Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hollywood's Big Night

Britney Spears is spending some time in Hawaii these days (working on her new album) and while this time was supposed to be a vacation of sorts from hubby Kevin Federline that's not exactly how things turned out. K-Fed was spending his alone time with some other chick and Britney wasn't having any of that ... she ordered K-Fed to be with her in Hawaii so she can keep her eye on him. So ... with K-Fed under close watch Britney can go about getting her shizz done ... here are some pictures of Brit Brit shopping and going to church:

I'm just glad that Britney didn't wear that horrible cowboy hat to church ... altho her Sunday best doesn't seem quite up to churchy standards. Whatevs, I suppose it's cool that she's keeping up with her religious practices. Keep prayin', Brit ... I'm prayin' for you too! [Source]

In other parts of the world, it's Oscar time! Tonight the 78th Annual Academy Awards are being held in Hollywood, California and the Kodak Theater is getting all gussied up for the big event. Pink reader Donna snapped some fun pictures of the Kodak Theater as decorations get erected at the theater:

Click HERE to check out her entire photoset of the Kodak Theater. [Source, thanks Donna]

Not only are the decorations going up outside the theater but preparations are taking place inside the theater as well. Check out these pictures of Jon Stewart as he gets himself ready for his big night of hosting the Academy Awards:

Duuuuude ... homeboy looks worried! Shoot, I bet he's freaking the eff out. The Oscars are huge! Here's hopin' he don't screw it uppppp. [Source]

Dolly Parton looks a lot less stressed out as she prepares for her performance at the Academy Awards tonight:

I love her! Dolly Parton is an icon ... I think it's really cool that she's nominated for an Academy Award this year for Best Original Song. It won't be long now ... soon the winners will be announced and there will be some very happy (and very sad) people in Hollywood. [Source]

The Independent Spirit Awards were held in LA last night and a whole slew of my favorites won awards. Felicity Huffman took the award for Best Female Lead and she looked amazing at the event:

I am really pulling for Felicity to win the Academy Award for Best Actress tonight but I'm so glad she won the Independent Spirit Award. Brokeback Mountain took the top prize last night when it was named Best Film of the year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Brokeback will take this momentum into the Oscars tonight. [Source]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen showed up at the Independent Spirit Awards and ... they decided to wear a couple of interesting outfits:

I don't get the leather jacket that Ashley is wearing but she don't look too terrible. Mary-Kate looks ridiculous in her black gowny thing. She's even wearing gothy black nailpolish and everything ... I guess I just don't get it. [Source]

In other awards news, the Soul Train Music Awards were held in Pasedena, CA last night and Mariah Carey picked up 2 more awards -- Best Female Single and Best Female Album:

Mariah Carey kept her comeback going Saturday, picking up best album and best single honors at the 20th Annual Soul Train Music Awards ... Carey, who won three Grammys last month, nabbed awards for best female album with "The Emancipation of Mimi" and best female single with "We Belong Together." "This has been the biggest and most successful year of my life," said Carey, who returned last year after dominating the pop charts for much of the 1990s. I'm not sure why she was ready to suck face with Kimora Lee Simmons but if that's what it takes to win an award then more power to her. Note that Mimi had to refer to her BlackBerry to get her acceptance speech right. John Legend also won 2 Soul Train Music Awards for Best Male Album and Best Male Single. Click HERE to see the full list of Soul Train Music Award winners. [Source]

Brangelina and co. are taking the show on the road, here are pictures of Les Jolie-Pitts on their way to Germany:

It's a bummer that they won't be making an appearance at the Academy Awards tonight but it seems to me that they're not really into that whole scene right now. I mean, hello, look at Angelina's tummy ... she is huuuuge! Just when you thought Ange's boobs couldn't get any larger she goes and balloons up. I love it! [Source]

Adam Brody is on the cover of the new issue of Nylon Guy magazine and he is looking pretty damn cute if I do say so myself:

He's such a normal-looking understated guy. He seems really down to Earth and that has great appeal. This photoshoot is great. [Source]

And finally, here is our Hot Dude of the Week ... let's say hello to Shane:

I realize it's cold outside but I don't think Shane minds being shirtless. I know I don't mind, do you? Enjoy!!! [Source]

Can I just say ... it's cooooold here in NYC. I know it's cold back home in Detroit as well but at least in Detroit we have cars to drive around in -- you're only cold in the time it takes for you to get from your car to the destination you're going into. With all the walking that goes on here, well, there is a lot more opportunity to be cold ... a lot more. It's cool tho ... it's nice just being in the city. I'm totally lying low ... I'm not that interested in going out and doing anything. If Mr. can get away this afternoon then we're gonna try and hang out for a bit ... I'm having dinner with Kirsten tomorrow evening and those are my only plans thus far. It's nice, y'all ...

On the upside, the sun is shining and it is very inviting ... despite the cold temps. I might have to heed the call.

I'm out!