Monday, January 30, 2006

I've Got No Tail To Tell

Yes! It's about time! Well, it looks like Miss Britney Spears is ready to get off her lazy booty and get back to work. The main page for her official fan club has been revamped with the promise of a remixed, reinspired and refocused Britney Spears for 2006:

Lord ... I really hope she's serious about this reinvention. It's gonna take A LOT of work to make up the ground she's lost in the past couple of years. Hopefully she's smart enough to have REALLY SMART people around her to help make sure that she pulls off the greatest comeback of all time! Shoot, I wouldn't take much to make me happy ... a cool new album, a hot tour and ... you know ... a divorce. [Source]

Anyways, it's been announced that Britney is releasing a new limited edition fragrance this April -- it's called In Control:

This fragrance is made up of a bunch of weird smelling stuff: The juice, concocted by Quest's Claude Dir, features a top note of loquat fruit; a heart of midnight orchid, crème brûlée, black vanilla bean and tonka crystals, and a drydown of sugared sandalwood and musk. Boo! I hope this new perfume isn't the first step in The Reinvention of Britney Spears ... if she's pinning her renewed success on her smelly perfumes than she's a complete lost cause. [Source]

So ... the 12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were held last night in Hollywood ... let's take a look at some pictures from the red carpet:

There weren't any real glaring fashion faux pas that I could find ... but I'm sure someone else will. I think that Michelle Williams looked great in that white dress and Felicity Huffman also looked amazing in her lavender dress. [Source]

For me, the big shocker was that Brokeback Mountain got completely shut out of winning any awards ... Crash came in and ran away with the big prize. I was *thrilled* to see that Felicity Huffman won an award ... tho a bit miffed that she "merely" won for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. I was equally thrilled that Kiefer Sutherland won the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series:

I'm sorry, I know many of you really loved Reese Witherspoon's performance in Walk the Line but I do not believe it was better than Felicity Huffman's performance in Transamerica. I think it's safe to assume that these 2 ladies will be going head to head at the Academy Awards. Philip Seymour Hoffman rightly deserves his Best Actor award and will most probably sail thru to an Oscar win. [Source]

For a complete list of SAG Award winners, click HERE.

UPDATE: Hold the DAMN PHONE! Did Spederline clean themselves up for a SAG afterparty?! It looks that way:

I ... can't ... believe it ... Brit actually looks cute. Kevin needs a haircut in the WORST way but ... wow ... soap does wonders. Yay Brit!!! [Source]

Michael Jackson NEVER fails to scare the crap out of me ... here are pictures of the freakshow peeking out from behind the curtains of his Hamburg, Germany guest room:

I'm not even trying to be mean, but he is really frightening. Poor Prince, Paris and Prince "Blanket" Jackson, II ... I fear his poor children are going to need intense therapy when they grow older. [Source]

So it's been a couple of months since The Newlyweds called it quits ... let's take a look at them individually and consider which team seems to be winning the war:

Team Lachey is lookin' a bit rough ... but he is working. If he scores a hit with his WB show then he might find life after Jessica Simpson. Altho, the news that The WB and UPN are merging to create a new network might squeeze poor Nick out of the equation ... and then he's back to nothing. Team Jessica is lookin' kinda okay ... she's getting some commercial work (i.e. the huge Superbowl commercial for Pizza Hut) and she is having a grand time being single (i.e. hooking up with the likes of Adam Levine). But commercials aren't quite the same thing as acting (and let's face it, Miss Piggy could really upstage Jess in that Pizza Hut commercial -- Piggy does have more acting experience) ... if she don't get any real acting work what's left for her to do ... singing? So far, I think both teams are tied ... but I'll be watching. [Source, Source]

Check this out ... Sienna Miller really likes wearing Hayden Christensen's sweater:

I wonder if he's taken to wearing her undies in exchange? [Source, thanks Hillary]

Aww ... check out this cute picture of Ashley Parker Angel, his fiancee Tiffany and their baby boy Lyric Angel:

Uh, I thought Ashley, the former boy band member, wanted to give his son a "normal" name so that he wouldn't get teased in school like he did?! I can't imagine Lyric is going to have an easy time with the other kids' teasing but ... oh well. He's really cute! [Source]

Oh look, the paparazzi finally paid attention to David Spade and decided to take pictures of him:

Isn't this the same homeless man that Mariah Carey posed with last year? It's a shame that David had to pose with someone more famous than he is in order to get noticed. [Source]

Did you know that ex-Sporty Spice Melanie C. has a Cheeto-colored daughter? Check her out:

Actually, this is a picture of the T.A.T.U. girls from their performance this weekend at the UK club G-A-Y. How do you say Lay off the spray-on tanner! in Russian? [Source]

Check out these hot pictures of Joaquin Phoenix from this month's issue of UK Elle magazine:

He looks really hot. I hate smoking ... I hate it, hate it, hate it ... but Joaquin makes it look kinda hot ... damnit. [Source]

Hilary Duff called up a few friends and had them come on board her Candie's ad campaign:

I love that her new BFF Michelle Trachtenberg is now a part of the campaign ... as is Ciara and some other unimportant chick. I think Hilary likes being the most famous girl in the ad. [Source]

So ... in 2004 it was decided that Dawn of the Dead had to be remade for the new millennium and it kicked all ass! It turned out to be one of my favorite movies of that year. Then, in 2005, it was decided that Land of the Dead had to be made and ... well, it sucked all ass! Even tho Aussie hottie Simon Baker (who also stars in the new movie Something New [review below]) was the lead actor it was a major snoozefest. I figured it was only a matter of time before they remade Night of the Living Dead (arguably, the most famous zombie movie of all time) again but I feared they would ruin this classic movie ... because surely there was no way to reinvent it and try to improve on the original ... well, I think they may have successfully come up with a cool way to present this movie ... in 3D:

Now that 3D is all the rage again (i.e. Spy Kids 3D, VH1's I Love the 80's 3D, Medium, etc.) I think this is a brilliant idea! Hopefully the *whole* movie will be presented in 3D and not just the last 20 minutes (i.e. A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 6: Freddy's Dead). I am a bit concerned that George Romero is not involved with this film ... but maybe it's not a bad idea to bring in new blood to this classic horror movie. [Source]

I am especially happy to see that they managed to score a couple of big names to star in Night of the Living Dead 3D:

Marc Anthony makes so much more sense now. [Source]

And finally, a few Pink readers sent me emails telling me that I was wrong to say that Curious George had a tail in the classic picture books. I received a few messages that were adamant about the fact that the curious little monkey is tail-less in his books. I couldn't believe it so I looked around and it turned out to be true:

How effed up is that?! I'm not sure what bothers me more ... that I distinctly remembered that Curious George had a tail in his books or that Curious George never had a tail to begin with. That mess is just wrong.

Les News:
So yesterday I got to hang out with the Illest Meg around and we had a grand time playing around. We met up at the movies to see the new romantic comedy Something New (incidentally, I was running late to the 3PM movie and it seems that I was driving a bit recklessly ... for which I apologize profusely):

I'm not gonna lie ... the movie is pretty predictable and not at all shocking or especially thrilling but Megan I did have a good time. It was cute and funny and turned out to be a not too bad date movie. We laughed out loud a few times ... and really had a good time together. Did we have a good time cuz we were together or cuz the movie was good? Who cares ... if you're looking for a cute date movie this Valentine's Day you might enjoy this simple little film. And hello, did I mention that the semi-hot Simon Baker stars in it?

Just take Scott Speedman and mix him up with John Schneider and you get Simon Baker. Yeah, no complaints from me AT ALL.

After the movie we did some shopping at Somerset and then had a nice dinner together. We played around at the bookstore ...

... and then called it a day. We had a lot of fun ...

I guess that's it ... I have some running around to do today ... I'm gonna get to it ... I'm out. Lates.