Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Playing Dress Up

Last night was the night where all the stars came out for this years gala held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Costume Institute. Anybody who is anybody showed up wearing their best threads in an attempt to stake their claim as the most fashionable ... there was a lot of pouting and a lot of trying too hard:

With everyone trying to out-do one another I'm sure it was very difficult to determine who was the best dressed ... altho, at events like these it ain't difficult at all to determine who was the worst dressed. Let's consider the candidates and pick out the bad and the good. [Source]

The Olsen twins got their skinny little bodies all glammed up, slathered on the blood red lipstick and strutted their stuff:

Ashley Olsen looks terrified ... and extremely bored ... and I'm not really feeling that dress which looks like it was made from the Olsen grandmother's fancy tablecloth. Mary Kate doesn't look half-bad ... I think I'm getting used to her stringy extensions and smiley-pout. Goth chicks rule. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez looked amazing ... her dress fit her curvy body perfectly, her hair wasn't over-done (thank god she didn't opt for the beehive this time) and even tho she looked a bit stoned she glowed on the red carpet:

Her decaying hubby couldn't even mar her hotness. Is Marc Anthony kidding us with that velvet suit? It looks like something that a man would be buried in ... a gay man ... a gay man with no taste ... a zombified gay man with no taste ... and suddenly, it is starting to make sense. It's nice to see J. Lo's booty back on the scene ... I've missed it. [Source]

Victoria Beckham, it pains me to say, looked amazing in her frilly Lucille Ball-esque red dress -- even her hair looked great! Sarah Jessica Parker looks atrocious ... utterly sickeningly ridiculous:

It looks like she lost a bet or something ... if you'd like to get your fill of her horrid outfit click HERE to see all the pics your little heart may desire. [Source, Source]

Incidentally, both Posh and SJP have the scariest collarbones ever ... maybe next time they both should wear neck covering sweaters.


Last night's episode of 24 turned out better than I thought it would. When I saw the previews for last night's ep I figured it would be a semi-boring airplane episode with Jack doing something ridiculous in the cargo hold. I should've known to expect more from 24 ... it actually turned out to be a semi-exciting airplane episode with Jack doing something ridiculous in the cargo hold:

First off, I have to give it up to the Director of Homeland Security Karen Hayes. She has really stepped up her game. I had the inkling that she would turn out to be one of the good guys once she got a feel for Jack and the Bauer Bunch. I have a bad feeling that her #2, Miles, is going to be a problem for her. Hopefully she'll have to resort to punching that weasely little jerk in the face. So ... Jack basically spent the whole hour on that chartered airplane doing the impossible -- as per usual. I love how his magical mobile phone not only works but gets great reception at 30,000 ft. You have to wonder why his phone is never on vibrate ... it's always ringing ... I would think that might be a problem for him when he's on undercover missions ... but I'm digressing. Hello ... did you notice how that Air Marshal on board that plane was like the worst marshal ever?! Boo! I cannot believe that the co-pilot was the tape smuggler ... but it was complete genius. What better way to smuggle a tape out of the country than inside the cockpit. Brills! I was very happy to see First Lady Martha Logan become the boozy, pill-popper that I knew she was. She grows more endearing every episode. Chloe ... c'mon ... she just rules all ... not only does she kick ass utilizing her CTU Subnets (which allow her to call anyone) but she knows her way around a taser as well. When she zapped that a-hole I howled with glee. So best!!! As much as I liked this season's airplane episode, I think I preferred last season's episode where the stolen Stealth bomber shot down Air Force One ... that was way more exciting. But, last season kinda fizzled in the end ... let's hope this season doesn't do the same. There are only 4 hours left in this season ... bring 'em on! [Screencaptures via TwentyFourOnline.com]

Grab the tissues, y'all ... People.com is reporting that Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos are no longer together:

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, have split, a source close to Hilton tells PEOPLE. When asked about the split, Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, says, "It is not my policy to comment on my client's private life. But I would not offer a denial." Well ... another one bites the dust. Let's pause for a moment of silence for our dearly departed Parisopolis. [Source, thanks Carol]

:( :( :( :( :( :( Why ... why ... why ...

Isn't there a surfing tourney somewhere in the world that can occupy Jake Gyllenhaal's time?! The spandex ... are ... just so :( [Source]

This is the funniest shizz I think I've ever seen ... Scarlett Johansson just cannot take the constant hounding any longer ... it looks like she's resorted to drastic measures:

Poor old Scarlett Johansson has clearly had enough of the paparazzi sneaking around getting crafty shots of her. So she's taken some (badly spelt) action. Whilst hanging around the set of her new movie, The Nanny Diaries, with Alicia Keys, she adopted a novel way of avoiding the flash ... Cleverly, Alicia was able to hop on the bandwagon with her piece of card reading, 'Me too.' But they weren't being quite as clever as they thought... they spelt harassed wrong. Bless. LOLOLOLOLOL! You know ... the funniest thing is that Alicia Keys thinks that people actually want to take pictures of her and doesn't realize that she only gets photographed when she's standing near Scarlett. [Source]

Pink reader Visnja caught the Babyshambles concert at Paradiso in Amsterdam last night and sends in these pictures of the man of the hour Pete Doherty:

She writes: Pete was in good form last night in Amsterdam at the Paradiso. Despite what everyone thought, they actually showed up and played for almost two hours. There were plenty of girls there trying to get up on stage and make out with him, and as they finished their set, they even picked one out to take backstage with them.. Classy. Well, it's good to see that Pete isn't letting his legal woes get him down. Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll, indeed! [thanks Visnja]

Awww ... it looks like Xtina Aguilera keeps her hubby Jordy Bratman on a tight, tight leash:

Who needs a personal assistant when they've got a whipped husband? [Source]

Kate Bosworth and Brandon Routh were on hand at Kitson in LA yesterday for the launch of the official Superman Returns line of girly clothing:

And so it begins ... expect the pair to show up at a local supermarket for the launch of Super-Os cereal by next week. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan held a press conference to promote her new movie Just My Luck which opens in theaters later on this month:

You can tell that she really appreciates her craft and is very emphatic when discussing her art. Her tacky chipped nail polish adds a nice touch, don't you think? [Source]

Speaking of Just My Luck, here are a few promo pictures from the film:

I have to admit, having seen the trailer I'm fairly certain that this movie will be absolutely terrrrrrible ... and you better believe my ass is gonna go see it. Does her cute co-star, Chris Pine, have any nude scenes? Does anyone know? [Source]

Mischa Barton is featured in a photospread for the new issue of GQ magazine:

She should've brought along her new puppy because these photos are ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out a huge Happy Birthday to my favorite Brit boy David Beckham ... the sexy beyotch turns 31 years old today:

Woot! I love pictures of Becks where he's all oiled up and half-dressed ... what a happy birthday, indeed!

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon, David and I picked up lunch and spent some time hanging out in the sun in Union Square. There were hundreds of protesters all over the place waving flags, signs and chanting USA! USA!. It was very cool to see ... it's a good feeling seeing people take action in a country where they're allowed to voice their opinions.

We spent the afternoon shopping around town before having a great dinner at Les Enfants Terribles. It was a very nice night all around.

Tonight we are planning on hanging out at Happy Valley to watch Dita Von Teese shake her boobies. It should be lots of fun.

That is all ... I'm out.