Wednesday, April 19, 2006

War Of The Worlds

Well ... a new day has dawned ... the moon did not turn red last night nor did the streets run with blood (that I'm aware of) so I think it's safe to say that we've, thus far, avoided a cataclysm of epic proportions -- so obviously Katie Holmes did not actually give birth to Tom Cruise's child because we'd all be dead by now, right?


Here is the official press release that came from the TomKat camp announcing the birth of baby Suri:

They "joyously" welcomed the arrival of the baby girl? Can you do that while being silent? [Source]

So ... okay ... now we have to pin our planet's salvation upon the epic struggle that is sure to come between the babies of Brooke Shields (Planet Earth) and Tom Cruise (Planet Crazy):

YAY TEAM GRIER! We're all counting on you ...

But seriously, I suspect that it won't be long before we get to see actual pictures of these little miracles ... we all know how much TomKat love whatever media attention they can get ... I wouldn't be surprised if we got our first glimpse of Suri by the time the tabloids go to press this weekend ... and expect the jokes to keep on going strong.

One last bit of Tom Cruise news, homie is on the cover of Magazine magazine lookin' all serious and stuff:

C'mon ... be honest ... wouldn't you love having Tom Cruise as your daddy? [Source]

So the TomKat spawn has finally graced us with her presence ... and now we focus our full attention on the impending birth of baby Jolie-Pitt ... here are newish pictures of Angelina and Maddox hiding out in Namibia:

I think we've still got some time to wait for the Jolie-Pitt baby ... Angelina doesn't look as big as Katie was ... she still has lots of time for that last minute shoe shopping. [Source]

Prada threw a little shindig yesterday at their Prada Soho Epicenter store in NYC to celebrate the opening of The Waist Down - Skirts by Miuccia Prada Exhibition and such luminaries as Lindsay Lohan and Iman were on hand for the party:

Lindsay looked fabulous ... I love her whole look. Iman was lookin' classy as always, that woman never looks bad. [Source, Source]

Elsewhere in NYC, L. Lo has been trying out a couple new poses for the paparazzi:

I really hope that arm behind the head thing catches on ... then we'll be able to quickly determine who in Hollywood has problems with pit stains. [Source]

Josh Duhamel decided to take up some garden work while his girlfriend Fergie is away ... and I think we can all be thankful that Josh likes to do his gardening without wearing a shirt:

Is it wrong that I kinda strangely like those rubber gloves that Josh is wearing? Nevermind, don't answer that ... [Source]

Kelly Clarkson has been spending some downtime this weekend in the Bahamas with a few friends ... and it looks like she was having a grand ol' time:

Look at the way she is tearing into that sandwich ... Kelly rules, y'all! I'm glad she's taking some vacay time for herself -- she really deserves it. [Source]

Heidi Klum picked up a few things while she was out shopping this week ... a little something for her kiddies and a little something for her hubby:

Hmmm ... maybe the plush giraffe is also for Seal and Heidi to play with ... I can see the 2 of them gettin' kinky with the plushie play. [Source]

Oh hell no ... I know that Bobby Brown ain't gonna be cool with these new pictures of his little Bobbi Kristina lookin' all hoochie in her teeny weeny bikini:

Kids, they grow up so fast. Bobbi Kris looks like she's 13 going on 35. [thanks Noelle]

Jennifer Lopez is gettin' back on the scene ... check out her multiple covers of the new issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine:

Yay! I have been anxiously awaiting the return La Diva Latina. She looks hawt! Bring it on, mamacita. [Source, Source]

Pink reader Michelle sends in this new Kohl's newspaper ad that, once again, features Teddy from 8th & Ocean:

Seriously, this Kohl's campaign must be worth a fortune ... it would have to be for him to agree to be photographed in something as fashionable as a 7UP t-shirt. [thanks Michelle]

And finally, let's take a closer look at the mysterious model boy who is featured in the new BeBe ad campaign with Mischa Barton ... check out these pictures of Chad W. from Major Model Management:

Yessss ... he has an impressive body of work. I hope we get to see more of him in the future. [Source]

David and I spent the afternoon doing some shopping even tho I didn't buy a thing ... which is odd because I usually never not find something that I want to buy. We did a lot of walking and managed to run into Pink readers Stephanie and Doug while we were out and about.

We were actually in Times Square yesterday evening when we heard about the "birth" of TomKat's baby so that is why I was only able to write that tiny post from an internet kiosk in Times Square. It's all good tho ... we were having a blast.

David and I went to a preview showing of the new play The History Boys for our night's entertainment:

Generally I liked the show ... the story was well written and the actors were excellent. They did this thing using video for the scene transitions that I really didn't care for ... they were going for this 80's music video theme which I can appreciate but the screaming video became a bit obnoxious. That said, I really liked everything else about the show ... the boys were great characters and the teachers were superb. The story ended up in a place that I hadn't anticipated, which was a nice surprise. It took me a little while to care for the characters but by the midpoint I was engrossed by the tale kinda got lost in it. This show is smart and funny ... and the occasional singing wasn't half bad at all. I have to admit, I wouldn't have seen this show if we weren't invited to screen it but I am glad that I did ... it was well worth the time.

One last thing ... I've mentioned this before but I kinda want to reiterate what is going on with me and my personal life. Erik and I did break up about 2 months ago now. Honestly, we had been having problems for quite some time but it wasn't anything that I wanted to air publicly on the blog ... I didn't want to hurt his feelings and I didn't think it would be appropriate for our relationship's well-being. I did come to the conclusion that things weren't going to work out so the relationship ended. I was fortunate enough to meet David on my trip to Amsterdam and after things ended with Erik I came to NYC to get better acquainted with David. That's where I am now ... David and I are having a great time being with one another and we're moving forward. That's what's going on, y'all ... not that I expect the speculation to end but now you've heard it from me.

I guess that's about it for now ... I'm out.