Friday, February 24, 2006

By The Grace Of Brit

Seriously ... all of this Britney Spears news is kinda cool ... I know many of you are not on board with my Britney fandom train but I'm totally loving it! Check out these promo screencaps from Britney's upcoming appearance on Will & Grace:

She looks great ... well actually, she looks exactly like Jessica Simpson but great nonetheless. It's amazing how well she cleans up! She can go from frumpy gross to really cute in a matter of hours. Either the folks at NBC have a magic wand at their disposal or she really is a pretty girl underneath -- which is what I contend is the case. I can't wait to see this episode! [Source]

In frumpy news, here are pictures of Brit Brit taking Sean P. out for a walk in Hawaii ...

The word is that she's gonna be in Hawaii for a while recording her new album ... which is interesting because K-Fed will be in LA (or wherever the hell he wants to go) with complete autonomy. Hmmmmmmm. Priceless, indeed! The coming weeks will be very interesting. [Source]

What is this? Have Nicole Richie and DJ AM reconciled? The couple look very friendly holding hands in this recent picture of the two of them out and about:

I'm not holding my breath, because many couples choose to stay friends after a breakup, but it would be very nice if the two of them could get back together. Keep at it, guys! [Source]

Lord ... this picture of LC and Jason is a bit old (it's from their February 5th appearance at Tracy Reese's fashion show in NYC) but it's too precious to let go ...

What the eff where they thinking?! They went to a fashion show looking like this?! Jason looks like a bad Colin Farrell wannabe and LC actually looks like LO in this picture. Booooo! And some people wonder why I'm on Team Kristin? [Source]

Jennifer Lopez is workin' that shizz out ... check out these pictures of Miss Thang strutting her stuff on the runway at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan, Italy yesterday:

Yeah ... she can work it. It's too bad she's wasting her goodies on Marc Anthony ... ah well, whadda ya gonna do? [Source]

Okay ... so James Bond fans are actively speaking out against Daniel Craig being chosen as the new James Bond ... they've gone so far as to create a website that seeks to organize a huge boycott of the new Bond film Casino Royale. Are they freaking crazy?! Are they blind???

Hello ... James Bond is supposed to be sexy ... I never thought Pierce Remington Steele Brosnan was sexy at all. Daniel Craig has my support ... long live James Blonde! [Source]

Just like it's been a while since we've seen Ryan Phillippe on PITNB, it's also been quite a while since David Beckham made an appearance ... so here you go:

This picture of Becks is from soccer match, where something happened, somewhere in the world -- the deets are unimportant. Let's just enjoy the picture :) [Source]

Jaime Pressly is the latest "celeb" attempting to launch her own clothing line. Her line is called J'aime (clever, huh?) and here are a few pieces from the collection:

Uhhhhh ... yeah ... you are free to ROFLOL to your hearts content now. [Source]

Speaking of "celebs" with their own fashion lines, here is the latest ad for Chick by Nicky Hilton:

Ugh ... I'm not sure what she's sellin' ... but I know I ain't buyin'. [Source]

The official Spiderman website has been updated with a picture of this cover story from the Daily Bugle:

We're still more than a year away from Spiderman 3 and they're already hitting us with teaser stuff. The suit will look great in black ... but I'm really excited to see how Venom turns out ... yeah, thanks for the tease you bastards!! [Source]

Mariah Carey is moving full steam forward with her line of "jewelry" from Claire's. Mariah thinks you want to be a "hot tamale" and her jewelry baubles are things you need to become one:

Mimi ... I'm usually with you ... but I can't endorse this crap. The shizz looks lame as hell ... not to mention fake as hell too. BUT if you think you're interested in procuring some of this ... stuff ... you can check out pictures of the collection HERE. [Source]

Morrissey is on the cover of the new issue of NME magazine ... and I love him to death but dang ... what a bad angle to be photographed at:

The Mozzer is showing no signs of slowing down tho and you've got to give him props for that. [Source]

And finally, AOL music is debuting Gwen Stefani's new music video for Crash exclusively on their site:

Since Gwen is hella pregs they decided to release live performance footage for the video. It's fairly standard but the song is great. Enjoy. [Source]

Les News:
I ended up spending most of yesterday afternoon at the auto repair shop ... not only did I need to get a new tire but I had to have my bent rim repaired as well. At least I was able to spend the wait time with my parents. Yes, I was hacking up my lungs every 3 minutes but we did have a nice lunch together.

I got to spend some time hanging out with Sarah afterwards ... we haven't been spending nearly enough time together so I think I'm gonna spend the night at her place tonight so we can just hang out and do nothing.

My weekend looks pretty nonexistent and let me tell you ... that is a good feeling. I've been running around so much that I will not mind a couple days of doing nothing. I'm slowing getting better which is a good thing.

I hope y'all have a great weekend ... bring it on!

I'm out.