Saturday, January 21, 2006

Don't Stop Believin'

Kevin Federline is working overtime on launching his music career ... here are pictures of the Federline heading into the recording studio:

Looks like he's got 3 cds in his hand ... I can't make out what the top cd is but I'm sure it's dope. I wonder if any of them are being used for inspiration ... or sampling purposes? [Source]

MTV Overdrive is hosting the video interview with K-Fed where he discusses his music in some detail. He mentions in the interview that he sampled a Journey song (!!!) for one of his biographical songs:

The interview is very interesting to watch. He plays PopoZao in full (and dances along in his chair the whole time) and then small portions of 2 other songs. Ya gots ta check it out, yo! [Source]

Man ... Chanel really effed up this year ... not only did they give Reese Witherspoon a "vintage dress" that had been formerly worn by Kirsten Dunst but it appears they gave Natalie Portman a dress that had been formerly worn by Debra Messing:

Who knew Chanel could be so tacky? I bet Coco is rolling around in her grave. [Source]

Celebs keep streaming into Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival ... check it, Diego Luna is there ... and he's lookin' pretty good:

Yeah Diego ... you keep holdin' it down for us Mexicalis! [Source]

Here are some pictures of Benji and Joel Madden as they party the night away:

Benji DJed the afterparty to their movie premiere ... Joel just stood around pimpin'. Hilary Duff is not at Sundance this year, she's currently on tour in Canada. She plays Toronto tomorrow night. [Source]

Justin Timberlake is a terror on the golf links ....

... and a downright HORROR in the port-o-pottys. [Source]

Check it ... Courtney Love is chillin' on her balcony with guitar in hand:

Looks like she's busy working on her new music ... I can't wait for the follow-up to America's Sweetheart! [Source]

While perusing the cast photos for the upcoming season of The Real World: Key West I came upon these pictures of Tyler:

Um ... I am gonna go out on a limb here ... I think he's gonna be the drama queen this season ... whadda ya think? [Source via Source]

And finally, Pink reader Tara sends along this awesome collage of the evolution of Katie Holmes' "pregnant" stomach over the past few months:

Click above to see the full size image

Yeah ... if anything, this collage really confirms my suspicions about her pregnancy ... there is some shady business goin' on with that tummy. [thanks Tara]

The News:
Boo ... last night was kinda lame. All day long the news had been reporting the onslaught of a terrible snow storm that was gonna cripple the city ... so we decided to stay close to home so we wouldn't have to deal with the mess. Yeah, all it did was rain all night ... and there ain't a bit of snow today. I suppose I shouldn't complain ... I freakin' hate the stupid snow.

Anyways ... we were all set to go see Match Point last night only to get there and find the movie sold out. BOOOOOOOOOOOO. We ended up going to the Living Room for a few drinks instead.

BUT TONIGHT the gang is heading to OSLO for the SASS danceparty:

We's gonna party party party ... or somethin' like that.

Erik is still in need of the perfect pair of pants ... so we're off to try and find them! Lates!

PS: Tomorrow's post will prolly come late in the day. Baby Zakiya is having a special party in her honor early Sunday morning that will prolly take up most of the day. The post will come ... rest assured.