Saturday, January 28, 2006

Be My Gest??? Hell To The No!

Pardon the language on this first picture caption ... but I seriously about shat myself when I came upon these pictures. People have been sending me pictures labeled "David Gest and Da Brat are the new couple" and I just disregarded them because I couldn't think of anything more ridiculous than the notion of these 2 people coupling up. But ... well ... check out these pictures and YOU tell me what to think:

DA BRAT IS ACTUALLY KISSING HIM ON THE MOUTH!!!!!!!!! That biatch must be high as hell or something ... she can't possibly be getting the nookie from David Gest ... can she?!?!?!?! Blaurgh ... I can't even think about it ... ::safe warm place, think of a safe warm place:: [Source]

Damn ... speaking of odd couples, who knew that Pamela Anderson and Gary Busey were the newest BFFs in Hollywood:

I realize that new girlfriends like to share clothes and shoes but I would recommend that Pammy pie stay away from those ugly ass boots that Gary's wearing. He could prolly loan them out to Kim Stewart tho. [Source]

Oh, and speaking of ugly ass boots ... what the hell is wrong with Avril Lavigne?

Unless she's actually about to go wading ... I have to totally poo-poo her choice of footwear. Boooooo! [Source]

Oprah Winfrey had the principle cast members from Brokeback Mountain on her show yesterday for a half hour-long movie promo spot, here are some screencaps:

It wasn't the most interesting show actually ... there was a lot of patting each other on the back. Oprah asked the tough questions (yeah, not really), there were a lot of AWWWWWWs from the audience every time Heath Ledger talked about his new baby Matilda or his chick Michelle Williams and Jake Gyllenhaal just looked hot. Anne Hathaway chirped up every chance she got ... it was nice of Oprah to even let her sit on her couch. [Source]

Isn't it interesting that Jessica Simpson is covering up her entire neck?

You don't suppose she's hiding anything underneath that scarf, do you? [Source]

Whoa ... Matthew MacConaughey can look really hot sometimes ... and then there are those times when he ain't lookin' quite so hot at all:

Daaaamn ... he looks a right mess. Methinks he should've stayed in bed instead of going out for golfin'. [Source]

Boo! I hate it when celebs go all incognito on us ... it makes it really hard to know who it is that we're looking at:

I'm not sure who this could be ... I think it might be a washed up child actress who oftentimes dresses like a homeless man and appears to be having a hard time with her celebrity ... or something like that. [Source]

Whoa ... I know Tara Reid looks like she's booze-free but if she's so sober why is she giving a $20 bill to a dog?

I'd hate to guess why she would feel the need to pay a dog ... if you get my drift ... ew! [Source]

And finally, the embarrassment of Heather Graham continues as Life, America's weekend magazine, plasters her face on their cover and proclaims that she is TV's Sexiest Star ... even tho her TV series was cancelled after just one airing:

Tsk Tsk. Well, there's no such thing as bad publicity ... right? [Source]

The News:
Erik and I spent a quiet night at home last night ... VLB came over and she and Erik cooked an amazing enchilada dinner for the 3 of us. Yeah, I ain't no cook but I'm pretty good at eating VLB's food so it was a great time for me.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on for tonight ... I do know, for a fact, that I won't be happy unless we go out dancing. We hear there may be a Dorkwave party tonight ... so we'll see what happens.

That is all ... I'm out.