Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lord Have Mercy!

The magical whirlwind that is Brangelina has left the sunny shores of LA and has stormed London bringing the circus that is their lives to Europe for a UN Economic Forum. Here are pictures of the happy family as they make their way thru LAX and Heathrow airports:

As Angelina Jolie's belly swells, so does the tattoo on her stomach that reads Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit ... which loosely translated means Pink is the new Blog ... [Source, Source]

... which I think has a nice ring to it:

See, this is why women should never get tattoos on their stomachs ... stretched out tattoos are SOO not sexy. Incidentally, Angelina's tattoo really translates along the lines of What Feeds (Nourishes) Me Destroys Me or something like that. [Source]

Last night the stars came out for the premiere of the new movie Something New:

I was unaware that Eric Benet was SO important that he absolutely must keep his Bluetooth headset in his ear at all times ... even on the red carpet. Oh, unless he was trying to look like an ass. Anyways, this movie looks cute ... an affluent African-American woman falls for a scruffy white dude with all the trappings of opposites attracting ... and then the hilarity ensues as they become more open to each other's lives despite the obstacles that come along the way. Eh, it may have been done before but there is always room for another semi-entertaining date movie. Just don't forget to wear your Bluetooth headset inside the movie theater. [Source]

Oh lord ... here we go again ... Kanye West is courtin' controversy again as he appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine wearing a crown of thorns in a Jesus-like pose:

"In America, they want you to accomplish these great feats, to pull off these David Copperfield-type stunts," he says. "You want me to be great, but you don't ever want me to say I'm great?" Well, he certainly has a high opinion of himself ... He goes on to proclaim that his song Gold Digger was the best song released last year. Generally, I like Kanye but I think he talks way too much. He is very talented, he should just let his talents speak for themselves. [Source]

Not to be out done by the likes of Kanye West, our dear Madge poses as the Madonna on the cover of Ukrainian Elle magazine:

Ain't that cute? :) [Source]

Nicole Richie spent some time hanging out with her father Lionel Richie recently ... which is very nice and all ... but what the hell is going on with that weird vest-thing that she's wearing?

Yeah, I don't think that's really the look she needs to be going for. [Source]

Ashlee and Jessica Simpson spent some sister-time together at Mr. Chow recently ... Ashlee looked great ... Jessica looked not that great:

Yeah, it really does look like Ashlee is taking over as the hot sister ... [Source]

... because Jessica Simpson doesn't seem to have her heart in it anymore ...

... it's like she just threw in the towel and gave up. [Source]

Check out these pictures of Victoria Beckham and Avril Lavigne (yup, Avril Lavigne) rubbing elbows with Karl Lagerfeld at the Chanel Haute-Couture Spring-Summer 2006 fashion show in Paris, France:

Avril looks a bit out of place doing air kisses with Karl Lagerfeld. She's a long way from the skatepark. Victoria just looks out of place among humans. [Source, Source]

Speaking of being out of place among humans, check out this picture of Michael Jackson in Bahrain wearing a traditional Arabic women's veil and all-covering gown:

I have ... no ... words. [Source]

Awwww ... check out this precious picture of Jodie Foster and her family:

Don't they make an adorable little family? [Source]

Mariah Carey has many curvey assets at her disposal ... unfortunately, her shoulders are not among them:

Maybe it's just the angle but Mimi looks like she could tackle an ox with them shoulders. [Source]

Reese Witherspoon must've been channeling her character from Legally Blonde ... doesn't she look a bit like Elle Woods in these pictures?

Well, okay ... she isn't wearing enough pink but the hair, cell phone and shopping bags really pull the whole look together. [Source]

Brooke Shields has announced to the world that she is gonna give birth to a baby girl:

I love it! I bet she's just having another baby so she can piss off Tom Cruise. [Source]

Man ... it is so nice to see how great a positive influence can be on a person's life ... I really think Frances Bean is gonna help keep Courtney Love on the straight and narrow:

Courtney looks amazing pictured here with Frances ... [Source]

... altho she's lookin' a bit rough here pictured without her daughter ... well, she's workin' on it ... and there really ain't much to say about Brandon Davis except nice mullet ...

Um, hello ... what is going on here? Has Tara Reid actually cleaned up her image? Are her days of boozin' over and done with? I HIGHLY doubt it but it's nice to see that she can actually stay sober for 30 minutes. Maybe there's hope for her yet. [Source]

Les News:
Tonight Sarah, Erik and I are heading out to see Her Daily Obsession play a show at The Trolley Stop:

It will be cool finally check them out live. I'll prolly have pictures to share tomorrow.

Last thing, I recently finished reading Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman which I guess I liked ... but not really. I really liked his other book Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and I generally like the way he writes. He's funny and has a great way of telling a story ... when the story is interesting. This book dwelled too much on his roaming tangents regarding his ex-girlfriends and not enough, I felt, on what the book was supposed to be about. Midway thru the book I wanted to just ditch it but it was a quick read so I stayed with it in the hopes that I would care what happened next ... I didn't really. His convention of writing ANYWAY was a bit overused (much like I overuse my convention of writing Anyways all the time but that's beside the point) and I got tired of his a.) scenarios leading to, b.) other scenarios. I dunno ... I just wasn't feelin' this book. I have gotten pretty far into The Truth About Diamonds by Nicole Richie and I am enjoying it. If you are a goss fan, I think you'll like the book as well ... she makes many allusions to things that happened in real life and makes them more fun. We'll see how the book turns out.

I guess that is all for now ... I'm out.