Thursday, January 19, 2006

Heaps O' Fun For Everyone

And the bump just keeps on growin' ... here are new pictures of Angelina Jolie walking around LA with her ever-growing tummy:

There's nothing particularly special about these pictures but expect to watch her stomach grow here on PITNB as the months pass. [Source]


Okay ... so after my late night out at the Imogen Heap show I got my ass home and watched last night's episode of Lost. Granted, there was a lot of new information revealed and The Others made themselves known, but overall I felt the episode was a bit slow:

As if we didn't get that Jack has this insatiable need to fix everything we had to endure another Jack flashback that revolved around that fact. I was so bored with the flashback until Sara announced to Jack that she was leaving his ass. Anyone want to be that she left him for someone who has a connection to the island? I was also a bit disappointed with the revelation of The Others. Before this episode they appeared to be very scary, almost superhuman. The main Other dude talked too much ... and basically wasn't that scary. Did you notice that he called out for Alex to bring out the captured Kate? Alex, you may recall, is the name of Rousseau's missing child (speaking of Rousseau ... where the hell has she been lately?). Also, they made a point to focus on that record by Geronimo Jackson and even talked a bit about it (i.e. no one has ever heard of them). On a show where everything means something I fully expect the lead singer of Geronimo Jackson to show up on the island as one of the "scary" Others or even one of the survivors. All in all ... I'm still happy with Lost ... but I can't wait for something truly OH MY GODish to happen again. [Source]


Even tho it was like 2 AM I immediately watched last night's episode of Project Runway after I was finished with Lost. IMHO, this was a pretty blah episode as well:

I'm sorry, but the fact that Santino wasn't voted off last night clearly means they are just keeping him on board for dramatic purposes. His design was by far the worst one. Emmett's design may have been "uninspired" (and can Emmett seriously get a break for one second ... we're talking ice skating outfits for Pete's sake!) but it was a lot more functional and better looking than Santino's design. It's just the truth. Call me crazy, but I really liked Chloe's design. It really looked like something an ice skater would wear. Zulema's winning design was just okay. I don't like the exposed stomach area ... but hey, everyone has their opinion but when it comes to judging Project Runway the opinions of Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and the other judges are more important than mine. [Source]

Here are more pictures of Jared Leto filming his new movie Chapter 27. You will note that Lindsay Lohan is also in this movie ... the pair appear to be shooting a restaurant scene:

Homie really looks like that freakshow Mark David Chapman. It's kinda creepy. I wonder if Linds makes out with Jared lookin' like that. EEK. [Source]

When Lindsay is not working, she's either partying or shopping ... here are pictures of L. Lo doing some, what looks to be, jewelry shopping in NYC:

The headband is kinda cute ... I'm not feeling the tight jeans and boots combo tho. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal may have skipped out on the Golden Globe Awards on Monday but he did make an appearance at the 31st Annual LA Film Critics Awards where Brokeback Mountain picked up the awards for Best Director and Best Picture:

I wonder if our Jakey poo is feeling the pangs of jealousy for all the accolades that this movie is receiving while he is getting totally shafted from any award nominations. I bet he is ... but at least he's handling it all like a trooper. [Source]

Speaking of Brokeback ... I was just wondering how long it would take for the porn version of the movie to be released ... well, I can wonder no more. You can now order your own copy of Bareback Mountain:

Hurrah! This DVD will be out in time for those Academy Award parties that will be happening all over the place this March! [Source]

Yesterday I linked the story concerning the arrest of former 70's teen idol Leif Garrett ... today I bring you the mugshot:

Leif was charged yesterday with possession of heroin after being arrested over the weekend. He doesn't look too happy with that raspberry on his forehead. When will celebs learn that crime doesn't pay? Well, prolly when they start being held accountable. Expect Mr. Garrett to end up in a rehab program w/o serving any jail time. [Source]

Did y'all catch those big and lovable twins Terrell and Derrell Brittenum on Monday night's season 5 premiere of American Idol? Well the good news was that they made it thru to the next round of competition ... the bad news was that Terrell was arrested on January 10th on charges related to the illegal purchase of a car in Rockdale County, Ga., east of Atlanta:

The twins are accused of using another man's identity to buy a 2005 Dodge Magnum in June ... Derrell is expected to turn himself in to cool his heels in jail with his brother. I somehow think these 2 are not going to make it very far in this season's AI competition. [Source, thanks Shannon]

Boy that Cameron Diaz really likes to golf:

And I really like to watch her try to play golf. [Source]

Paris Hilton likes to dance, y'all. Check out how our fave socialite likes to get down:

That girl just screams porn. [Source]

Oh and Paris is smart too ... apparently she thinks Douglas is a Greek surname, she doesn't know that London is in the United Kingdom and that believes that everything Europe "is like French". Click HERE to read other tasty nuggets from her deposition in connection with a defamation lawsuit filed by Zeta Graff (who contends that the heiress planted lies about her in the New York Post gossip column, Page Six) against Ms. Hilton .

Um ... check out this picture of Mariah Carey ...

... it comes directly from the realm of her dreams. [Source] has been updated with new pictures of Tori Amos from her tours last year:

I love her, I love her, I love her. The picture of Tori with her daughter Tash is so cute! [Source]

Here are a few pictures from some of the movies due out in 2006 that I am looking forward to seeing:

Okay, I have to admit that I'm not that interested in seeing Basic Instinct 2 (even tho I did see Basic Instinct in the movie theaters when it was first released a million years ago) but I kinda couldn't resist posting the picture of an open legged 47-year old Sharon Stone. [Source]

Last thing ... my homedog Brad Walsh is debuting a new party for all you New York peeps ... here is the flyer:

Check out the party SITE for all the info. The cool thing about this danceparty is that attendees can upload their pictures from the event to the official website. Now everyone can be The Cobra Snake. [Source]

What a fun night ... Sarah and I had the best time at the Imogen Heap show last night. We got there early enough to score a spot right in front of the stage for the perfect vantage point. Check out the pics:

Imogen was able to use a piano in addition to her normal keyboard + various other electronic gadgets ... it made for a great performance. Zoe Keating (one of the members of Rasputina) was the opening act and she was alright. She did these cello loops that were kinda cool for 2 minutes. Ah ... it doesn't matter, the show was kickass nontheless.

Here is Imogen's setlist:

Just For Now
Goodnight & Go
The Walk
Clear the Area
Let Go (piano version)
Loose Ends
Can't Take It In
It's Good To Be In Love (piano version)
Hide And Seek
Have You Got It In You?


Daylight Robbery
Moment I Said It

She did have a few tech problems but was very matter-of-fact about them ... she just went Oh Shit and then carried on. I loved her cute banter but I can see how some people might find her quirky or weird. She is so incredibly talented, I feel she can do whatever the hell she likes on her own stage ... her music is amazing. I was upset that the audience was very rude ... the people in the back bar-area of the venue were really loud at the most inopportune times. She actually had to stop midway her last song to comment on how rude the people in the back were being. But, that didn't stop Imogen from coming out after the show to meet with her fans. She was very gracious to Sarah and me (she was also gracious to a group of drunk people who accosted her by claiming they were fans even tho they didn't know her name). She rules ... if you get the chance to see her do yourself a favor and go ... it'll be a great time!

I have to give a shout out to Rob, the 2 different Katies and all the other Pink readers who I ran into last night.

Incidentally, after the show was over I talked Sarah into joining me for a couple of very strong drinks at Soho. The bartender on duty has a strict no jigger policy and a heavy hand ... I think we'll be going back to pay him more visits in the future.

Erik informed me that a group of people are heading to Luna tonight to celebrate Mary's birthday ... I'm not sure if I'm up for it ... but I may go.

That is all, I'm out.