Monday, February 13, 2006

There's Snow Place Like Home

Here are a few pictures of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their children Maddox and Zahara on their way to the Bouglione Circus at the Cirque d'Hiver in Paris, France this past weekend:

So far there haven't been any secret weddings ... but I won't be surprised if they do get hitched (secretly or not) before Angelina gives birth to her baby. Brangelina are really in a family way these days ... we hardly ever see them apart. Blah, isn't it just too sickeningly cute? [Source]

Back on this side of the pond, Paris Hilton packed up her family and flew out to Miami, FL for another in-store appearance to promote her latest fragrance:

It's nice to see that the Hiltons are such a close knit family ... you wouldn't think that they were so close considering all the stunts that Paris pulls off. I wonder what her little brother thinks of all of her shenanigans? He has got to put up with a lot of good natured ribbing at school. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal took in a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game over the weekend ... and he brought along a friend ... and no, it wasn't Heath Ledger:

Is Heath totally out of the picture now?! I'm not entirely sure about that ... but this new chap looks pretty happy to be hangin' out with Jakey poo ... can you really blame him? [Source]

What the hell ... has Rachel Bilson COMPLETELY lost her mind? She *has* got to be kidding with these legging tights things, right?

Not only do they make her crotch look ... wrong ... but they make the whole outfit look horrrrrible! Maybe she lost a bet or something? Maybe she was trying to be funny by mimicking someone else ...? [Source]

... Someone like Kim Stewart perhaps?

Blah! Not only is Kim wearing horrible leggings but she paired them with really bad tall boots! Does she not have eyes with which to see these outfits before she goes out in public? [Source]

Note to the other celebs out there ... please stop trying to make leggings happen. Thanks!

Here's someone we don't see everyday ... check out these pictures of Björk and her daughter Isadora taking a stroll in New York City:

Only Björk could get away with those shiny gold boots. Isadora is so cute ... she looks like a little Eskimo in that outfit. Yay Björk! [Source]

Melissa Joan Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson unveil the first official pictures of their new baby boy Mason to People magazine ... and here they are:

Melissa looks great and that baby is really adorable -- even the dog and hubby are super cute. Congrats to the happy couple. [Source]

Michelle Trachtenberg got all studious-like for a recent photoshoot for Jane magazine:

I'm not sure if I'm feelin' the panda bear sweater ... unless the panda bears are gay panda bears and then I'm totally lovin' them! [Source]

Here are a few promo posters for X-Men 3 featuring some of our favorite X-Men:

I like the Jean Grey and Angel posters but notsomuch the other X-Men posters. The poses look a little silly, especially the Wolverine and Storm posters. Wolverine doesn't strike me as the kind of dude who would pose like that ... and why is Storm trying to be all sexy? They should be featuring the new, younger (ahem, hotter) X-Men like Colossus and Ice Man. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Mike sends in this hilarious picture/mashup from Ain't It Cool News:

The posters do look inspired by the Rent movie poster. I love it! [Source]

Hilary Duff is on the cover of the new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine:

In the interview, Cosmo promises that Hilary gives "candid answers to grown-up questions" ... head over to to see the magazine scans and see for yourself. You can see her answers to The Cosmo Quiz HERE. [Source]

Sharon Stone must be going thru some kind of mid-life crisis or something because you never see her with clothes on these days. Here is Sharon's Esquire UK magazine cover:

I realize that she is doing promo for her new movie Basic Instinct 2 but ... she's really going to town with getting back into character. Unfortch, I have the sneaking suspicion that this movie is gonna flop. It feels like they're trying too hard already. [Source]

So ... did you hear what our illustrious Vice President Dick Cheney did over the weekend? Well, he went quail hunting with some buddies ... and he ended up shooting one of those buddies, attorney Harry Whittington, in the process:

Harry Whittington spent "a great night. He slept throughout the night," said Yvonne Wheeler, spokeswoman at Christus Spohn Hospital Memorial. She listed his condition as "very stable," but said she did not know if Whittington would be discharged Monday. Whittington, an Austin attorney, was flown to the hospital after Cheney accidentally shot him late Saturday afternoon at the Armstrong Ranch. I love the spin on this story already ... they were very quick to say that he had a "great night" AFTER HE WAS SHOT WITH A SHOTGUN BY THE VICE PRESIDENT! It couldn't have been that great a night. Besides, they're making it out like it was Whittingtons' fault he got shot: Whittington "came up from behind the vice president and the other hunter and didn't signal them or indicate to them or announce himself," said Armstrong [the ranch owner], who was in the car. "The vice president didn't see him," she said. "The covey [of quail] flushed and the vice president picked out a bird and was following it and shot. And by god, Harry was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty good." Wow. Well now you know it's not a good idea to go hunting with VP Dick Cheney. [Source]

And finally, here is a cute picture of Steph and Alek from the blog Oh La La Paris who are currently enjoying a 5-day vacation as a couple of the Bloggers in Amsterdam: is working with on a promotion for the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions. 25 bloggers have been chosen to take this trip to Amsterdam and this Wednesday I will be flying out for my 5-day trip. Anyways, I'll be talking about my trip in the coming days but I am very glad to see that Steph and Alek are already having a great time there. I am so excited to visit Amsterdam! [Source]

Welp ... I made it home to Detroit safe and sound ... and was immediately greeted with freshly fallen snow ... there's no place like home I suppose. My flight got in at 5:30 AM and I got home shortly after that ... I figured I might as well get to work before I crash for the rest of the day. While it's cold and snowy here I am very happy to be home. I've missed Erik a lot this past week. Because of the nature of his work he cannot just take extended vacations whenever I have to fly out of state. We are really going to do it up tomorrow night for Valentine's Day ... woot!

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Okay that's it ... I need to be unconscious for a little while now ... I'm out.