Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bang! Bang!

Oy ... what a day ... yesterday afternoon David and I trekked on down to Times Square to pay a little visit to TRL. Tom Cruise launched an attack on NYC on his way to the NYC premiere of Mission:Impossible:III ... he arrived by boat, by motorcycle, by sports car and by fire truck (VH1's BWE has video footage HERE):

He showed up outside the MTV studios (by black car) to announce that the entire TRL audience was going to the first screening of M:I:III right after the show ... and then he introduced Kanye West who performed his version of the M:I theme song called Impossible. [Source, Source]

I couldn't find any pictures of the Kanye performance but I hate to admit that I loved his outfit ... he wore a sparkly shirt underneath a Louis Vuitton bandana around his neck. He performed with Twista and Keyshia Cole. I really was expecting a hot song ... but sadly Impossible is a terrible song. It's way too slow and not at all catchy. Irregardless, we had a great time bopping along to the song cuz, hello, we were on TRL.

Nelly Furtado was also on TRL to debut her new video for the song Promiscuous:

Her song and video are both HOT! Thank God for Timbaland otherwise I fear Nelly's career would've been over. I'm really excited for her album. These pictures of Kanye aren't from TRL, they're from the M:I:III premiere last night but it's the same outfit that he wore on TRL. [Source, Source]


OMG ... seriously ... OMG. I can't even believe last night's episode. For the most part the ep was chugging along pretty slowly and then BAM! the last 5 minutes change the whole scope of everything so far ... how in the hell is this season gonna end? What the eff is going on?!

Alright, let's get the informational stuff out of the way first ... Ana Lucia befriended Jack's dad and she went by the fake name Sarah -- which was Jack's wife's name. Jack's dad goes to Sydney to try and see his illegitimate daughter ... whose mother looks a lot like Claire. Does this mean that Claire is Jack's sister? That would mean that Aaron is Jack's nephew. Hmmmm ... okay, let's get to the Ana Lucia stuff. So she almost gets killed by Henry Gale so she decides to kill him -- like she did to that guy before. She ends up having sex with Sawyer to get his gun away from him, which turns out to be a big mistake. So the big shocker is that Michael shoots Ana Lucia in the stomach and then accidentally shoots Libby in the stomach as well. But why did he do it? Did he do it because he was brainwashed by The Others? That would explain why he claimed that The Others were weak, dirty and unprepared for an attack (Kate knows this is not true but didn't say anything). Did he do it because he is just desperately trying to get the survivors to go to war against The Others? If he makes it look like Henry Gale, one of The Others, killed the girls and then shot Michael then Jack would go ballistic and would probably launch an attack on The Others. We don't know anything about Michael's motives at this point ... we also don't know if the girls are dead or alive. I wouldn't be surprised if they are both dead (we know for sure that one of them dies because Kate says so in the preview for next week's ep) ... or end up dead very soon (i.e. Libby may go into a coma, live long enough to tell what really happened and then die -- so she can go do her new show on CBS). Seriously ... what a great shocking twist ... I can't wait to see what happens next week. [Screencaptures via]

One more thing, did y'all catch the TV commercial for The Hanso Foundation (which you can see at the Hanso website) that provided a phone number to call (1-877-HANSOORG). The number is always busy and really hard to get thru to ... but Wikipedia has an MP3 of what you hear when you call. Incidentally, if you stick around for the end credits of M:I:III you'll see that The Hanso Foundation is thanked at the very end.

Lindsay Lohan and Meryl Streep were both on hand in St. Paul, Minnesota for the premiere of their new movie A Prairie Home Companion yesterday, here are a few pictures:

Hollywood came to St. Paul Wednesday for the Midwest premiere of "A Prairie Home Companion," and while Minnesotans were fawning over the visitors, the visitors were fawning over us. "Everyone is so warm and friendly," Meryl Streep said. Hundreds of those friendly faces greeted the actors as they left the St. Paul Hotel in horse-drawn carriages for the six-block ride to the Fitzgerald Theater. Pink reader Chad was there as well and he sends in the pictures of Linds and Meryl riding around on the horse carriage. How fun! [Source, thanks Chad & Susan]

Paris Hilton showed up at her new boy toy Matt Leinart's football draft party at Pure in Vegas earlier this week ... it looks like she's trying to rock Lindsay's new arm behind the head pose:

That's Hot! That's Sexy! Er ... actually, no it's not ... it's kinda lame. [Source]

Poor Stavros Niarchos seems to be taking the breakup with Paris Hilton pretty hard:

Who knew he'd miss the crabs so much. [Source]

OMG ... these pictures of Jude Law playing with his little boy are so cute ...

... even tho his hideous manpris are so not cute. Altho, it's kinda hard to hate with all that cuteness going on. [Source]

Here are more pictures of Elijah Wood on the set of his new movie Day Zero with his new bald head:

He still looks funny but he does look a bit better in these pictures. Hmmm ... I guess we'll see if he can nab some snatch with this new look. [Source]

What the hell is wrong with Xtina Aguilera ... does she seriously think she looks good like this? Check out these pictures of Xtina on the set of her new video:

Those bangs?! Horrrrrrible! I really hope that is a wig cuz if Xtina really cut her hair like this then she is dumb as hell. [Source]

Speaking of wigs, it appears that Beyonce has finally gotten rid of hers ... check out these pictures of B chillin' out with Jay-Z at a Pacers/Nets basketball game earlier this week:

She looks good au naturale ... I wonder what she did with her old weave? [Source]

Oh I see ... she gave it to Janet Jackson:

Janet and her man Jermaine Dupri are spending some time in London these days. It looks like her slim down is coming along nicely ... good for her! [Source]

Adam Brody is the cutest thing ever ... especially when you give him a new puppy and a little girl to play with:

Swooooooooooooooooooooon! [Source]

Diane Keaton must have lost something ... it looks like she is desperately trying to find whatever it is that she lost ...

Hahahahahah ... so gross ... but so damn funny. [Source]

David Beckham, who turned 31 years old earlier this week, took a little trip to a Warner Bros. theme park to celebrate his birthday with a childhood hero of his:

He's such a dork! A supercute dork that is :) [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Irma informs me that the picture of Becks is cropped ... and having seen the full-size image I can see why:

Holy-effing-socks-and-sandals Batman! I'm actually at a loss for words ... I used to think that Becksie could do no wrong ... I'm kinda crushed right now. [thanks Irma]

Ashlee Simpson is on the cover of the new issue of Teen People magazine celebrating the 25 Hottest Stars under 25:

There's a lot of buzz going around that Ashlee got herself a nose job (head over to Egotastic and Stereogum to see the evidence for yourself) but these pictures look like they were taken pre-nose job. I liked the way that Ashlee used to look ... I'm gonna miss her schnoz. [Source, thanks Kacee]

Rolling Stone magazine is about to release it's 1,000th issue and here is what the 3-D, nearly $1 million dollar, cover looks like:

Rolling Stone magazine celebrates its 1,000th issue this week with a burst of rock 'n' roll excess: a glitzy Manhattan party with the Strokes as house band and a 3-D cover that mimics the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper" sleeve and cost nearly $1 million to produce. It's an audacious sign of how Rolling Stone, which has numbered its issues since Jann Wenner put out No. 1 in 1967, remains dominant even with changing times and music. Looks like a hot mag ... I wonder if the hype will be worth it. [Source]

And finally, check out these NSFW pictures of Kimberly Stewart, yes that Kimberly Stewart, posing topless in a magazine back in 1999:

Head over to the Saving Face Forum to see the uncensored pictures ... but do so at your own risk. I have to say ... and I can't believe I'm about to say it ... Kim doesn't look that bad ... well, her face anyways. I wonder what happened ... cuz she used to look OK with the dark, short hair. Ugh ... please don't quote me on this. [Source]

The News:

So as I said earlier, David and I went down to MTV to hang out on TRL and found Times Square jam packed with people awaiting Tom Cruise's arrival ... we also came upon Scientologists handing out these flyers to everyone in sight:

They are a scary bunch but I totally expected them to be there.

As soon as TRL was over they ushered us to a movie theater where we got to see Mission:Impossible:III ... we were very surprised that we got to see the movie so soon:

I love big blow-up movies ... so I generally liked this movie ... but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I loved M:I and M:I:II so I thought I'd love this one ... it was just OK in my opinion. The missions weren't that thrilling and there were a lot of elements in the film that reminded me of 24 scenarios. Is JJ Abrams a 24 fan? I think yes ...

This is not really a must-see movie but if big action flicks are your thing then you'll prolly like it. But, it's deff not the best of the action flicks that I've ever seen ...

Blah ... this post is so late ... all apologies ... I'm out.

PS: Pink readers Kristen and Saskia send in this awesome scan from the lastest issue of Australian Cosmopolitan magazine:

I love it! Thanks so much!!! XOXO