Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Baby? One More Time?

I sincerely hope that the new rumors going around that Britney Spears is pregs again are false ... again. I'm not sure if we're ready for another Federline to be born into the world:

Fading pop star Britney Spears is pregnant for the second time, according to sources. She will reportedly deliver a sibling for seven-month-old Sean Preston in late September or early October, which means her children's birthdays will be almost exactly one year apart. It will be the fourth child for Spears' husband Kevin Federline, who has two children from a previous relationship. Sources claim Spears got pregnant less than four months after delivering Sean Preston by cesarean section. Next week's issue of US Weekly reports that Spears told her family the good news over the Easter weekend. Dear Gods, WHY????????????? [Source]

US Weekly usually has a good track record when they cover shizz like this ... so I have to exclaim BOOOOOOOO!

Well, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away ... I'm gonna go cheer myself up with those Ryan Phillippe pictures.

Living On A Player

So, like, the big news right now is the shocking revelation that Denise Richards (who just filed for divorce [and unleashed a firestorm of graphic allegations] from her husband Charlie Sheen) is hooking up with Richie Sambora (who just got his ass dumped by his wife Heather Locklear after she discovered that he was cheating on her with some other woman -- who, we can now assume, is Denise [Heather's former BFF]) ... there are a whole bunch of pictures out there of Denise and Richie in various states of PDA -- like these pics from US Weekly magazine:

Uh ... yeah, these two look drunk as hell ... and so in love? [Source, thanks Elizabeth]

Here is another picture of Denise and Richie holding hands and being all kissy-kissy from People magazine:

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora have been getting cozy: The pair were spotted kissing in Southern California this weekend, PEOPLE reports ... On Saturday, Richards, 35, and Sambora, 46, the soon-to-be ex-husband of Heather Locklear, arrived at Le Cafe in the Westlake Village neighborhood outside Los Angeles at about 5 p.m. in separate cars. In the parking lot, the two kissed then walked hand-in-hand, smiling and chatting the entire way as they headed for the restaurant ... Inside, they shared a table in the covered patio where they gazed into each other's eyes and held hands across the table. Eventually, Richards planted a kiss on Sambora's hand -- and he returned the gesture, kissing hers. They then kissed again on the lips. They left the restaurant at 5:45 p.m. in the same car together. Hmm ... so are we supposed to believe the insane allegations Denise leveled against Charlie Sheen now? Did Denise go running from the evil Charlie into the safe and waiting arms (and lap) of Richie? Oooh ... I can't wait for Heather Lochlear to run into Denise Richards on the street ... there is gonna be an ass-whoopin' like you ain't never seen. [Source]

Charlie, for his part, vehemently denies all the allegations against him ... which, apparently, have pissed him off ... here is a document, supplied by Denise's lawyers, describing a few sweet voicemails that Charlie left for Denise last year:

WOW! Did he actually call her a "Dickface" and the horrid "N" word as she alleges?! OY! This is gonna be one nasty divorce ... the mud slinging has already begun in earnest and it's only been about a week now since this whole mess blew up. It's gonna be a very interesting couple fo months, that's for sure. [Source]


Yay! I love Tuesdays if only for the fact that I can comment to my <3's content about the previous Monday night's episode of 24. Woooooo doggie ... last night's ep was amazing! There were so many good parts ... let's get to it:

It must be said -- Chloe O'Brien just keeps getting better and better with each new episode. There ain't nothing that Chloe and her CTU subnets, VPN networks and NSA LAN SATS can't accomplish. This character needs her own show ... but somewhere down the line, I love her too much working with Jack Bauer. Christopher Henderson is turning out to be a very kick-ass villain ... he is playing the president, I just know it ... there is no honor among thieves and I know that President Logan is gonna get OWNED by the end of the day. And, can we be for real for one second ... you mean to tell me that Christopher Henderson can survive being tortured at CTU, an enormous natural gas explosion and a major car crash -- all within a matter of hours -- and can still put up a fight? He really is Robocop! Secretary Heller is the man ... he may have made some bad decisions but, in the end, proved that he could make the right decision as well ... I seriously screamed out OMG! about 7 times as Sec. Heller's car went off that cliff. Jack would've pussed out to save him ... I know it ... he's getting soft ... his love for Audrey is going to hurt him if he doesn't get his shizz straight again. Audrey, on the other hand, is growing a set of brass balls that may prove to be formidable. The best quote of the night belonged to Audrey Raines: "Kill him Jack! Do it!" Hellz yeah ... she is the woman for Jack Bauer. I'm actually surprised that Prez Logan fessed up to Martha ... big mistake. And who the hell is this Bluetooth Headset Mafia? You can tell they're the ones pulling Prez Logan's strings because they all have Bluetooth headsets and Logan doesn't. LOL! I am so glad that Karen Hayes finally got a clue ... she can prove to be an important asset for Jack's success -- so long as Miles doesn't get in the way ... and we have to wait to see who is on that plane (he must be a British national, his car was decked out with the British flag). By the looks of next week's preview it looks like 24 is gonna look more like the new movie United 93. OY! I can't wait! [Screencaptures via TwentyFourOnline.com]

BTW: It must be said that I have to COMMEND the 24 peeps for ditching the mission:impossible muszak and for going back to the good ol' 24 orchestral music. Yay!


Just a few musings on last night's ep of Prison Break ... I'm still shocked that good guy Nick has turned out to be a double crossing slime ... but it does add more suspense to the storyline ... I kinda knew all along that John wasn't dead but I didn't expect him to come back with a great haircut and a deep affection for Jebus -- I wonder if it's an act. And why is he talking to good guy Nick? Hmmm ... And can you spare me this whole thing about the multinational group called "The Company" that runs the world ... I mean, come the eff on ... it's nuts! I am glad that Holly Valance (as Nika) is back on the show ... I hope we see more of her -- she rules. UGH! And I KNEW that little snitch couldn't be trusted ... I knew he would spill his guts as soon as he could ... I hope he pays dearly for his bitchy little snitchery. Wee ... the escape begins next week and for the last 3 episodes ... how exciting!

Okay ... let's move on ... the TriBeca Film Festival is underway in NYC, here are a couple of pictures of Robert De Niro at the festival's opening press conference:

LOL! De Niro is a genius actor but he looks silly when he makes these faces. So far the only big films that I know of that are opening at TriBeca are United 93 and mission:impossible:III. I guess we'll see if this film festival even turns out worth mentioning as the week continues. [Source]

Big names like Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and ... Luke Perry were on hand for the 10th anniversary celebration of the Broadway smash hit Rent in NYC yesterday:

Wow! Even Joey Fat One from N*Sync and Frenchie Davis (who was on American Idol for about 24 seconds) were also on hand for the festivities ... talk about your A-List shindigs. I know, I know ... both Joey and Frenchie did stints on Broadway in Rent ... so I guess they had to be invited. Irregardless, I love Rent (having seen it more times than I care to admit) and I'm glad that even after 10 years the love for this show is still holding strong. [Source]

We all must have been very good peeps for the gods to be so kind to us ... Ryan Phillippe decided to take advantage of the glorious weather out West and had himself a little work out ... hold on to your panties, y'all ... here comes the hotness:

Whew! Yeah ... I ... uh ... yeah ... can you imagine if Ryan and Jake Gyllenhaal became workout buddies ... and they took to sweating in the sun ... together? Le Sigh X 1,000,000 [Source]

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are urging the press to leave them alone while they hide out in Namibia ... unless, of course, they invite the press to come along for photo ops. Here is a recent picture of Angelina posing with NBC's Ann Curry and a whole bunch of supercute Namibian young folk:

Awww ... Angelina looks like a nice, normal pregnant woman awaiting the birth of her first natural born child ... who just happens to be worth a bazillion bucks. I suspect this may be the last we see of her until she emerges after she drops her load. [Source]

Xtina Aguilera is hard at work on her new album, here are a couple of pictures of Xtina on her way into her recording studio:

I love her subtle and tasteful ensemble. It's not easy to make leopard print look classy but somehow Xtina makes it all seem so natural. Meow! [Source]

Hmm ... there is something ... not quite right ... about this picture of Ryan Seacrest ... but I just can't seem to put my finger on it ...

... the whole thing is just ... off ... I wonder what it could be. [Source]

Victoria Beckham loves to shop, we know this, and I love to watch her shop because it is very easy to get sucked into the lull of staring at her plastic parts ... wondering just how is it that they are able to get her to look like this without the aid of embalming fluid:

Who knows ... maybe they do use trace amounts of embalming fluid after all? At any rate, I love her tacky new extensions and her peek-a-blouse -- now that's hawt! [Source]

Justin Timberlake appears to be having a bad day ... now, all together now ... let's sing that stupid Daniel Powter song that, once you hear it, gets stuck in your head for days:

Cause you had a bad day ... You're taking one down ... You sing a sad song just to turn it around ... You say you don't know ... You tell me don't lie ... You work at a smile and you go for a ride ... You had a bad day ... The camera don't lie ... You're coming back down and you really don't mind ... You had a bad day ... You had a bad day Aww ... it's okay Justin ... run home to Cameron's warm bosom and everything will be A-OK. [Source]

Hayden Christensen seems to have gotten that "Sienna Miller biznazz" out of his system ... check out these pictures of Hayden having a grand ol' time with this older gentleman:

Awww ... don't they make a cute couple? And I don't think it's at all tacky that the old dude is wearing a Sith Happens t-shirt. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL [Source]

Hey ... have you heard? Tom Cruise is a complete nutball ... check out this picture of Tommy boy showing off pictures of his new baby girl, Suri Holmes-Cruise, on his magical-invisible BlackBerry:

Amazing! Tom has the same BlackBerry 8700c that I do ... except you can actually see mine. Click HERE to watch the vid clip to see the insanity for yourself. [Source via Defamer]

Here are a couple pictures of Tom at a mission:impossible:III press conference in Rome ... at least he was able to keep his composure and appear somewhat sane:

Oh wait, I was actually referring to Keri Russell ... he's still a whackjob. [Source]

And finally ... how's about we take one more look at Ryan Phillippe working his ass out in the California sun:

OOOOOH yeah ... me likes, me likes a lot. [Source]

Da News:
I spent a quiet night at home last night taking care of housekeeping stuff. I was able to catch up on a ton of stuff ... and I actually got to spend time reading. It's nice not having to do all of your reading on airplanes.

Tonight I'm hanging out with my friend Karen who I haven't seen in ages ... we have a lot of catching up to do so we decided to meet up at the Living Room for pizza and martinis. That way, we can plant ourselves there and talk for as long as we need to.

The weather is kinda blah today ... but I hope y'all have a good one anyways. I'm out.