Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tori Ties Another Knot

Tori Spelling could barely wait for the ink to dry on her divorce papers from ex-husband Charlie Shanian before walking down the aisle again to wed the latest love of her life Dean McDermott. People magazine is reporting that Tori and Dean got married yesterday on a private island in Fiji:

The non-denominational ceremony was attended only by the bride and groom, both barefoot and wearing white. "We didn't want to wait another day to get married," Spelling tells PEOPLE. Adds her new husband, "I've never had as much of a desire to get married and make a woman my wife as I've had with her. The feeling is overwhelming. We're soul mates." You may recall that Tori and Dean met last year while they were both still married to other people. The thing I love best about this report was that as soon as the private wedding was over Tori Spelling called People magazine to tell them all about it. [Source]

It's obvious that Tori is a big fan of People magazine ...

... it shouldn't be long before the newlyweds grace the cover of People. It prolly won't be long before Tori decides to marry someone else .. yet again. [Source]

Well another year and another Kentucky Derby is in the can. Barbaro the horse and his jockey Edgar Prado won this year's Derby with a 6 1/2 length finish which doesn't really mean much to me ... the only thing I really know to look for at the Kentucky Derby are the celebrities wearing big, ridiculous hats:

It's always fun to see which celebs leave the Hollywood Hills to hang out at the world-famous horse race track just so they can be seen. I never would've pegged Ashanti for a horse racing fan but she does look cute in her ensemble. I love Jennifer Love Hewitt's hat ... it covers her horrible new hair do very nicely. [Source]

That 70's Show is about to be dunzo for good, the last episode has been filmed and was celebrated in Hollywood last night:

I knew it! Demi Moore does share her boy toy Ashton Kutcher with her daughters (who went out on a date with him earlier this week) ... what a loving, close-knit family. [Source]

Lord! Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves are practically joined at the hip these days ... they're practically becoming the same person:

I love that they're even starting to wear the same clothes. I'm afraid that poor Jessica is getting too wrapped up in her BFF Ken. Maybe she's just hanging out with him so she can borrow his clothes. [Source]

Queen Latifah sure ain't a fan of letting good food go to waste. Check out her mega-sized doggie bag from Nobu ... it looks big enough to fit 2 Olsen twins and a Nicole Richie:

You go Queen! Live it up ... enjoy life. I'm glad that there are still a few people in Hollywood who like to eat. [Source]

Cindy Crawford, world-famous supermodel, is lookin' quite frightening these days. Check out these pictures of Cindy on her way out of Nobu restaurant:

Did she die and we just haven't been told yet? Dayum. [Source]

Who knew that Paris Hilton was so desperate to find new paparazzi poses ... first she steals Lindsay Lohan's new arm behind the head pose and now she's trying to steal the classic heavy metal goat horns hand gesture:

I can't believe that Paris is running out of ways to pose for pictures already. I think she needs to rehire her posing coach to get her some new moves. [Source]

Team LC members rejoice ... her new MTV show, The Hills, is a mere few weeks away from debuting ... the official site at has been updated with new promo pictures:

Kristin Cavallari has been all over the place since the last season of Laguna Beach came and went. She's appeared in commercials, music videos and even starred in her very own UPN show (which was so horrible that it only lasted for 45 seconds before it got cancelled). Things have been quiet on the Team Kristin front since her show bombed ... it appears that now is the time for LC to make her move. I'm fairly certain that The Hills will perform much better than Get This Party Started did. I have to admit, I'm actually looking forward to seeing LC in her own show. [Source] (widely regarded as the best Tori Amos website ever) officially closed down this past Friday but Tori Amos fans can take heart in the fact that a new Dent-like website will soon take its place. launches on May 16th and promises to pick up where The Dent left off:

Mike Whitehead, the man behind The Dent, will be contributing to the new site as a co-editor from time to time. To me, his involvement means that we Tori fans will be well-served by this new site. While I'm sad to see the end of The Dent era I am excited to see how this new site will operate. [Source]

And finally ... it's that time of the week again ... it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week -- say hello to Zack:

Shirtless and smirking ... just the way I like 'em. Hope y'all enjoy! [Source]

The News:
David and I spend most of yesterday just hanging out at his apartment. We lazed on the couch for way too long ... I made him watch the horribly fun movie National Treasure (which he hated but endured for my sake) while we munched on Chinese take-out. Sometimes ... it don't get much better than that.

At the last minute we decided to go out dancing and made our way to my fave NYC party MisShapes:

There was a rumor going around that Lindsay Lohan was going to do a surprise performance there last night ... alas, it turned out not to be true. Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy was there but I wasn't able to snap a picture because I was too busy with my own boy. We had tons of fun, as usual ...

I guess that's it ... today should be low key ... but I guess we'll see. I'm out.