Thursday, April 06, 2006


Whoa ... wait a minute here ... this has to be a joke ... right? These recent pictures of Katie Holmes out and about in Beverly Hills are completely ridiculous and totally unbelievable:

The only way that these pictures could have any semblance of any truth whatsoever would be if Katie were carrying a litter of 14 babies ... [Source]

... or if she is giving birth to a basketball:

I mean seriously ... she's kidding right? If Scientology sperm is really that potent than we are in for some serious trubs.

UPDATE: Pink reader T thinks that Katie's little baby surprise is just itchin' to come out and say hello:

Awww ... hopefully it will be a cute baby ... er, or whatever it is. [thanks T]


Seriously ... is everyone crazy these days? I had suspicions that Hurley would turn out to be an asylum patient but I really didn't anticipate that he would be as nuts as he was/is:

Yeah ... Libby has always bothered me ... and now we know that she's got a big secret and she is not who she claims to be. I didn't initially think that Dave would turn out to be an imaginary person (I figured he was a manifestation on the island just like Jack's father and Kate's horse). At least now we know why Hurley says "Dude" all the time ... it's still annoying. We got to hear about "the accident" that Hurley feels guilty over ... we know 2 people died but not much more ... you can be sure those deaths are linked to the island or the survivors on the island in some way. I have to admit, that I totally wanted to believe Dave's theory that the island is all in Hurley's head ... all the pieces fit with that scenario (i.e. the numbers). It reminded me of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Normal Again where Buffy was convinced that her whole Slayer life was a figment of her imagination. And, hello, Libby has to be crazy to be in love with Hurley ... did she have feelings for him since they were locked up together? She has to remember him from there ... right? Well, maybe not ... Hurley doesn't remember her. Wouldn't it be INSANE if all the island survivors also turned out to be patients in that asylum? Actually NO that would suck! Anyways, "Henry Gale" got completely caught in his lies and provided a few bits of information ... he claims that "Zeke" (the bearded man) is "nothing", that a "He" is in charge of the Others and is to be feared. His little bit where he said something like "God doesn't know how long we've been here. God doesn't see this island" was pretty creepy -- I love it! Do we believe that he didn't enter the code in the computer? I tend to believe it ... they need to just let it count down to zero and see ... but Locke will never let that happen, he needs to believe in it too much. AHHHHH how is this season gonna end?! It's killing me ... it better be good or I'm gonna scream. [Source]

Oh and the best quote of the ep belonged to Sawyer: "Do you think Sayid needs a job?"

Hmmm ... Matt LeBlanc files for divorce a week ago and already has himself a new chick ... apparently he has already hooked up with his Joey co-star Andrea Anders:

LeBlanc's split from his wife of three years, Melissa, came as a surprise to the public -- and to Melissa herself ... [I]n March, Melissa accused her husband of being involved with another woman. LeBlanc, who had moved into an L.A. apartment near the studio where he tapes Joey, admitted he was ... After the divorce announcement was made, LeBlanc even brought the Wisconsin-born Anders -- who recently shot a pilot for Friends producer David Crane -- to the ranch house north of Los Angeles that he and Melissa had shared. Well ... things don't always work out ... it sucks but it happens. Well, good luck Matt ... hopefully things will work out this time. [Source]

Star magazine had the scoop yesterday when it was the first site to announce that Eminem and Kim Mathers were divorcing for the second time ... only 82 days after their second marriage ...

A representative from Eminem's label Interscope confirmed that the rapper has filed divorce papers with the Macomb County clerk's office in Michigan. Yep ... that's about all the info that has been officially released ... I wonder what happened this time? I kinda thought his remarriage to Kim was a bad idea ... but you wanna bet they end up doing it again for a third time? [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Simone alerts me to the fact that Channel 955 here in Detroit, MI had an exlusive on-air interview with Kim Mathers regarding this second divorce:

Kimberly Mathers called our show this morning to tell us that the divorce filing was a surprise to her: "I was hoping we could go to counseling and work things out but he sent an attorney to my house with papers and said that [Marshall] filed for divorce." Kim also alluded to Eminem's past drug addictions coming back to haunt him. She said that he moved out of their mansion six weeks ago and is now living in their Oakland County home. Kim confessed, "I see him doing a lot of the same things I did when I had my problem. I see exactly the same pattern that I was falling in. I was there so I've tried to reach out but unfortunately right now, if that's not what he wants then there's nothing anybody can do."

You can read more of Kim's interview with Channel 955 HERE -- you can also download audio of the interview.

Pink reader Angie sends in this screenshot of the online record of this second Eminem divorce from the Macomb County public records site:

You gotta love the InterWeb. [thanks Angie]

Check it out ... Eva Longoria is just huge!

In honor of Maxim's 100th issue, which is on newsstands this week, the men's magazine has created a 75-by-110-foot vinyl mesh replica of its January 2005 cover image of Eva Longoria in the desert outside Las Vegas. Nine workers took more than 15 hours to build the cover, which is so big that satellites are able to photograph the image from space. The stunt was made possible by the city of Las Vegas and Google Earth, which will display the image today ( Love it! I am not a big Eva fan, nor am I a huge Maxim fan but this marketing scheme is brills! Expect it to be the first of many promotions like this. [Source]

Don't have Google Earth installed on your computer? Here is a screenshot of the satellite image:

It's a pretty fun program ... you can get real time satellite images of almost everything on earth ... it's fun!

Liev Schreiber was on hand in NYC last night to host the Dewars 12 Hot Scot party at Cielo where he autographed an art piece that is to be auctioned off for charity ... apparently Liev thinks that tomorrow is spelled tommorrow:

LOL! I love it ... who needs to spell correcctly anyways? [Source]

Pink reader Phil was lucky (?) enough to catch Pink's secret show in NYC last night. Here are a few of his pictures from her secret show at Crobar Club:

Um ... what is going on with her hair? She's got that curly thing going on just like Britney Spears does ... but with a bad pink dye job. You can see the rest of Phil's photos HERE. [Source]

Check out these pictures of Chad Michael Murray and his new finacee and One Tree Hill co-star Kenzie Dalton so dangerously in love:

Gross ... he seems like such a jerkface. Well, they'll marry, she'll pop out a kid and then he'll divorce her ... this should all occur by Halloween of this year. Boo! [Source, Source, thanks Jennifer]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have surfaced again ... MK disguised herself as a little, skinny old man (while her bodyguard looks an awful lot like Hurley's friend Dave) and Ashley didn't disguise herself at all ... she's just rockin' a pair of hot shoes:

Ashley is skinny but not grossly so ... her legs look pretty good. MK is super thin ... her legs look like sticks. Ashley should really help her sis out a bit. [Source, Source]

You know ... the world doesn't have enough tacky furnishings with which to fuglify their homes ... that is why Priscilla Presley has stepped up and offered her own take on how you should decorate your homes and boudoirs ... behold the Priscilla Presley Collection:

See, even old ladies need to feel sexy in their own beds! [Source]

Naomi Campbell was on hand for the latest Mont Blanc 100 Year Anniversary event where she was modeling the most expensive Mont Blanc watch ever made ...

... which I bet can leave a nasty cut on someone's head ... should they cross her in any way. God, the rich have got it good. [Source]

So did y'all catch Michelle Trachtenberg on this week's episode of House, M.D.? I had to DVR it so I couldn't watch it live ... but man ... could her disease affliction be any grosser?!

ACK! I feel really sorry for Michelle's real boyfriend ;) [Source]

And finally ... leave it to the French to publicly blast Madonna and her mustache in print:

Boo! I wish I had thought of it first. [Source]

OY! I have so much laundry to do that I'll be bizzy at home all day long ... I leave for LA tomorrow for a few days to do some apartment hunting. Here's hoping that I get lucky and find a great place to live ... but, UGH, I am not at all a fan of apartment hunting.

Lots to do ... I gotta jet. Lates.