Friday, February 03, 2006

Get The Parties Started

The folks at Fader magazine have been fortunate (hee hee) enough to preview 12 completed tracks off Kevin Federline's debut album, titled Off The Record, and sat down with him for a little Q & A which you can listen to HERE:

After the interview was over they all retired "the patio where we ate hotdogs and talked about what foods our girls will and won't eat" which, actually, sounds about right for a K-Fed interview session. Come April 25th, heaven help us all. [Source via Stereogum]

Angelina Jolie took her 2 1/2 kids Maddox, Zahara and Fetus Jolie-Pitt to a toy store in Germany this week:

Obviously the toy store was Maddox's idea ... little Zahara ain't happy unless she's shopping at Louis Vuitton or Gucci ... and really, I can't blame her. [Source, Source]

Nick Lachey is ready to stand on his own 2 feet (and not his previous "own 2 feet" like when he released his first (crappy) debut album Soul-O because he really wasn't standing on his own 2 feet, he was standing on his own 6 feet -- including those of his former wife and his former father-in-law) and has released his new single What's Left of Me which can be heard exclusively on AOL's First Listen HERE:

Hmmm ... where to begin ... well, it's not really that bad ... well, okay it is ... but it's not as bad as anything he did with 98 Degrees ... so that's a good thing right? It sounds like homeboy really put his heart into this tune ... check it out and see for yourself. [Source]

Jessica Simpson is plugging ahead as a sexy, single lady ...

... with new extensions. Her new fake hair looks a little flat ... and she would it've killed her to run a brush thru it? [Source]

Here are pictures of Madonna heading into a rehearsal studio in London:

I bet she's gettin' ready for her Grammy performance next week. We've been a bit mislead about that performance actually ... it turns out that the Gorillaz will be dueting with De La Soul and Madge will perform Hung Up afterwards -- so it's really not a collaboration exactly. It's cool tho ... I'm still very excited to see her perform live! [Source]

Mariah Carey is spending some time in Barbados and is spending some time in a skimpy string bikini:

Her junk won't quit ... it couldn't if it tried. Mimi gives new meaning to the word ba-donk-a-donk-donk. [Source]

Courtney Love is clean and sober ... which is great ... but someone needs to stage an intervention concerning her fashion choices ...

... before it's just way too late. [Source]

Jennifer Love Hewitt likes to shop for undies at the Hustler store:

I hear she also likes to shop for bras at the Cheri store. [Source]

Pamela Anderson's boobs seem to have a lives of their own ... and, actually, they do ... here is a picture of the boobs at the MAC Chinese New Year party in NYC last night:

Yeah, it's nice seeing the ladies go out on the town by themselves ... Pammy is so cool to give them so much freedom. [Source]

Pam's ex-hubby Tommy Lee got himself into a sticky little mess while he was partying in Toronto, Canada last weekend ... it seems that Tommy tried to pick up a chick, one Nina Arsenault ... who has a little bit more to offer:

While partying at the Ultra Supper Club on Queen St., Tommy singled out a woman to be his "friend" for the evening. According to the article she is described as: a knock-out, by any definition -- [she] shared more than a few moments with the rocker. They talked. They flirted. They did some tequila. She sat on his lap. The pair was having a good time ... until: For it was only later -- many moments and metaphoric lifetimes later -- that somebody clued Tommy into the fact that the woman on his lap had not come into the world that way. That this woman used to be a man. And not just any woman who used to be a man ... [but] Canada's most famous she-male. And that's pretty much where the story ends ... Tommy excused himself from the club and prolly ran like hell all the way home. LOL! [Source, thanks Sara]

Check out these cute pictures of Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan doing a little grocery shopping together:

Celebs do love their gossip magazines, don't they? I wonder if Dominic makes Evangeline unload all the shopping bags as well? [Source]

Jessica Alba is a huge fan of Target:

Can you blame her? Target is the bomb! [Source]

Prince is back, y'all! His new video, Black Sweat, is streaming at both and ... here are a few screencaptures from the supersexy video:

The song is hot! I love the beat ... I am very excited for his new album to drop. Don't forget, Prince is the musical guest on SNL this weekend with host Steve Martin. Set those DVRs/TiVos! [Source]

Mariah Carey is on the cover of the new issue of Marie Claire magazine:

She looks good ... everything looks in place and nothing is hanging out. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson is on the cover of Elle magazine:

Now, I like her hair and all but something about this picture that makes it look kinda wrong ... the 2 lengths are jarring ... it looks a bit like a sideways mullet. [Source, thanks Kacey]

And finally, just when I thought that I was over all of the Brokeback Mountain parodies, Pink reader Alyson sends me this hilarious video:

Click above to see the video

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! This one is a great one. [Source, thanks Alyson]

Last night Erik and I had a very nice evening together. After spending some time together at home we went out to do a little shopping and then had a nice dinner together.

Tonight Sarah and I are heading downtown for one of the major Superbowl parties taking place this weekend. We will be at Bleu nightclub for the 10 Party hosted by Fergie and Ja Rule:

Josh Duhamel, Big Boi, Vanessa Marcil and a host of other celebs are expected to attend. It should be a hot party ... I'm very excited! I'll do my best to have a full report tomorrow ... as early as I can ... depending on how late we stay out tonight.

I have a haircut appointment this afternoon and then a billion things to do afterwards ... so I'm out. Lates!