Wednesday, March 22, 2006

TomKitten Aujourd'hui?

Hmm ... I've received a cryptic message that says that Katie Holmes is rumored to be in Toledo, OH today where she is going to give birth ... apparently, Tom Cruise is on his way. Hmm ... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were at Yahoo! Headquarters yesterday which I believe is in California. Could Katie have flown all the way home to Toledo to give birth? Is that even allowed this late in a pregnancy? Hmm ... I suppose it is possible if she is, you know, faking the whole thing. I guess we'll have to wait to find out ... let's get to the day's goss ...

A whole slew of kickass artists and musicians gathered for an anti-war concert, titled Bring 'Em Home Now!, in New York City this past Monday night, here are a few pictures:

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe, Bright Eyes, Steve Earle, Rufus Wainwright, Fischerspooner, Moby, Peaches and Devendra Banhart all performed at Monday night's Bring 'Em Home Now! concert at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom. The event, to benefit a number of anti-war groups, could be seen as an anti-war rally at the third anniversary of the United States' invasion of Iraq, bringing together an array of musical styles -- hip-hop, country, rock, pop, indie and electronica -- with one shared view: It's time we pull the troops out Iraq and end the war. What an amazing line-up ... I really wish I could've been there to witness it for myself. Sam, who authors the blog Gayz of our Lives, was at the show and has a bunch of pictures HERE. [Source, Source]

Hollywood's elite young'ns were on hand earlier this week for the official launch of the MTV's new Wilmer Valderrama hosted show Yo Momma, here are a few pics:

Kristin Cavallari looks hot, as usual but what is going on with Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer? They look pretty hot and heavy. Hmm ... I guess boys will be boys ... oh and don't tell Demi. [Source]

Check out these pictures, er, Polaroids from the New York premiere of Inside Man courtesy of

Brilliant! I absolutely love my Polaroid instant camera but never think to use it when I go out. Jeremy Kost, the site creator, is a genius. Check out his site for other really cool Polaroid pictures of famous people. [Source]

So yeah, I'm not really sure that I believe that Katie Holmes is giving birth today in Toledo, OH (which is only about 50 mins. from Detroit Rock City, I might add) but she was looking extremely plump yesterday at Yahoo! Headquarters ... Tom Cruise looked insane, as usual:

Her face really makes it look like she's really pregnant ... which very well could be the case ... but who's baby will it turn out to be? A mysterious sperm donor? Could they have used the frozen splooge of L. Ron Hubbard to bring forth the Scientology messiah reborn? OY! It's all too creepy to consider ... at any rate, I have no idea what TomKat were doing at Yahoo! but it most likely had something to do with promoting Mission: Impossible: III. [Source, thanks Krissy]

LOL ... it looks like Kim Stewart is trying to hitch her caboose to another famous gravy train ... check it out, she's trying to get her hooks into Courtney Love:

Courtney Love may be many things ... but she's not stupid ... should wouldn't dare to mar her good name by associating with the likes of Kim Stewart ... would she? [Source]

Uh ... Court ... what exactly is going on with this tweed + granny glasses combo you've got goin' on?

Either she's aged about 45 years over night or she's just trying to become British like Madonna. [Source]

Cher was on hand at the Agent Provocateur fashion show at LA Fashion Week (the same show that Xtina Aguilera was at) and she brought along the new love of her life ... check out Cher's new man:

At least I think it's a man. Yikes! [Source, thanks Francisco]

Speaking of Xtina, I came upon a new picture of Miss Thang at the Agent Provocateur show ... check it out:

I get it now ... the red lipstick makes so much more sense now. [Source]

Prince is the king of controversy ... well, he used to be the king of controversy but these days he has really toned down his act. But, it appears that he is still getting into trouble:

Prince recently upset his landlord, NBA star Carlos Boozer, by allegedly turning a $11.9 million rental property into a purple fantasyland ... Boozer, who is renting a West Hollywood home to the musician for $70,000 a month, sued Prince in January, alleging that the singer painted the title of his new album, 3121, and his "prince" symbol onto the exterior of the house ...The suit also alleged that Prince had purple stripes painted on the house and installed a purple monogrammed carpet in the master bedroom. What?! This guy is nuts! It would be an honor to have Prince redecorate your house ... I wonder if Prince is taking on new clients, I may need a decorator when I get to LA. [Source, Source]

How cool is this ... have you ever wanted to own a piece of Laguna Beach: The Real OC? Well ... here is your chance ... it turns out that our beloved LO (Lauren Bosworth) is selling her VW Jetta HERE:

I love it! This is the car that LO received as her graduation present at the end of the first season of LB. You just know that the seats have LC, Stephen and Kristin butt sweat all seeped into the upholstery. If I didn't love my VW Beetle so much I would try and pick up this little car myself. Get this car before it's gonezo ... and then take me for a ride :) [Source]

Speaking of LB bizznazz ... check out these hawt pictures of Kristin Cavallari from this month's issue of Blender magazine:

Yay Team Kristin! She looks amazing ... call it make-up, lighting or Photoshop she still looks hot. So much LBness today ... just like the good ol' days. [Source]

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! I love Mad TV parody videos ... check out their version of the new Ashlee Simpson video for the song L.O.S.E.R.

Loves it!! [Source, thanks Kacey]

Paris Hilton is getting ready to bring her special brand of ... well, whatever it is that she does to Saturday mornings ... or something like that ... she and sister Nicky are developing an animated series based on their lives:

Paris and Nicky Hilton are reportedly set to make a cartoon about their lives ... The rich sisters are said to be drawing up plans for an animated series for US television ... Socialite Paris - who already stars in reality TV show 'The Simple Life' - has met with TV heads to discuss the project, according to a report in Britain's The Sun newspaper. I can't wait to see all the animated nip slips and sex scenes. This will be the most racy thing to hit Saturday morning programming since that episode of Saved By The Bell when Jesse Spano got addicted to Caffeine pills! [Source]

It was bound to happen sooner or later ... are y'all ready for Brokeback Mountain 2?

An interracial and lesbionic love story about 2 cowgirls? C'mon, it'll never work. [Source, thanks Susan]

But seriously, I am very happy to report that Universal Studios have announced that the real Brokeback Mountain will be released on DVD on April 4th:

Just think of all of those scenes that you can watch in slo-mo over and over and over and over and over again ... anytime you want. Le sigh. [Source]

Da News:
Sarah and I ended up going to the Scion Xpress Festival at the Magic Stick last night ... we ended up showing up a bit later than we had hoped but managed to catch the last of the music videos that were being shown. We did get to hang out for a while afterwards since the Dorkwave guys were spinning the great music. I also ran into Pink reader Holly and her friend while we were busy mingling around:

I have to send out lots of love to Amy and Adryana for taking such good care of us last night ... we had a lot of fun.

I'm not sure what I'm doing tonight ... there is still a lot of packing to do ... but maybe, if I get any confirmation, I'll trek down to Toledo, OH to check out the TomKat sitch for myself.

I'm out.