Thursday, March 02, 2006


OY! I love this ... so I heard about the whole new Clay Aiken "gay" scandal that was brewing and I was resistant to believe it ... I mean, these days all it takes for a gay scandal to stick is hearsay ... but when you've got pictures ... well, that's a different story. Star magazine has obtained webcam pictures and a supposed chat transcript between Clay and an unnamed dude ... check it out:

While in Boston on tour on Dec. 5, a source claims a lonely Clay Aiken logged onto, a Web site created for men seeking to have sex with other men, from the Wyndham Hotel. Clay eventually found himself an instant message buddy -- according to the source, who is a male school teacher -- and apparently sent the man photos of himself -- clothed and partially-clothed! -- via a Web cam! Wow! These pictures speak volumes ... but they are grainy enough for the argument to be made that it's not really Clay Aiken. Personally, it looks like him to me ... and that belly shot is waaaaaaaay disturbing. I think the Clay Mates are going to go ape shizz over this story ... but pictures don't lie. [Source]


Against my better judgment, I stayed out way too late last night ... I imbibed way too much alcohol and I didn't get nearly enough sleep ... ugh! I tried to watch Lost last night after I got home but I ended up falling asleep on the couch. So, I had to get up extra early to watch it this morning ... thank the gods it was a great episode! I love how this ep's flashbacks were island-based ... Claire had a lot to remember ... but what I don't understand is why she was so compliant with Ethan and his desire to take the baby away from her:

Yes, yes she was drugged and all of that but she was very compliant anyways. She wasn't unconscious ... she was actively okay with leaving her baby with Ethan and the others. The vaccine injections appear to be the same stuff that Desmond was injecting himself with. RX-1 or whatever must be a placebo ... that's my guess. I totally did not anticipate finding out that The Others were faking their appearance but it makes total sense. You just know that The Others are holed up in a hatch somewhere living it up in modern luxury ... they only dress in rags and beards when they go out. I suppose we're supposed to believe that the girl who forced Claire to escape is Alex (Rousseau's lost daughter) but doesn't that seem a bit too obvious? She's hot whoever she is. I am totally convinced that Henry Gale is one of The Others ... they're experts in various fields, I'm sure he was sent into their midst in order to find out information. If Locke really does fall for his transparent ploy to cause dissension in the ranks of the survivors then he's a moron. He should be smarter than that. Ahhhh there was so much new info in this episode ... I can't imagine how this season is going to end ... I can't wait to see what happens next. [Source]


I also managed to watch the first part of the Project Runway season finale that aired last night ... I don't really have much to say ... all of the collections are a bit underwhelming to me ... I'm worried for Daniel but we'll see how their stuff looks on the runway:

I think it's absolutely EVIL that they are making the designers create an entirely new piece (in about 24 hours) to add to their runway collections. I don't blame Chloe for crying ... shoot, I'd go insane myself. Even Santino was worried ... that's some evil shizz right there. It was also interesting to see Santino's reaction to the backlash that he received after appearing on the show. As much as people love to hate him he has many fans ... he could totally win the entire thing and then will be justified in his actions. I'm dying to see the full collections ... I've held off on looking at pictures from the runway shows ... I want to see the collections on the runway on the TV show. [Source]

Sienna Miller is at it again ... I remember when I didn't even know who she was and all she was famous for was her attack on a paparazzi photographer ... it looks like she's at it again:

I don't get it ... these pictures are far worse than any pictures the pap was taking of her walking down the street. Maybe she's just looking for attention? [Source]

Stavros Niarchos appears to be a very sullen boy ...

What's wrong babe? Has Paris cut you off? [Source]

Speaking of Paris Hilton, check out this picture of Paris and Nicole Richie filming a scene for the new season of The Simple Life ... you can cut the tension with a knife:

I wonder who Nicole is texting. I wonder what she's texting. [Source]

Maybe she was sending a text message to her ex-fiance DJ AM ... it looks like they've reconnected or something:

At the very least they've remained friends ... they're so cute together ... I hope they do reconcile. [Source]

Even tho Nicole looks really cute holding hands with DJ AM she does NOT look cute in this horrrrrrrrrrible outfit:

Is she kidding with those pantaloons? Gawd ... just when I thought that leggings were the worst thing to suffer thru this season ... now I have to worry about Hollywood "It" Girls walking around town wearing bloomers? BOOOO! [Source]

Hilary Duff, Jesse McCartney and Gavin DeGraw are all in Italy for the Festival di Sanremo Italian Songs contest in San Remo ... which, apparently, is a big deal:

I just hope they have enough Corona beer to keep Jesse happy. [Source]

After getting all clean and sober it's nice to see that Colin Farrell is gettin' back to work ... here he is on the set of his new movie Pride and Glory:

He looks good ... he looks clean. Let's hope it lasts. [Source]

Laguna Beach news has been very quiet lately ... that's why it's so nice to see what's going on with Lo, Christina and Morgan these days ... looks like they're all still pretty tight:

Well, it's nice to see Lo ... do we know if Christina ever went to college or is she still trying to make it as an actress? Whatevs ... here's hoping they work up a Laguna Beach reunion show or something otherwise this may be that last we ever see of these former somebodies. [thanks Bee]

Brokeback Mountain (and it's effect on Hollywood) is featured in The Advocate magazine ... it appears that the push is going full force right into the Academy Awards this weekend:

I think it's plainly obvious that I'm really pulling for this movie. I don't believe it's gonna win all of the awards it's nominated for but I'm feeling pretty good about Best Director and (hopefully) Best Picture. I guess we'll find out if I'm right in a few short days. [Source]

And finally, I want to thank you all for the emails and comments alerting me to the fact that Ted Casablanca gave PITNB a shoutout in his column today:

I love it! I had no idea that Ted was a Pink reader. Thanks so much for the shoutout Teddy! XO [Source, thanks Annie and everyone else who emailed]

Les News:
Ugh ... yeah ... lots of booze ... Sarah and I hung out with Megan and her friend Brooke and we really did some damage last night. We made an attempt to go dancing at Boogie Fever but kinda got sidetracked and ended up at another bar instead. We had fun tho ... it was nice just hanging out with them last night.

Today Sarah is going to be my date for a Motorola party that's being held in Chicago tonight:

I'm very intrigued to see what SLVR City will look like. I'll do my best to take pictures to share with y'all. It's been so long since I've been to Chicago and I wish I was going to be in town longer but I have to get back to Detroit tomorrow afternoon to catch a plane to NYC tomorrow night. Run run run ... that's what the next couple of days is going to be like.

I have too much to do so I'm gonna jet ... I'm planning on a regular post for tomorrow morning so I guess I'll be back then.

I'm out.