Sunday, March 19, 2006

Backstreet's Back, A'ight!

Surely the end is nigh ... Armageddon is upon us ... behold, the end of the world has come ... at the very least hell has frozen solid ... check out these pictures of Kevin Federline looking ... clean cut ... with Britney Spears in LA this weekend:

Uh huh ... my jaw is still on the floor. Dare I say that he looks *gasp* kinda normal?! I couldn't possibly say that he looks hot but he sure as shizz looks a whole helluva lot better. AND ... as if K-Fed's new look wasn't shocking enough it turns out that Kevin has donated his old (greasy, ratty, nappy, smelly?) hair to Locks for Love: Spokesperson Marilyn Lopez says, "He just chopped of 10 inches of his hair for Locks Of Love." OY! They wash that stuff before they give it away, right? Has Kevin Federline turned over a new leaf? Uh, I'm not holding my breath ... but this is a nice change of pace for The Federline. [Source]

Fashion Week has come to LA and that means that all the celebs who we just saw at NYC Fashion Week will be showing up at LA Fashion Week events. Paris Hilton, always at the ready to take to the runway, modeled a few designer outfits at the 2 B Free fashion show:

Her tan is horrible ... but is it totally cruiseazy that I kinda don't mind the leg warmers in the first pic? The leggings are horrid ... even Tara Reid thinks so. Ah, that's our Paris. [Source]

So yeah ... Tara Reid and Kelly Osbourne were also at the 2 B Free show ... Tara looked subdued and sober (shock me, shock me) and Kelly O looked ... well ... like this:

You gotta love that facial expression in the second picture. Is Kelly's blouse supposed to be sucked into her belly button like that? It doesn't strike me as a particularly flattering thing to wear to a fashion show ... nor does Tara's wife beater. I guess I just don't get fashion like the pros do. [Source]

Michelle Trachtenberg is also partaking of the LA Fashion Week festivities ... here she is looking very ... saucy ... at the Fashion Week Kick Off Dinner at Mr. Chow on Friday night:

Look at those come hither eyes ... my, my, our little Michelley is growing up so fast. [Source]

Even rockers like Scott Weiland and Courtney Love are gettin' all into the Fashion Week hoopla:

Courtney looks amazing ... a little iffy on her sobriety but, eh, it's C. Love ... do we really care anymore? I have to admit that Scott and Court look very cute together. They would make a great couple :) [Source]

Meanwhile, down in the heart of Texas the SXSW Festival rages on ... Juliette and the Licks played a show on Friday night:

I know for a fact that Juliette Lewis is a great frontwoman ... the band's live shows are really crazy fun. I wish she'd upgrade from the jumpsuits but hey, whatcha gonna do? [Source]

Let's get back to Paris Hilton for a quick second ... can someone tell me what the hell is going on in these pictures? I swear I thought these were pictures of a much-thinner Kathy Hilton:

Paris seriously looks like a woman in her 40's. She needs to ditch that 'do fast. [Source]

Pink reader Alanna sends in this picture of Jared Leto from the 30 Seconds to Mars show in Atlanta, GA last night:

Jared looks really scary in this pic ... his creepy eyes give him that Marilyn Manson look without having to spring for the contact lenses. [thanks Alanna and Evan]

And finally, here he is ... the Hot Dude of the Week ... say hello to Myles:

MMMMMMM ... I really like his hat. So hot! Enjoy :) [Source]

El News:
Yesterday afternoon Megan stopped by to hang out with me while I got some house stuff done and then she went with me to pick up some packing boxes. Do we know how to have a good time or what? After we were done running errands we caught a twilight showing of She's The Man:

As I mentioned yesterday, I am a huge fan of modern adaptations of Shakespeare's work no matter what form it takes. I really like the Baz Luhrman version of Romeo + Juliet (despite the Leonardo DiCaprio Romeo) and the Ethan Hawke version of Hamlet -- mostly because they're both set in modern time while still utilizing the original text and language. I think my favorite modern adaptation of a Shakespeare play has to be the movie Scotland, PA. which is based on my favorite Shakespeare play MacBeth. She's The Man is based on Twelfth Night and even tho it's not as good as these 3 movies I just mentioned I suppose it was entertaining enough. I have seen Twelfth Night on the stage and really remember that there was a lot of confusion about who was who which added to the comedic effect ... this movie didn't really play up that device. I don't know what the hell was up with Amanda Bynes' accent ... when she was "talking like a guy" she spoke using a weird, Southern type hip-hop accent that got annoying the more the movie went on. Ugh and the movie was waaaaaay too PG-13 for my liking ... there was a lot of flesh on the screen but no pay off ... it was very ... unsatisfying. Channing Tatum makes a much better model than he does an actor but in a movie like this I suppose he did an OK job. I appreciated the little "gay wink" at the end of the movie altho I suppose they could have played that up a bit more ... and this movie has the best use of a tampon that I think I've ever seen in a teen flick.

Overall the movie is cute ... I think Shakespeare would approve ... he was very fond of using modern devices in order to have his stories told. I'm convinced he would love all these modern adaptations of his work. I'm not sure who I would recommend this movie to ... I think that hardcore Shakespeare fans might scoff at this movie but I enjoyed it. I love that a lot of kids are gonna go see this movie not even realizing that it's based on a Shakespeare play. That's hot.

After the movie, Megan and I had a great Thai dinner at Sy Thai Shores before heading to the pet store to pick up some essentials for my cats. They had the cutest bunny rabbits there ... I think we spent a good 20 minutes just fawning over how cute they were. Megan and I even managed to play Trivial Pursuit before she finally went home (she was not in a dancing mood).

Then it was time for me to hook up with Sarah, Mike G. and Roger for some dancing at Backstreet:

Once there we met up with Mike's friends Norman and Dave ... I was really tired and almost didn't go out but once we got there I was very glad that I did. We had a blast ... the music was pretty good and the time we spent on the dancefloor was way fun. I have to send out a big shout out to Pink readers that I ran into at the club -- James, Sabina, Reina, Tyler and Bobby who was celebrating his birthday last night. Doner in the hizzy, y'all!!! It was very kickass meeting all y'all!

UGH ... even tho I didn't party like crazy last night I still ended up falling asleep and crashing at Sarah's place.

I have lots of packing and stuff to do today ... so I better get to it ... I'm out!