Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Dent In My Heart

NOOOOO! After 10 years of providing Tori Amos fans with the most comprehensive Tori fan site on the Internet (even more comprehensive than any of Tori's official websites) Mike Why has announced that he is retiring on May 5, 2006:

It is with great sadness that I make the following announcement. After 10 years of proudly serving the Tori community, The Dent will be retired on May 5, 2006. After that date, The Dent will no longer be updated, but will remain indefinitely on the same server at for archival and research purposes ... I will continue to actively update The Dent until May 5, 2006. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to email me. The Dent has been one of my greatest achievements in life, and I leave it very proud of what I accomplished. It has been an honor to provide you with reliable and respectful Tori news over the last 10 years. Of course none of it would have been possible without the help of all my readers. I was immediately sadden by this news but can completely understand where Mike is coming from. He has worked so hard for so long and now wants to focus on other aspects of his life. His site will be sorely missed ... he will be sorely missed. [Source]

Spederline spent some time in Las Vegas earlier this week to celebrate Kevin Federline's 28th birthday ... here are some pictures of the pair gambling away Britney Spears' money:

When Lord??? When will someone save Britney from herself? I like that Brit Brit felt comfortable enough in that casino to walk around in her nightgown ... that's class, y'all. [Source]

After Spederline were finished with Vegas they flew cross country to party it up in Atlanta, GA ... here are a few pictures of K-Fed on Q100's The Bert Show:

From what I understand, The Federline previewed some of his "hot tracks" on the air ... I am so envious of all y'all Atlantans who got to hear his new joints. Ugh ... his album will be dropping very soon now ... I really think we all ain't ready. [Source]

Oh no! Why do you suppose David Beckham is lookin' so cross in these pictures of him leaving a London restaurant?

Do you suppose he's pissed that his jacket sleeves are too long for his short arms? [Source]

Check it ... it looks like Seal is kinda miffed as well ...

... you would think that a guy with such pretty blue toenails wouldn't be upset by anything. [Source]

Man ... you gotta love the Hiltons ... of course Paris and Nicky are the Hilton socialites du jour but it won't be long until the next generation steps up and takes their rightful place in the spotlight ... it looks like Conrad Hilton is already getting a head start on causing a commotion ... check out these pictures of Conrad and a friend playing around at a wax museum:

LOL! He looks like a fun kid ... can't wait til he starts going out by himself. [thanks C]

Yay Team Kristin! Our girl Kristin Cavallari is on the cover of the March issue of Teen People magazine:

I can't believe they are still asking about her and Stephen ... they are so dunzo who even cares anymore? She looks great in that dress ... and I love the hot shades. [Source]

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Maybe you want something dependable and stylish? Maybe you want something that used to be owned by Jake Gyllenhaal??? Okay ... this truck wasn't actually owned by Jake but it was "owned" by his character Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain:

Click HERE if you'd like to bid on this truck (the opening bid is only $8,000). If any of you do end up the proud owner of this truck ... will you let me know what it smells like? Uh ... yeah ... thanks :) [Source via Towleroad]

And finally, Pink reader Laura sends in this hilarious screencapture ... she did a Yahoo! search for "Pink is the new Blog" and the first search result credits Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails as the site's author:

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! It's true ... the secret's out ... I'm really Trent Reznor ... bow down before the one you serve ... [thanks Laura]

Les News:
I got a little bit of work done yesterday evening ... and since I was such a good boy I decided that I needed a night out by myself ... so I decided to make the trek out to Ann Arbor to get my dance on at Necto. So I'm standing in line to get in and who gets in line right behind me ..? James, my ex-boyfriend from 4 boyfriends ago. OY! On the plus side he still looks good -- on the negative side he's still a bit crazy ... ah well. He and I hung out for the rest of the night ... until he started chatting up some other shirtless dude and then they went their own way. I have to admit, Necto was very fun ... and I got to meet a few Pink readers ... I have to give a shout to Casey, Joe, Derrick and Peter. I think I'm gonna have to go back to Necto again real soon.

I have a lot of shizz to do today but tonight Ashley Parker Angel (formerly of O-Town) will be appearing at Sevin the Nightclub in Pontiac, MI tonight:

If I can wrangle Sarah into going with me I think we might make a cameo ...

That is all ... I am out!