Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hostel Takeover

Here are a couple close-up pictures of little Sean Preston Federline's baby face to start off the weekend:

Well ... I think he deff looks like K-Fed's son ... you can see a little bit of the Federline in his face. Irregardless ... Sean P. is really cute -- look at those cheeks! [Source]

Last night Detroit had its annual coming out party ... the 2006 North American International Auto Show charity preview gala was held at Cobo Hall and a virtual who's who of Detroit luminaries were on hand for the festivities ....

... well, okay ... the only people any of y'all might be interested in are Aretha Franklin and Ashanti ... but I couldn't find a picture of Ashanti so Aretha is all y'all get. Today is the first day of the public showing of the Auto Show ... I plan on steering very clear of downtown Detroit. [Source]

In other news, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have left the Dominican Republic to spend some time in Haiti ... here are few pictures of the pair as they arrive at the airport in Port-au-Prince:

These 2 cause a stir no matter where they show up ... [Source]

... Which is exactly the point ... Brangelina hooked up with Wyclef Jean to visit one of the schools that he founded in his country:

It's nice that Angelina can step into her role as U.N. Goodwill Ambassador just as easily as she can step into her role as an actress. At least she is using the hype generated by her private life to bring much attention to charitable causes thruout the world. [Source]

Here are more pictures of the squirting incident that happened at the Sydney, Australia premiere of Brokeback Mountain ... you know, just so you can get a pretty good feel of how things went down:

I watched video of this incident on TV last night ... Heath and Michelle were squirted for a good 10 seconds. Heath was too busy trying to shield Michelle that he never saw who it was that squirted him. Poor thing. [Source]

Check out these pictures of Jessica Simpson doing a little grocery shopping ... it looks like her black eye is healing -- but it's still noticeable:

I couldn't help but also notice all that junk food in her shopping cart ... methinks someone is planning a long stint cuddled up on the couch with some comfort food. I also noticed that she's only got one roll of toilet paper in her cart ... I really think she might need more than just one roll after she finishes all the food in that cart. [Source]

Here is a picture of Kimberly Stewart as she leaves Koi earlier this week ...

... I hate to admit it but I really lurve her black squirrel wrap. Altho, I don't the other squirrel is a fan. [Source]

Holy crapola! Whitney Houston is lookin' a hot mess in this picture:

Dang. Words fail. [Source]

And finally ... check out these cute pictures of Alabama Luella Barker ... and her mother Shanna Moakler:

Yeah I bet Travis Barker is a very proud man these days. Oh yeah ... I'm sure he likes his new baby too. [Source]

The News:
So ... Sarah and I got to hang out last night ... because of our late dinner reservation and an even later movie showtime we were unable to go dancing last night. She and I went to see Hostel at 11PM ... by the time the movie was over it was snowing like crazy ... there was no way we could've made the trek out to Ann Arbor ... boooooo!

So yeah ... Hostel ... the movie ... yeah ... that's the movie that we saw:

First off ... let me say that this movie is way gross and completely inappropriate for anyone, anywhere. That said, I really liked the movie for what it was. Horror movies are meant to disturb and basically scare the crap out of the viewer ... this movie really did just that. While Saw and Saw II had plot twists that were designed to keep you guessing, Hostel does not. Once you understand what is happening you just have to sit there and watch it happen. I could have seriously done without the eyeball scene but, as gross as this sounds, it was very appropriate within the context of the film (as was the car scene and the train scene).

There are 2 very important things I learned from this movie:

  1. Always carry bubblegum whenever you travel -- you never know when it might come in handy
  2. Never vacation in Slovakia
The movie is really gross and gory ... but if you're into horror films you'll prolly really like this one.

Today feels like a lazy day ... I think I'll go be lazy now.

PS: In my haste this morning I forgot to give 2 very important birthday shout-outs today ... first, I have to wish a very, very Happy Birthday to my dear friend Jeff ... he turns old today:

I really wish I could be in LA to party up with you tonight but alas ... Detroit needs me right now. I promise we'll make up for it when I come to LA next :)

Second, I have to send Pink is the new Blog lurve and birthday wishes to our girl Kristin Cavallari:

I swear I knew today was her birthday but I kinda forgot to mention it (thanks for the reminder Tat). Whatevs, she knows that I <3 her! XOXO