Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?

That's it ... Spederline have officially lost their minds ... what is with this creep-ass looking doll?! Britney Spears is going to end up exactly like Michael Jackson ... just wait and see ... K-Fed is almost halfway there already:

The only things missing are the face masks, the blanket-covered children and the vitiligo ... give 'em time. [Source]

Fall Out Boy paid a little visit to the MTV studios this week ... the boys appeared on TRL to debut their new video for the song A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me". While the TRL appearance was unexciting the boys' appearance on the MTV2 show T-Minus Rock was a bit more interesting:

LOL! I love the shirt that Pete Wentz is wearing. At least he's handling all the penis drama very well. [Source]

You would think that Xtina Aguilera would be fond of wearing underwear since she's always being photographed buying underwear at various lingerie shops ... but alas, it appears that she is not a bra-wearing fan:

It's nice to see that her nip ring is still in place even tho she's an old married woman. [Source]

Uh ... check out these pictures of Pamela Anderson and rapper singer Ray J walking hand in hand earlier this week ... is this more a coup for Pammy or for Ray? I mean, Pam gets to go buck-wild with a young, virile guy ... and Ray gets to find out what hepatitis feels like:

Oooh ... you just know that Brandy is gonna beat her little brother's ass over this! Head on over to to check out more pictures of these two. [Source]

Check out these interesting pictures of Christina Ricci in London on the set of her new movie Penelope:

I was unaware that she was playing a drum major in this film ... does Gwen Stefani know about this? I was also unaware that Christina was a smoker! Booooo! [Source]

As soon as word got out that Nicole Kidman was hiding out in Nashville, Tennessee with Keith Urban the pictures began to surface:

When are they gonna get married already?! Haven't they been a couple for at least a few months now? It's totally time for them to wed. [Source]

Celebrity Baby Blog has sniffed out these adorable pictures of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Barker with their newborn daughter Alabama from OK! magazine:

They are such a cute family. [Source]

Whoa ... Janice Dickinson is not aging well at all ... check out this recent picture of the self-proclaimed first supermodel at an event in LA last month ... those lashes bear a striking resemblance ... to someone we all know and love ...

... that's right, she looks a lot like Tammy Faye except that Tammy Faye looks so much better! Praise the Lord, indeed! [Source]

You know ... I thought that yesterday's Michelle Williams Vanity Fair picture reminded me of someone else ... Pink reader Shannon helped me put my finger on who she reminded me of:

Yep, that's about right. [thanks Shannon]

Madonna is such a strict mother! She won't let her children play online, she won't let her children watch TV and she won't let her children strangle one another:

But she will let her son shop at The Gap?! WTF? [Source]

Speaking of Madonna ... did you know that the original version of her Sorry video was "too racy" for TV and had to be censored? I know, I'm aghast as well:

In the original video, Madonna makes an obscene gesture at the camera. A toned-down version was edited for TV, but the "director's cut" can be seen at production designer Marco Puig's Web site ... "I guess it was too vulgar for general audiences," says a source. "Besides, it is a rather unseemly gesture for a mother of two who, when she's not making obscene gestures, is singing the praises of Kabbalah and writing inspirational children's books." Uh ... if it has become unbelievably shocking for Madonna to flip off the camera with her middle finger then she really has fallen from grace. [Source]

Now this is more like it ... Jennifer Aniston looks great on the cover of the new issue of Vogue magazine:

Vogue is a wee bit more high-class than Good Housekeeping mag. You can tell that this mag is more fashionable and artsy because it features more gymnastics equipment than any other magazine ... well except for International Gymnast. [Source]

Are there any aspiring fashion designers out there? Would you like to appear on the third season of Project Runway and have me blog about you? Well ... if you live in (or near) LA, NYC, Chicago or Miami then you're in luck:

Y'all better hurry, the casting starts this week and goes into next week. [Source]

Rufus Wainwright, Michael Stipe, Fischerspooner, Peaches and more are coming together in NYC next Monday night for a concert benefit where the proceeds will be donated to Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace ... you better believe that if I could be in NYC on Monday I would definitely be at this concert:

Not only is this an amazing line-up but it's for such a great cause. Click HERE to get tickets for this event and then tell me all about it.


And finally ... yesterday I mentioned that I was unsure whether or not Tony Almedia died at the close of this week's episode of 24 ... well, according to the official episode recap, we have definite confirmation that Tony did peace the spork out:

It is unfortunate that they didn't stretch out his death just a wee bit longer (now Jack will never be able to tell Tony how he really feels) ... it's also unfortunate that Tony didn't get the silent clock tick at the end of the episode (even Edgar received that honor). I'll miss Tony ... besides Jack (and, blech, Kim) I believe he was the last original castmember left from the first season. UPDATE: I was reminded by a few Pink readers that both Mike Novak (currently Pres. Logan's Chief of Staff) and Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce both go back to the first season of 24 as well. They, along with Jack and Kim Bauer, are the last remaining original cast members. [Source, Source]

Les News:
Last night I got to spend some great quality time with Megan. We met up for dinner and then she went with me to run some errands at Target ... that's when the mayhem ensued:

Megs really wanted to stump the 20 Questions handheld game and she succeeded ... she was thinking of a banana and the game guessed that she was thinking of lubricant. I suspect the game was right and Megan just lied to me to save face. We ended up each getting a pair of ridiculously large sunglasses (yeah, yeah I know ... Target sunglasses are cheap-o but at least they're Isaac Mizrahi cheap-o Target sunglasses -- incidentally, I did not get the white glasses in this picture, I got black ones) before we grabbed a nightcap of Guinnesses (Guinnessi?) at Dick O'Dows in Birmingham, MI. It was at the pub that we ran into Pink reader Ashley (and her friend Oriana) who is visiting D-Town all the way from Vancouver, Canada.

We had such a great night together ... lots of fun, lots of good conversation. It was nice. This evening I'm meeting up with Tracey and Zakiya to hang out in Ann Arbor.

And that is all, I'm out.