Sunday, February 05, 2006

Detroit Does It Big XL

Are you ready for some football? All eyes are on Detroit Rock City as we play host to Super Bowl XL today:

The biggest game of the year takes place in the most kickass city on Earth. It has been such an amazing week ... Detroit came alive with the influx of visitors from all over the world. It's been so fun around here lately ... I really wish y'all could enjoy the fun with all of us Detroiters. Game time is at 6 PM EST. Normally, I'm not a huge football fan but I am excited for this game. Bring it on, bitches ... I'm ready!

What's the first thing that Sheryl Crow does after dumping Lance Armstrong? She gets her ass to New York City to strut her stuff on the cat walk for Fashion Week:

Everyday may be a winding road but every dress that Sheryl wears does not always look cute cute on her. [Source]

Check out these adorable pictures of Angelina Jolie spending some quality time with Brad Pitt and baby Zahara at PUPS Bistro and Restaurant in Berlin's Kreuzberg district:

I wonder if Angelina knows that these types of places exist in the US as well. I'd love to see pictures of her playing with Maddox at a McDonald's Playland. [Source]

Dang ... I know that Eminem is my D-Town homeboy but ... married life seems to be adversely affecting him:

I had no idea that Kim even knew how to cook. [Source]

I just love how Mary Kate Olsen has become a total caricature of herself:

You just know that that Venti sized coffee drink weighs more than she does. [Source]

LOL! It was only a matter of time before Shar Jackson and Jason Alexander joined forces to try and extend their 15 minutes of fame. It looks like the pair are the new Hollywood "It" couple:

I mean, hello, what else are they gonna do with themselves. Well, maybe Jason can become a rapper and Shar can ... have more babies? [Source]

Lord ... there is no hope at all for poor Kimberly Stewart ... it don't matter how nice the dress is ... it just doesn't seem to work for her:

If you would like to help Kim pick out her dress to wear to the Grammy Awards you can vote for your selection HERE. [Source]

Nicole Richie is on the cover of the new issue of Elle Girl magazine:

Nicole really wants to be your prom date. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson is on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine:

Unfortch, the pictures were taken with her old, lame-ass haircut. And why is she wearing a referee outfit? Boo! [Source]

Chad Allen is this month's coverboy for The Advocate magazine:

I kinda love it when dudes who I kinda crushed on when I was younger (oh shut it, you know you had a crush on him too) turn out to be gay. It's a nice form of validation. [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's say hello to Josh and his abs:

Yeah, it looks like Mr. Josh knows his way around a gymnasium. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
OMG ... where to begin ... Playboy knows how to throw a damn party ... that's for sure ... Sarah and I had *the best* time *ever* last night at Playboy magazine's 8 Mile High Club Super Bowl party! I have to admit, it was the best time I've ever had at any party ... ever! Because Sarah and I were routed to the Media entrance we were made to walk the red carpet and it turns out that we were walking right behind Kanye West! He was flanked by a few Bunnies and we were walking right behind him ... of course, no one was taking pictures of us but we didn't care. Once we got inside the party we found that there was a lot to drink and a lot to eat and a lot to do ... and we did our best to drink, eat and do everything we could:

I made it my mission for the evening to meet as many Playboy bunnies as I could ... I never knew that hunting for Playmates could be so fun. And, amazingly, it gets funner with every glass of booze you imbibe!

Man ... when you're partying in VIP with the likes of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Joe Jackson (yeah, that Joe Jackson) you know you're either livin' large or you're livin' in the Twilight Zone. I can't being to tell you how much fun Sarah and I had last night. Playboy even provided a photobooth for the guests to enjoy ... and Sarah and I enjoyed it a couple of times. Here is one of the photostrips:

I have to send out lots of love to Caroline from Harrison & Shriftman PR for hooking us up with the invite to the party. We had the best time ... thank you so much!!! I also have to send out a huge shout out to Ryan (pictured above with John Lynch of the Denver Broncos and me) and Jessica for getting us the VIP treatment.

I'm sure I'm leaving out tons of details but I'm certain that Sarah will write about anything major that I may have forgotten to mention in her blog. You can see all my party pictures HERE.

So ... all the parties are pretty much dunzo ... how it's time for the Big Game. Erik and I are heading over to Mark's place for his Super Bowl party ... I am so excited to watch ... all the commercials. Jim wants me to say GO STEELERS! but I gots love for the Seahawks as well ... good luck to both teams.

I'm amazed that I'm even up and awake right now ... UGH! I'm out. Lates!