Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Split The Difference

I'm not exactly sure why but I really like this picture of Britney Spears and Sean Preston ... the little scamp is so cute ... and Brit looks pretty okay:

I mean, HELLO! at least the beyotch got her nails did. I love her!!! [Source]

Katie Holmes has finally entered her 93rd trimester and still hasn't given up the goods ... here is a picture of TomKat together again in LA (Tom flew home from Germany over the weekend) driving around like everything is totally cool:

Mission: Impossible: III opens on May 5th ... so I wouldn't be surprised if Katie doesn't spill her spawn until thereabouts. [Source]

Wee! Yesterday we enjoyed photos of Ryan Phillippe havin' himself a hot little workout in LA ... today we get to check out the Ry-guy toolin' around on a skateboard:

I love it! He looks so cute and he's fully clothed! Imagine that. [Source]

Avril Lavigne, on the other hand, ain't lookin' cute at all ... check out these pictures of the little Canuck lookin' a little rough:

Actually ... she don't look too bad ... I like her lookin' all normal and not so made up all the time -- she is, after all, a punk rocker. [Source]

Paris Hilton has taken her potential role as Mother Teresa to heart ... check out these pics of Paris blessing the lepers, whilst suckling a lollipop, down in the sin-infested haven of Miami, FL:

If anyone can bring the notion of living-sainthood to the 21st Century, it's Paris Hilton. Bless her. [Source]

Hmmm ... Lance Armstrong seems to be completely over Sheryl Crow already ... check out this picture of Lance out in LA this past Sunday with a new chick:

Eh, she ain't nuthin' special ... I kinda liked him with Sheryl even tho they were the most awkward kissers EVER! It looks like the only thing this chick has got goin' for her is that she looks to be about 20. [Source]

Uh oh ... things ain't lookin' too good for rap mogul Suge Knight ... homie lost a court battle that cost him about $107 million:

One of Hollywood's original "Kings of Bling" has gone bust. Marion "Suge" Knight, head of Death Row Records, has filed for Chapter 11 personal bankruptcy this morning in federal court ... The groundbreaking record company he founded is apparently planning to also file for bankruptcy later today ... The legal maneuvering comes after Knight recently lost a $107 million judgment to Lydia Harris, who claimed to be half-owner of the rap empire. Whoops! Well, I'm sure that a fine, upstanding chap like Suge Knight will find new work and new sources of income soon enough. [Source]

Courtney Love sure loves to shop ... even when she doesn't have hard cold cash or plastic with which to do that shopping:

Shoot ... if I had a bunch of travelers' checks lyin' around I'd use them too. Class act all the way, yo! [Source]

Here is further proof that Victoria Beckham is an alien from another planet ... check it, Posh is toolin' around the ski slopes of the French Alps wearing only a thin tank top while everyone else is bundled up in coats and jackets:

See I told you she was an alien ... er, that or she's just a raging alcoholic who, while drunk, does not feel the effects of the bitter cold. [Source]

Kimora Lee (soon-to-be ex) Simmons was on hand in NYC last night to sign copies of her new book Fabulosity:

Isn't it nice that this book is released right around the time that news comes out that she is divorcing from Russell Simmons? Yup, the drama should move a few more thousand copies of this book that no one would buy otherwise. I had no idea that Kimora had so many chins ... does she really need 3 of them? [Source]

Check out these supercute pictures of Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody on the set of The OC ...

... no no, I don't mean the ones of Rachel harping on Adam ... I mean the picture of Adam's undies peeking out of the back of his pants. They sure look like Hanes to me. CUTE! [Source, Source]

Well ... since Hoopz is out of the picture ... and since New York was really the star of Flavor of Love it's no wonder that Flavor Flav and Tiffany New York Patterson have signed on to do another show together:

According to sources close to [Flavor Flav and New York], the two remained in close contact after the end of their popular series Flavor Of Love and have since began a romantic relationship. The new reality series will focus on the couple's day to day life as they live together in a quiet suburban town. The series is scheduled to begin filming this summer. Yeah ... that sounds about right ... as bitchy as she was, she really was the star of that whole show ... didn't y'all just lurve her ass on the Flavor of Love Reunion Special this weekend? [Source]

Even tho the whole Electroclash thing is pretty much dunzo that doesn't mean that there isn't room for new electroclashish acts to come onto the scene ... Dangerous Muse grace the cover of the upcoming issue of The Advocate and are ready to storm the club scene:

I am a huge fan of Fischerspooner and Larry Tee so these guys are right up my alley. Check out some of their songs on their My Space profile ... or hear the shizz "live" at MisShapes this weekend. Holla! [Source, Source]

And finally, check out these awesome model comp cards for the 8th & Ocean models who work for Irene Marie Model Management ... is it me or does Sabrina (the twin with the skin problems) look a helluva lot hotter than her twin sister Kelly?

Either they got the names mixed up or Sabrina is the true hotter sister while Kelly is just a megabeyotch. Even tho Vinci is a jerkface he's kinda cute ... and Teddy really needs to lay off the makeup. He looks terrrrrrrrible with all that crap around his eyes. And Duhvs, Britt is cute. [Source via Source]

The News:
Today is the last day that David is hangin' with me in Detroit. He flies back to NYC this evening. I know a lot of people have been speculating what is going on with me and my romantic life ... while I normally am very free and open with details like this I have been pretty mum on the subject out of respect for other people. I will divulge all the juicy details in time, when there is more space and distance. I will say that I am very happy to have David in my life and I am looking forward to us getting to know each other further for a long time to come.

We ended up having a quiet night last night and are now on our way into Windsor, Canada for lunch. I'm not going to comment on the snow flurries that we got hit with last night (GRRRRRRR) but the weather seems to have cleared a bit today. Woot!

That is all ... I am out.