Friday, January 20, 2006

Heat Wave

Um ... what is going on around here? It's mid-January in Detroit, MI and the sun is shining and the temperature is a balmy 51 degrees F ... um, what?!? It is so nice outside ... I may actually have to go out and enjoy it before the dreaded snow returns this weekend. Sorry for the tangent ... it's just really weird to have nice, warm weather in January around here.

Oh look ... here are some pictures of Kevin Federline chillin' out at one of his favorite hangouts ... at the ATM machine:

I would have never thought he could get bored with spending Britney Spears' millions but I guess I was wrong. [Source]

The 2006 Sundance Film Festival begun in earnest yesterday and the celebs have already started streaming into Park City, Utah to be a part of it all:

Jennifer Aniston was on hand for the Sundance premiere of her new movie Friends with Money. Expect a week of various celebs of varying calibers just hanging out in Utah for the next week. Expect the Mormons to stay out of sight. [Source]

Joel and Benji Madden are among the celebs at Sundance ... they are there to debut their concert film Fast Future Generation:

The movie is a bit of a weird documentary-type film that follows Good Charlotte as they play a series of gigs all across Japan. MTV describes the film as a cross between "Lost in Translation" and Jonathan Demme's Talking Heads film "Stop Making Sense". I hear it's pretty trippy ... hopefully you'll be able to see this film at a cineplex near you. [Source]

Here are a few new pictures of Lindsay Lohan filming Chapter 27 with Jared Leto in NYC. I'm not sure how I feel about her whole Little Red Riding Hood vibe she's got goin' on:

It appears that not everyone is in favor of this movie being made. Yoko Ono tried to halt filming but was unsuccessful in her efforts. "Yoko immediately checked if the Dakota building had the right to refuse them filming the façade, and found out that legally, all they had to do was to get the permission of the city," said Ono's publicist, Kip Kouri. The city already had granted the permits to Canadian film company Peace Arch. Yoko fears that the movie will place John Lennon's murderer in a more favorable light ... and I can't say that I disagree with her. [Source]

Hey ... why is Paris Hilton running away from the Colonic Center in Beverly Hills? Shouldn't she be running into the building?

And why is she walking into the gym ... it would be more aerobically effective if she jogged her way inside. That girl ... she is so mixed up. I love her vintage Madonna t-shirt but that lame-ass hoodie has got to G-O. [Source]

While some celebrities are convening at the Sundance Film Festival, others are taking part in the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament in La Quinta, CA:

Looks like they're having fun trying to golf ... [Source]

... here are a couple pictures of Justin Timberlake having fun of another kind:

... er, at least I think he's having fun. Looks a bit scary to me. [Source]

Mariah Carey may have looked a bit ridiculous in that insanely Photoshopped picture yesterday but she's lookin' H-O-T in this beach picture:

Jasmine Dotiwala chronicles her adventures in Anguilla whilst hanging out with Mimi and her inner circle of celebrity friends. I'm not exactly sure who Jasmine is or why she was hangin' with Mariah but props to her ... it sounds like she had an amazing time. Oh, and did I mention that Mimi looks hot?! [Source]

You know who doesn't look hot ... that would be Jessica Simpson ... homegirl looked seriously, seriously effed up:

It's a good thing she didn't die from all her partying. Yeah, in this picture she looks halfway there. [Source]

Gwyenth Paltrow doesn't seem to want to show off her pregnant belly just yet:

I don't blame her ... would you want to compete with Angelina Jolie? [Source]

Why God ... why the lycra tights ...???

Why any of this???????????????? [Source]

Here is the official wedding picture of Mr. and Mrs. Mathers:

Here's hoping their new marriage doesn't end up like their first marriage. [Source]

Is this shizz for real? Is Desperate Housewives about to get all hoochified this season? Is hardcore rapper Trina really set to appear on 4 episodes of Desperate Housewives?

If it weren't for the picture I don't know that I would believe it ... I may have to actually watch the show to see what happens. It would rule all if this turns out to be true. Trina is insane ... I love her new song Here We Go. That song just rules! [Source]

And finally, here are a few promo pictures of our girl Kristin Cavallari from her upcoming guest spot on Veronica Mars:

If memory serves, she's playing a lesbian cheerleader or something like that. She looks great ... but then again, she looks just like herself but in a cheerleading outfit. The girl's got range, y'all! [Source, thanks Lisa]

The News:
I ended up opting out of dancing at Luna last night ... I just didn't feel like hanging out in a smoke-filled club all night long. I did go out to see Cillian Murphy in Breakfast on Pluto:

The movie has been playing at our Main Art Theater for a couple weeks now and I wanted to catch it before it went away. I'm fairly certain this movie isn't for everyone (which is true for most Neil Jordan films) but I really enjoyed it. Cillian was amazing. He completely transformed himself for this role and was totally believeable as Kitten. The plot was very episodic and reminded me a lot of JT Leroy's book Sarah (without all the prostitution). I liked the fantastical little bits in the movie (I think I laughed out loud every time the Robins appeared on screen and spoke to one another). The movie was not at all what I expected it to be, Kitten lived a semi-charmed life which was a nice change. I'm glad Kitten didn't meet a tragic end ... nothing of the sort is in this generally light-hearted film. Cillian fans should definitely check out his performance in this movie. I quite enjoyed it.

Now I really can't wait to see Transamerica -- which finally opens in the Detroit area today! I hope to see it sometime this weekend.

Last night I booked my travel plans for my next trip out to LA. I will be in town the week of the Grammy Awards (just after the Superbowl takes place in Detroit). I am VERY excited about this trip ... my best friend Sarah is gonna be in LA with me! I am fairly certain we are going to have an amazing time on this trip out. Details, of course, to come.

I guess that is all ... I am out.