Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Hills Are Alive

Thank the gods for small miracles ... it's been a few days and we've not seen a photograph of Britney Spears wearing that rag that she's so fond of wearing (every day). It looks like she's got a new rag dress to wear:

She almost looks normal again. Sigh. [Source]

Okay ... I know I've said it many (many) times that Xtina Aguilera needs to lay off on the red lipstick ... I think it's about time she stops wearing the shizz altogether. Check out these pictures of hubby Jordy carrying Xtina in London:

Yikes! She gives him one kiss and he looks like a clown. LOL! [Source]

Check out these cute pictures of Mariah Carey gettin' all cozy with Pharrell on and off the set of her new music video for Say Somethin' which was shot in Paris, France:

Hmmmm ... I wonder if they're merely working or working with benefits? [Source]

Okay ... I totally love Debbie Harry -- she is a true music icon ... but she doesn't look too hot in these pictures with Lindsay Lohan at a NYC party to celebrate Blondie's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

Debbie's dress is unflattering (and I kinda hate her hair color) ... actually, Lindsay's stringy hair ain't lookin' so hot either. Whatevs, I still love them both. [Source]

So ... there have been rumors that Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes are doing the freaky-deaky merely because the two have been photographed together:

I love how the mere fact that two people are photographed together automatically implies that the couple are hooking up. If only that were the case ... remember that picture of me and Jake Gyllenhaal? Le sigh. ANYWAYS ... Joaquin and Eva are working on a new movie (We Own The Night) together and I'm sure that's why they're hanging out ... unless, you know, they really are having the sex and then I'm completely wrong. [Source]

I generally save the Hot Dude of the Week for the Sunday post (no worries, he'll still appear in tomorrow's post) but I'd like to crown Mr. Channing Tatum as the Hot Dude of the Weekend ... I stumbled upon this artsy photograph of Channing and thought it would be appropriate to share it with all of you:

Click above to see the uncensored NSFW picture

Damn, you gotta love art! Woot! [Source]

Ashlee Simpson is looking absolutely stunning on the cover of the new issue of Jane magazine:

Yay! My faith has, once again, been restored in Ashlee! She looks really great ... good hair and all! Yay! [Source, thanks Kacey]

And finally, I have to send out some HUGE birthday love to my good friends Benji and Joel Madden who turn 27 years old today:

I'm sure the twins are going to do it up big tonight ... Have an amazing birthday, guys! Pink is the new Blog hearts you!!!

So, Tracey and Zakiya were supposed to come over last night but Tracey had a few things to take care of and instead postponed her visit to tonight. Since my night freed up Sarah and I decided to catch a movie ... we both really wanted to go see The Hills Have Eyes:

Ugh ... the movie was tres gross and tres fun. I saw the original movie a long time ago but barely remember it. I have to say, I was thoroughly entertained by this remake. It was so wrong in so many ways ... but it is really fun. We actually yelled outloud a few times (as did most of the audience). I have to say that the breakout star has to be Beast, the German Shepherd -- sorry Emilie de Ravin. Emilie is great on Lost but her American accent needs a lot of work (she's got the screaming and crying down, tho). Of the horror movies I've seen recently (Saw II, Hostel, When A Stranger Calls, etc.) this is by far my favorite. There's a point in the film when you just go "They are just sooooooooo fucked" and it just goes apeshit from there. Brills! I had a great time with it ... you might too.

Tonight a bunch of us are getting together to get our dance on at the SASS danceparty at OSLO:

I missed out on SASS last month so I'm excited to get my freak on ce soir. Bring it, bitches!

I'm out.