Monday, May 01, 2006

Athletic Supporters

The summer concert season officially got underway this weekend as the Coachella Valley Music Festival blew up in Indio California. The 2-day festival brought out performers like Depeche Mode, Kanye West, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Daft Punk, She Wants Revenge and, of course, Madonna:

Madonna thrilled thousands of fans at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival Sunday, even as she brought a mainstream feel to the traditionally edgy event. A swollen outdoor crowd erupted in cheers after the Material Girl made her entrance inside a glittering disco ball that split in two and launched into "Hung Up" for her opening number. She performed an abbreviated set of five songs in less than a half hour. Madonna used her short set to make some jabs at GWB: During an energetic rendition of her song I Love New York, Madonna roared, "Just go to Texas and suck George Bush's dick." LOL! Oh that Madonna ... she is such a controversial public figure. While it would've been kinda cool to see Madonna play her first festival concert I can't imagine dealing with all of those people and the 90+ degree temperature just to see her play a set that wasn't even 30-mins. long. I can't believe that she's still rockin' that purple outfit ... I really hope it doesn't become a part of her Confessions Tour wardrobe. [Source] has some great pictures of the Scissor Sisters' set at Coachella:

Only Jake Shears and Ana Matronic can make gold lame look sexy. They should've brought along a cavalcade of Solid Gold Dancers to back them up. The Sisters performed some new music that will be featured on their new album as they closed the festival late Sunday night. [Source]

The celebrities at Coachella weren't merely relegated to the stage ... a few of them popped up among the regular mortals ... in the VIP area. Here are a couple of pictures of Nicole Richie hanging out with Taryn Manning at the DKNY Jeans/ Motorola Coachella House VIP Retreat:

Don't they look like they're having a great time? I wonder who was on stage while Nicole was playing with the new Motorola Q ... which promises to be the new gadget accessory of the year ... will it become the new Sidekick? [Source]

... maybe the weed pipe will be the hot new accessory:

Just say no! It looks like Nicole is way too biz to be smokin' the shizz. [thanks Jac]

Nicky Hilton didn't bring along her BlackBerry to the festival, she brought along her favorite doll ...

... oh wait, that's her teeny, tiny boyfriend Kevin Connolly. Nice manpris, btw. [Source]

Paris Hilton is chillin' out in Austria where she will play host at the Top of the Mountain Austrian Music Festival and it looks like she picked up a new pair of sunglasses ... that I think I've seen somewhere else before ...

Hmmmm ... she's wearing pink and the new D&G shades ... I wonder if she's been stalking me on My Space? [Source]

The new animated movie Over the Hedge had it's premiere in Hollywood last night, here are a few pictures:

Brooke Shields brought most of her family out for the premiere ... her new baby Grier Hammond Henchy was left at home. We still haven't seen pictures of Grier ... or baby Suri for that matter ... I wonder what gives? [Source]

Debbie Gibson was on hand this weekend at the Ft. Lauderdale AIDS Walk in Florida:

I'm not sure that she did any actual walking but she sure would've fit right in at the Ft. Lauderdale AIDS Sit & Scowl. [Source]

Jennifer Love Hewitt just keeps making things worse ... her new darker color and horrid haircut got one-upped this weekend as she opted to go the extensions route:

Boooooo! Her stylist must really hate her ... a lot. [Source]

But ... at least there's hope for J. Love ... the terrrrrible things that are done to her can be undone ... the same cannot be said for our dear Kimberly Stewart:

Just when I thought there couldn't be anything scarier than a regular ol' Kim Stewart ... the tweaked out version comes along and threatens to ruin my sleep for the coming month. [Source]

Victoria Beckham is in NYC (hopefully, she brought along her hottie hubby with her) and she is lookin' fierce in this bright red outfit:

She's got all the points down ... her newly sharpened knee bones look especially fetching. HOT! HOT! HOT! [Source]

Heather Locklear isn't letting all that Denise Richards-stole-my-husband bizznazz get her down ... check her out lookin' happy and carefree leaving a dinner date at Woo Lae Oak in Hollywood last Friday:

Incidentally, she was dinner dating with David Spade ... I'm still not exactly sure what is going on with those two but it's obvious that she can't be using David to make her estranged hubby Richie Sambora jealous. Gawd ... I hope she's not using him for sex either! [Source]

Spring is in the air and that means that celebs all over the place are getting together to enjoy ... various sporting events. Check out these pictures of Sean William Scott gettin' cozy with his latest chick at a NY Rangers/NJ Devils hockey playoff game:

Awww ... ain't they cute? But hockey games aren't the only sporting events that draw out the big names ... [Source]

... the LA Lakers tend to draw in the big names to all of their home games ... check out these precious pictures of Demi Moore's eldest daughters, Scout and Rumer, out on their first unchaperoned date with an actual boy:

It's so nice that the girls are able to share their man meat. I wonder if they're gonna share him with their mother too. [Source]

If the celebs aren't at a hockey game and if they're not at basketball game then they must be at a baseball game ... here are a couple pictures of Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony cheering their asses off at an LA Angels/Detroit Tigers ball game:

Wee! D-Town love all over the place, y'all! [Source]

And finally, I'm not sure if any of y'all watched the Daytime Emmys this weekend ... you may have thought you escaped the horror but, sadly, that's not the case ... check out this HOT picture of Star Jones showing off her saggy boobies:

Yeah ... sorry, lunch is cancelled for today. [Source]

El News:
David and I spent most of yesterday afternoon chillin' out around town. We did some shopping and then met up with my good friend Brad and his good friend Kathy for drinks at the Blue Owl in the East Village:

We weren't able to meet up at MisShapes on Saturday night so it was nice to have drinks with them and just hang out for a while.

Not sure what's going on today but I'm sure it'll be a good one. I'm out.