Sunday, April 09, 2006

Don't Get Mad, Get GLAAD

Lordy, lordy ... you're never gonna believe the day I had yesterday ... it was a very long, very good day ... I'll get to that in a sec ... let's get to it ...

Kevin Federline is speaking to his people via his My Space profile ... he is announcing that his official website is about to be relaunched and he promises us a free download of his first single:

I don't know about y'all but I am very excited to hear "the first single of the albumn on here" whatever the eff that means. Monday cannot get here fast enough for moi. [Source]

Hollywood's influential LGBT peeps and allies gathered together at the Kodak Theater last night for the 17th annual GLAAD Media Awards which are presented annually to increase visibility and understanding in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Melissa Etheridge was honored with the Stephen Kozak Award and Charlize Theron was honored with the Vanguard Award ... here are a few pics from the event:

Jessica Alba opened the show by presenting the first award of the night ... and the party continued from there. The cast of Will & Grace won the award for Outstanding Comedy Series and The L Word won the award for Outstanding Drama Series. Click HERE for a full list of last night's winners. [Source]

I was extremely fortunate enough to attend last night's awards at the Kodak Theater. My good friend David Pinsky contacted me at the last minute to see if I would be interested in attending the awards show ... here are a few pics that I snapped from my 6th row center seat (!!!) at the show:

I cannot express how empowering it was to be at that awards show. Seeing so many influential people all working towards the common goal of inclusion and visibility in the LGBT community was very humbling. I was very proud to be a gay man last night. Melissa Etheridge gave the most amazing acceptance speech EVER. It was extremely moving and very poignant. You can hear it for yourself when the GLAAD Media Awards are broadcast on LOGO on April 15 at 9PM and for the first time ever on VH1 on April 16 at 9PM. I'll write more about last night's fun at the end of this post.

Elsewhere, in Las Vegas, a whole slew of celebs convened to celebrate with Maxim magazine on their 100th issue ... of course, the usual suspects were there:

Paris Hilton made sure to bring along her wonky eye ... Tori Spelling made sure to bring along her wonky boobs (what is wrong with them ... Tori needs to sue the hell out of her plastic surgeon) and Xtina Aguilera made sure to bring along her super red lips. Ya know what ... Xtina looks really cute ... even with the red lips and the *ahem* capri pants. Please don't quote me on that ... [Source, Source, Source]

Pink reader Diva noted something from the pictures of Paris Hilton in British Elle magazine that I posted yesterday ... while Paris was talking major shizz about Nicole Richie in her interview she was also wearing the exact same Roberto Cavalli dress in one of the pictures:

Nicole Richie already wore that Cavalli dress in British magazine Tattler last month. Oh the SHAME! [thanks Diva]

Cameron Diaz rocks the plastic bag like no on else in Hollywood ...

... how else is she gonna cover up all that bad skin? [Source]

Mariah Carey opened her home to the pages of In Style Home magazine so that we can all see how humbly our dear Mimi lives:

Personally, I prefer the expose on her NYC apartment on MTV's Cribs ... somehow I think these home tours work much better when Mariah gets naked in front of the cameras and slips into the bath. [Source]

And finally ... here is our Hot Dude of the Week ... I thought it might be nice to feature a red head this week ... let's all say hello to Andrew:

That boy better not stay in the sun long ... the poor dear is gonna get a nasty sunburn if he lingers too long. See ... I care about the male models, y'all. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
So ... Jim and I had a great lunch at Urth Cafe yesterday where we ran into Michelle Trachtenberg! Unfortch she was Smoking Donkey-less but was very sweet nonetheless:

I cannot tell you how thrilling it was to spend time with her ... I look absolutely horrid in this picture with her (she is supercute as usual). I think it's the sunglasses ... and the fact that I look fat! UGH!

Incidentally, we saw Simon Cowell shopping for a new car at a Jaguar dealership as we were driving to Urth ... sooooo LA.

Anyways ... when I packed for my LA trip I failed to bring along any sort of formal dress at all ... all I brought was a bunch of shorts, jeans and t-shirts (you know, the usual). When I got the call for the GLAAD Media Awards I knew that I needed to go shopping for an outfit ... Jim and I hit the Beverly Center and did our best to pull together a semi-decent outfit. I ended up going with a blue, black and white motif and stumbled up on these INSANELY outrageous D&G sunglasses which I just had to have:

Seriously ... aren't they the most insanely ridiculous sunglasses you've ever seen? I love them! Anyways ... after shopping we got dressed and made our way down to Hollywood & Highland for the awards show. We had the most insane seats ever ... right in the center, sitting in the same row as Nick Verreos and Andrae Gonzalo from Project Runway (and 2 rows behind the insanely cute Kevin Zegers). At the dinner after the awards show I got to meet both Nick and Andrae AND Santino and Tim Gunn ... Oh, and I dined with Patricia and Alexis Arquette ... we were all seated at the same table:

Isn't that absolutely insane? I cannot believe that I was lucky enough to attend this incredible event. It was truly an amazing night.

I also managed to run into a few Pink readers:

I have to give a shout out to Lalo, Genevieve, Rueben, Lawrence and Jordan. I also ran into supercute Corey Spears in the parking structure. I've been a fan of his blog since forever ... it was awesome finally getting to meet him.

So yeah ... the night wasn't over yet ... the Project Runway guys mentioned that they were going to Hot Dog at Club 7969 to do some dancing ... so we made out way to Hot Dog and OMG we had the best time ... Jim really liked the go-go boy, I really loved the music ...

... and a good time was had by all.

I got up early to try and get Madonna tickets for the LA show in May ... but it sold out in about 3 minutes ... booooo!

I've got some apartment hunting to do this afternoon but it turns out that Stacy Q is performing tonight at Club London:

I am gonna do my best to catch that show ... I totally <3 her!

The weather is glorious ... I need to jet. I'm out!