Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Who Do YOU Trust?

Okay ... so I know that I said that I don't believe that Britney Spears is pregs again ... and I'm stickin' to that assertion but these pictures do cause me further cause for concern ... check out all this junk food crap that Britney picked up at her local grocery store in Malibu, CA:

Hahahahahaha! She must have major cravings ... but I'm sure they're just regular ol' cravings and not "pickles and ice cream" cravings. Damn, that shopping basket is full of crap ... poor Sean Preston, he's gonna rot his teeth out before they even grow in. [Source]


OMG ... love it, love it, love it ... last night Sarah, Mike G. and I were in Ann Arbor for the Sarah Harmer concert so I had to wait until like 1AM to watch last night's episode of 24 ... but there was no way I was gonna wait until today to watch it ... so what did we all think?

At the onset of the show Audrey was lookin' guilty as hell ... which was exactly what that Christopher dude wanted ... the fact that Audrey had sex with Walt Cummings ... that was some messed up shizz right there. I really felt bad for her as she was forced to confess but I was so skeptical. This show has ruined my trust in EVERYONE ... the only people on the show that I believe implicitly are Jack and Chloe -- that's it ... everyone else is suspect. Did y'all notice that Edgar's replacement at CTU was played by Kate Mara who played Ennis' daughter Alma Jr. in Brokeback Mountain?! Do you love it? Her character, Sherri, is brilliant (with all that chemistry stuff) but insanely crazy (with all that sexual harassment stuff). I really wanted to believe that Miles is a sleaze but when she freaked out when Bill Buchanan brushed her shoulder ... yeah, she's gonna cause lots of drama. A few things to wrap up: What the hell does Wayne Palmer have? Thank the gods he hooked up with Agent Aaron Pierce, he will deff keep him alive ... or at least deliver the info. I really want to hate Karen, the Homeland Security lady, but she does seem reasonable ... it takes some new bosses a long time to get used to Jack Bauer but she seems to be getting it a big quicker (altho, I think that Secretary Heller [Audrey's dad] is gonna rip her a new a-hole). I seriously almost teared up when Jack saved Audrey from further torture -- yes, I'm a lame dorkass. There is no way in hell that Jack died in that explosion ... so don't worry ... but I doubt that all of the SYNTOX gas was incinerated in the explosion ... I bet there's another canister somewhere. OMG ... this show rules ... I love it! I cannot wait until next week ... the First Lady's assistant?! Yeah ... her involvement in the day's events is gonna turn out to be gooooood! [screencaptures via TwentyFourOnline.com]


Okay ... let's do a Prison Break recap ... I didn't anticipate that the judge would delay the execution but it does introduce a new, intriguing element to the whole story ... is the dad really in the picture? He is the leak that may save Lincoln from execution ...? But how is he connected to everything? Sucre is quickly becoming my favorite character ... he made me laugh out loud twice (the donkey comment and the Matlock comment)!! The 2-week delay gives the show a Prison Break pt. II feel ... the burned tattoo and snoopy doctor keep adding complications that make it the show very interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about the upcoming flashback episode(s?) ... it seems all a bit too Lost for my initial taste ... but it will be cool to see all the prisoners before they became prisoners.


Ahhh ... I have to comment on the season finale of MTV's Gauntlet 2 ... I mean c'mon ... have you ever seen a lamer finish by a team in your whole life?

Not only did Derrick go out like a bitch in the last male gauntlet but his team totally bitched out in the last mission. Derrick was a fierce competitor but I have zero love for him -- he's a jerk and I have to admit, I did laugh a bit when Timmy eliminated him from the game ... I mean, did you see how Timmy just dragged Derrick like a doll across the sand?! LOL! The Veteran team was so lame ... they just sucked the whole time, mainly because they were comprised of some major lame-os (Julie sucks). The Rookie team really kicked ass ... they really deserved the win and I'm glad they destroyed the Vets. Hah! [Source]

Okay ... the gossy stuff ... check out how amazing Sharon Stone looked at the NYC premiere of Basic Instinct 2:

I'm not sure if she really does look good or she just looks good in comparison to how she's been lookin' lately. The makeup looks good, her hair looks good ... I approve. [Source]

Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, wasn't lookin' that great IMHO at the premiere of her new movie Friends With Money:

Has her forehead always been this big? What? I'm just asking. [Source]

Oh yes ... yes, yes, yes ... it is that time of year again ... the sun is out, the weather is warming up ... the birds are chirping ... and the Jake Gyllenhaal has begun his spring training ... let's look in on the lad to see how his training program is going:

Soooooooooooooo hot. All he needs to do is lose that pesky shirt and he's good to go ... but hey, I'm not complainin' at all. [Source, thanks Girl]

Did you know that Xtina Aguilera moonlights as a food delivery chick? Yup, it's true ... here are few pictures of Xtina dropping off a cake at someone's house:

I really think that Xtina needs to start chewing her gum with her mouth closed ... it's just a suggestion. [Source]

Kelly Osbourne was on hand at the FiFi Awards in London last night ... and she was lookin' ... well ...

... the curtains hanging behind her are nice ... [Source]

Let me preface this next bit by saying that I do not believe for one second that Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum are seriously dating ... that said, what is Amanda doing with her hand inside Channing's jacket ... or his pants?? Check out this picture from TeenPeople.com:

I don't blame the girl ... oh hellz no ... not at all ... but honestly, I think this "romance" is too well-timed for the promo for their new movie. He's hot tho ... I'd fake it for him (not that I'd need to). [Source]

A few people were wondering if the pictures posted yesterday (from the Entertainment Weekly party in Miami) were really of Paris Hilton ... so here are a few more pictures from that night ... it really looks to me like it's Paris:

The poses, the wonky eye, the close proximity to new rap superstars Three 6 Mafia ... yeah, it's her alright. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Ashlee Simpson performing in Puerto Rico:

I'm sorry, y'all ... she's been lookin' really good these days. I hope she keeps it up :) [Source]

What's with all the celebs sellin' their shizz on eBay lately? It's not like they need the money or anything ... comic book GOD Stan Lee certainly doesn't need anymore money and yet, he's selling his car on eBay HERE:

It's not even for charity or anything ... I think I'd rather own LO's car. [Source, thanks Yuka]

Charisma Carpenter is on the cover of the new issue of Men's Edge magazine:

I love her as Cordelia on Buffy and Angel ... it's nice to see that she can still make a living off her boobs. [Source]

Will the Brokeback Mountain hoopla never die out? The DVD ain't out yet and now we have word on a set of Brokeback Mountain action figures. Now you, too, can reenact your favorite scenes from Brokeback Mountain to your heart's content:

The figures are designed looking down, as they do for most of the film, he said: "I chose to model them after the outfits they wore earlier in the film when they were first working on Brokeback Mountain (and in the "You're sleeping on your feet like a horse" flashback from the end). Both are wearing the shirts that Jack saves. I can think of a few scenes that I'd like to reenact ... I wonder how opposable the action figures really are. [Source, thanks Sarah]

And finally, if you're in the SoCal area and don't have plans this weekend Jeremy Jackson requests your presence at his party this Saturday night:

Looks hot! [Source]

Les News:
So as I mentioned earlier Sarah, Mike G. and I had a great time at the Sarah Harmer show in Ann Arbor last night. We met up for a bite to eat at Conor O'Neils before going to the show. Her opening act, Royal Wood, was really good ... he reminded me of a mix of Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright (without the nasal). We all liked him a lot ... Sarah Harmer was just amazing ... she played forever and did a whole slew of great songs -- altho, I was a bit miffed that she didn't do my 2 favorite songs Basement Apt. and The Hideout. We had a great time ...

... after the show, Mike G. treated Sarah and me to coffee drinks before we hit the road home.

I have a few things to take care of this afternoon ... I'm spending the evening hanging out with my good friend Erik who I worked with at ULS. It'll be cool to catch up with him ...

That is all, I'm out. Lates.