn't be surprised if Nicole gently suggested to Steve-O that he should publicly mention that he gave Paris and Stavros "mind-altering substances" right before they were involved in that one accident that they caused a few months ago ... you know, the one where Stavros drove Paris' car right into a truck, right in front of a whole slew of paparazzi, while wearing a coat over his head ... yeah, that one. [Source]

Awww ... poor Gov. Ahhhhnold ... I mentioned yesterday that he and his son were involved in a motorcycle accident this weekend ... as a result, Ahhhnold had to get 15 stitches in his lip:

Isn't it funny that even after 15 stitches his upper lip isn't as big as Jessica Simpson's upper lip? [Source]

Incidentally, here's a bit of Simpson news that a Pink reader sent to me via email ... this weekend one of the Simpson cousins got married in Waco, TX. Jessica and Ashlee were bridesmaids in the wedding. Papa Joe was adamant that no pictures were to be taken except by the professional photographer. Apparently, Jessica stayed at her family's table the whole night but Ashlee got a bit drunk and danced all over the place without a care in the world ... she even did a bit of a strip tease! Hmm ... that doesn't sound at all like Ashlee Simpson ;) Dang, it's too bad there weren't any pictures.

Okay, let's move on ... what exactly is going on with Clive Owen? I wonder why he thought it would be a good idea to walk around with a bag over his head ...

... yeah, and I wonder why he thought it would be an even better idea to take the bag off. Eeek! [Source]

NME is reporting that Courtney Love is hard at work on her next album:

She's enlisted the help of a few UK rockers for her album but she also needs to enlist some stylists to help with her overall look. It's great that she's finally clean and sober ... now she has to look the part when she's out in public. [Source, Source]

Is it possible? Has Shannen Doherty, by virtue of her mega-bitchy-ness, managed to alienate everyone in Hollywood so that the only person she can call friend is a poor girl (Victoria Silvstedt, thanks Kat!) who gets mistaken for Anna Nicole Smith?

Yeah, it looks that way. So Sad. [Source]

You know what else is sad ... how about the beehive hairdon't that Kristin Cavallari wore last night on The Late Show with David Letterman?

What the fug was she thinking?! I bet LC had something to do with this travesty! That biatch! [Source, thanks Danielle]

Let's make up for this horrendousness but checking out some pictures of Kristin and her posse as they spent their New Year's Eve partying it up in Las Vegas:

Yeessss, that's the Kristin we know and love. Looks like she and her friends had a great time. Yay Team Kristin! [thanks Tracy]

Check out how hot Madonna looks in the February issue of Elle magazine:

Madge is still the Queen. So hot! [Source]

Speaking of hot, how's about we take a gander at hottie Kevin Zegers who is featuring in this month's issue of Out magazine:

Kevin co-stars with Felicity Huffman in the new movie TransAmerica. From the preview clips I've seen ... it looks like Kevin is going to make a big splash with this movie. He's sure to garner much attention for his performance in this movie ... much more attention than he got for co-starring in Air Bud. [thanks Erik]

And finally ... do any of you remember a little punk rocker, skater girl named Avril Lavigne? She got famous by wearing neck ties and lots of plastic bracelets ... remember? Yeah, well judging by her photospread in Harper's Bazaar magazine it looks like she's no longer interested in wearing plastic jewelry:

She cleans up nicely. Dare I say that she even looks beautiful in these pictures? Who knew ...? [Source]

Les News:
So last night I finally got to finish the book that Tori Amos released almost a year ago, Piece By Piece ... I'm such a fool for waiting this long to finally get around to reading it from cover to cover:

There is so much revealed in this book ... I should have read it as soon as I got my hands on it. I was very intrigued to learn about how Tori goes about creating music ... the book mentions a new song called Not David Bowie that is supposed to be on her next album. Tori also mentions that she has about 150 completed songs that "didn't fit" on any of her previous albums. Can you imagine?!

Tori also opens up about the 3 most difficult events in her life ... her 3 miscarriages. Her first miscarriage was on 12/23/96 (after the release of Boys For Pele) and her second miscarriage occurred sometime before from the choirgirl hotel was completed (she didn't choose to remember the exact date). It was after this second horrible event occurred that she and Mark Hawley decided to get married. Her third, and most heartbreaking miscarriage, occurred on 11/11/99 after the 5 1/2 Weeks tour with Alanis Morissette. Unbelievable ... I saw her on that tour and had no idea that she was pregnant. Tori reveals that she was so sure she was going to carry that baby to term that she and Mark named it Phoebe. It is unreal to consider all the pain and heartache that she and Mark suffered before they finally had their baby girl Natashya Lorien.

The book only mentions Steve Caton once (Tori's former guitarist and supposed good friend) by way of an interview with Jon Evans (Tori's bass player). The book makes no reference to the falling out that must have occurred between Tori and Caton but does go into great detail concerning her bitter feud with Atlantic records. The record company would not let her out of her contract and threatened to just sit on her until she was "too old" for any other record company to be interested in signing her. Thank goodness Tori Amos is an uber-intelligent woman ... she was able to satisfy her contractual obligations and do so in a manner where her fans were able to still enjoy her musical talent (To Venus and Back, StrangeLittleGirls) without giving too much new material to her horrible record company.

While I loved this book, I have to say that I found the parts written by co-author Ann Powers very distracting. I get that she was trying to add to the narrative but I wasn't interested ... I just wanted to read the Tori bits (nothing against Ann's writing at all). Thankfully, Ann's contributions weren't very long and weren't very prevalent.

Ye gods, if you are Tori Amos fan and haven't read this book yet you need to get your ass on it (Sarah!). The book offers so much insight into Tori Amos and her craft, her beliefs ... the complete woman. Reading about how some of her songs came into being has drawn me back to her catalog, hearing the songs as if they were brand new again.

Ack ... that prolly went on too long ... but I just loved that book! Okay ... I gotta get outta here ... I have to run out and get the new Morningwood album that was released today:

This is the first album that I've actually been anticipating in a long time. Woot!

Last thing, I have to give a big up to T Money. Holla!

I'm out.