Thursday, May 11, 2006


Grrr ... I'm still fuming a bit at the news about baby number 2 for Spederline but I'm sure I'll get over it ... Britney Spears is still a favorite of mine ... I'm not ready to abandon ship -- yet. Incidentally, Kevin Federline has been suspiciously silent on all the hoopla lately. Before the official announcement came out, he hinted that the rumored pregnancy was untrue ... the jerk! Check out this picture of K-Fed sittin' pretty on top of a brand new Maserati:

Who are those jokers that hang with him? They can't seriously think he's cool ... it must be all about the Benjamins. The fact that K-Fed is now rich enough to buy himself Maseratis AND a posse to hang with just makes me ill. The more babies he plants inside Britney the more secure his future will be ... I fully expect the baby number count to go higher than just 2. [Source]


But let's move on to something more interesting ... like last night's episode of Lost. There was just way too much information thrown at us last night ... I'm sure I won't get to it all but there is some stuff that I did want to discuss:

The episode was titled ? and I couldn't think of a better title. With all the dreams and new revelations we, the viewers, are left with nothing but questions. The first thing that struck me was that Locke and Eko are finally brought together -- as I always knew they would be. I had a hard time believing that Eko and Locke could move that airplane with their bare hands and I also had a hard time believing how easy it was for them to get inside the new found hatch. It took tons of dynamite to blow open the first hatch but all the subsequent hatches were opened with ease. So let's get to this new found hatch -- 5 of 6 The Pearl Viewing Station. Finally we have confirmation that the numbers experiment is just an experiment ... entering the numbers in the computer will not bring about the destruction of the world (which is obvious, they had too many close calls previously ... the countdown timer reached zero at least twice and nothing happened). Now that Locke has lost all faith in his beliefs it's gonna take Eko to get him back on track ... tho I'm not sure why it's relevant yet. So Ana Lucia was dead right at the beginning of the ep and Libby held on til the very end ... this will not be the last we see of her, she hasn't had her own flashback story ... and even if she doesn't get her own she is sure to show up in other people's flashbacks. I guess she wasn't an Other after all. The girl who "came back from the dead" will be important ... they focused on her way too much. Her father, the self-proclaimed "fake psychic", was the same guy who Claire went to visit before she got on the airplane. He saw into her future that it was imperative that she raise her own son and not give him up for adoption ... he foresaw the plane crash and told her to get on the plane, that way she'd be forced to raise her own baby. Is he really a fake? Was he lying to Eko? How many new questions grew out of last night's ep? [Screencaptures via]

The Hanso commercial told us to go to to get a password to use at the Hanso Foundation website. I played around with it last night, got the password and entered it in the correct field on the website but there have been no majorly shocking revelations so far. There is way too much for me to explain ... head on over to for a full run-down with plenty of explanation on how to figure out stuff on the various websites.

The movie Poseidon (based on the 70's movie The Poseidon Adventure -- which I loved) had its Hollywood premiere last night ... a lot of big names came out for the event:

Well ... okay ... there weren't very many big names at all ... but Salma Hayek was there so that's kinda cool. I'm not sure if I'm going to see this remake ... I loved the original so much. I might hold off and wait on this one ... I still have to see Stick It with Megan and Just My Luck with Sarah -- that might fulfill my crappy-movie quota for a while. [Source]

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan and her new movie Just My Luck, here are pictures of L. Lo at the afterparty for her Hollywood premiere:

Whoa ... it looks like Linds has been rummaging thru ABBAs closets lately ... I know I rag on Lindsay for wearing leggings (seemingly all the time) but I think I might prefer a pair of tights to this super sparkly dress ... Lindsay, dear, put down the Bedazzler and try again. [Source]

Pink reader Liz was at the Aberdeen, Washington premiere of Mission:Impossible:III earlier this week and she sends in this picture of TomKat gettin' cozy with the fans:

Boy, they really love pressing the flesh with the common folk ... that way they can get close and share the wonder of Scientology with the nonbelievers ... [thanks Liz]

... don't believe me? Check out this picture of Danny Masterson, proud member of the Junior Scientology Squad, wearing one cruiseazy t-shirt:

Yikes! Don't get too close ... XENU might snatch you up! [Source]

Check out these supercute pictures of Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon and baby boy Deacon enjoying some time on the beach:

Gah ... they are so cute. I love them :) [Source]

Speaking of people I love, check out these pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal spreading the wealth with a very appreciative homeless man:

Awww ... ain't he a sweetie?! This act of kindness looks totally genuine and not at all like a photo op. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson is practically inseparable from her new puppy Hula ... she loves him so much she even got him a fur lined cage to carry him around in:

That dog is cute as hell! I do not approve of the UGGs carrying case (I much prefer Louis Vuitton) but the pooch doesn't seem to mind ... much. [Source]

Teri Hatcher was on hand this week to sign copies of her new book Burnt Toast ... I'm not sure why she was so intent on scaring the shizz out of everyone in attendance:

EEK! Run out and buy your very own copy of this book before Teri shows up at your house AND EATS YOUR FACE OFF! [Source]

Nick Lachey is desperately trying to stay relevant by releasing a new album ... he's really counting on you to keep him out of the poor house:

He really needs your money now that he doesn't have Jessica's money any more. [Source]

Awwww ... check out this adorable picture of Ben Affleck taking his baby girl Violet out for a walk in her stroller:

Nevermind that he looks uninterested and bored out of his mind, I'm sure he's an A-1 super dad! [Source]

Scarlett Johansson looks to be channeling Mary Poppins as she films a scene for her new movie The Nanny Diaries:

The umbrella is a nice touch ... tho, it would have been more believable if they had inflated her lips with hot air. Wee!! [Source]

Michelle Trachtenberg is among the latest slew of celebs that have fallen victim to Ashton Kutcher's machinations ... check out these screencaps from the new ep of Punk'd:

The poor dear looks terrified ... I'm sure that Joel Madden (in the third picture) had nothing at all to do with the prank. I haven't seen the episode yet but it looks like a doozy. [Source]

It is with great glee that I announce that Celebrity Deathmatch returns to MTV2 with all new fun match-ups on June 10th ... here are caps of the episode that features a battle royale between former BFFs Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton:

Loves it! I was lucky enough to see a clip from this episode and found it very funny. I sincerely hope that the folks at Celebrity Deathmatch pair up some of our other fave celebs (Tom vs. Brooke, Nick vs. Jess, Lindsay vs. Everyone) in future episodes. Hot! [Source]

And finally, the boys at Oh La La have come upon this great billboard on the Oberhausen in Germany promoting the upcoming World Cup soccer finals:

Hopefully the bare butts aren't too risque for a Thursday afternoon ... but I just had to share ... even tho I quite enjoy the fine toned booties, I really love the guy hanging betwixt the 5th pair of butt cheeks. LOLOLOLOLOL! [Source]

David and I had a quiet last day together ... but we did venture out last night to meet up with Andy and his boyfriend Dave at the book party. We only got to hang out for a short while because Andy and Dave had dinner plans and David and I had a Lost date with Sashie. Seriously ... we spent the whole hour yelling at the TV what we thought was about to happen.

I've had the best time here in NYC these past 2 weeks ... I hate to leave but I've got things to take care of. Thank you New York City ... I'll miss you!

I've got a few errands to do before I catch my plane this evening ... I'm out.