Friday, May 12, 2006

Playing Around

There are only a couple short weeks until Madonna unleashes her Confessions Tour upon the world ... it has been ages since I've seen a concert (which is extremely rare because I normally go to concerts all the time) so I am very excited to see Madonna on stage again. I'm not going to rant again about how upset I am that I missed her Reinvention Tour (arguably, one of her best tours ever) so instead I'll just be excited about this new tour ... check out these tour costume design sketches by Jean Paul Gaultier that hit the InterWeb this week:

The costumes look amazing. I love the whole equestrian vibe that she's got going on lately. I've been staying away from tour spoilers regarding staging and the set list but I love checking out the costume sketches. If you're interested in reading about tour spoilers head on over to [Source]

Even tho Paris Hilton hasn't confirmed her new relationship with quarterback Matt Leinart that doesn't mean that they are not together. Pretty much everyone is in agreement that Paris and Matt (Maris? Paratt? Hileinart?) are doing the nasty ... here is a picture of Matt trying to sneak away from Paris' place early "the morning after" a long night of partying:

Matt Leinart was snapped exiting Paris Hilton's Hollywood Hills house Wednesday morning with his jeans and shirt rolled up in his hand after partying with the heiress the night before ... A photographer who was there tells TMZ that the former USC football star left Hilton's residence in a hurry. We're told that Leinart looked around before hopping into a waiting Cadillac, which then drove in reverse until out of sight. Paris wasn't seen until a few hours later when she emerged from the house and drove off in her Bentley. Well ... I suppose it's to be expected ... Paris ain't one to sleep in a cold bed for long. [Source]

Speaking of Miss Hilton, here is a picture of the minx hanging out with Bugs Bunny at a birthday party thrown for Joe Francis (Mr. Girls Gone Wild) at Six Flags Magic Mountain Thursday night:

Damn ... look how scary Paris' hands are! They're bigger than Bug Bunny's hands. LOL! [Source]

Plush cartoon characters are all the rage these days, check out this picture of Nicole Richie with PacMan at the conference portion of the Electronic Entertainment Expo at the LA Convention Center this week:

Miss Richie looks cute ... altho really kinda thin. I'm not sure how I feel about her new 'do ... the bangs actually look very nice on her. I don't think she's really flipping off the camera, it looks like she's just scratching her head ... or is she? [Source]

Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson were among the lucky guests at the Thursday screening of Oprah Winfrey's Legends Luncheon/Ball/Clambake thing which was held last year and is set to air as a TV special on ABC Monday night. Janet looked pretty good ... Mariah looked like the true blue hooch that we know and love:

Here's a quick report on how the event turned out last year: Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, and Alicia Keys are just a few of the famous faces who took part in Oprah Winfrey's "Legends" weekend celebration to honor African-American women who have paved the way for others ... The weekend kicked off with the Legends Luncheon, held at Oprah's home in Montecito, California. During the gathering, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliott, and Ashanti joined Oprah in paying tribute to some musical icons including Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Roberta Flack, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle and Dionne Warwick. The following night, Oprah hosted her "Legends Ball," attended by such luminaries as Coretta Scott King, Maya Angelou, Cicely Tyson, Sidney Poitier, and Ruby Dee. Other celebrities who took part include Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Usher. To round out the weekend, Oprah held a gospel brunch featuring performances from Knight, LaBelle, Warwick and Chaka Khan. Barbara Streisand and Barack Obama were just two of the guests in attendance. Sounds like a snazzy affair, I guess we'll have to tune in Monday night to see it for ourselves ... it's nice of Mimi to class up Oprah's party by choosing her best hooker-inspired dress. It's great to see Janet looking so well ... and so fit. [Source, Source, thanks for the head's up "Detroit"]

Lindsay Lohan is back home in LA and back on the shopping circuit ... here are a few pictures of L. Lo shopping in Beverly Hills ... wearing something that looks like it came from Britney Spears' closet:

Is this my punishment for railing against leggings so much? What the hell is she wearing? That horrid-looking flour sack is just gross. Linds, please give that thing back to Britney ... and keep trying :) [Source]

Prince gave away 18 purple tickets secretly stashed away in copies of his new album 3121 and treated those lucky peeps to a concert/party held at his West Hollywood home ... here is a picture of Prince with a couple of backup dancers called The Twinz:

Personally, I would've named them The Menz but ... whatevs. Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis were also on hand to celebrate with the lucky purple ticket holders. Um, yay? [Source]

Ozzy Osbourne and co. have been spending some time on holiday in Hawaii lately, let's check in on them and see how they're doing:

Don't they all look happy and relaxed ... er, I mean tired and worn out. [Source, Source]

Check out these great pictures of Kylie Minogue, looking cute and amazing, as she leaves a recording studio in London:

God ... could she look any cuter? I'm glad that she's back in the studio already ... hopefully we'll be hearing new music soon. [Source]

Courteney Cox-Arquette joined her hubby David at an AFI Associates luncheon that honored the Arquette family by awarding them with the 6th Annual Platinum Circle Award ... and boy, was she the most popular person there:

LOL ... poor Arquettes ... no one wanted to take pictures with them but everyone wanted to be seen with Courteney -- including some old Friends of hers. Hmmm ... I had no idea that Pee Wee Herman still got invited to things ... good for him. [Source]

Who's ready for Mother's Day already? Check out these adorable pictures of Melissa Joan Hart and her baby boy Mason ...

... who is getting cuter every day. With all the celebrity moms in Hollywood these days, there is sure to be a big ol' Mother's Day celebration in LA LA land this Sunday. [Source]

Attention! Attention! Lance Bass likes dating women ...

... when he goes out in public for all the paparazzi to see. Boy, he is one butch straight dude. [Source]

Brett Ratner has updated his official website with new pictures from X-Men 3:

The movie opens on May 26th but I hear there is a Detroit preview screening next week ... Woot! I.Can't.Wait. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve for my dear Gurj who turns a beautiful 24 years old today:

This beautiful woman and I have pinky sworn to have lots of cute brown babies ... which will only be cute because Gurj is so hot! Happy Birthday babe, I hope you have a great day.

Attention all you NYC cool kids, Gurj will be DJing at MisShapes this weekend ... y'all should go out and dance the night away with her! Give her lots of X's and O's for me!!!

El News:
Blah. The weather here in Detroit is very grey and dreary which is kinda how I feel today ... while it's good to be home I can't say that I'm happy to be away from David again. My flight from NYC was a very rough one ... we flew thru a lot of turbulence which pitched the plane around a bit ... it wasn't very fun.

I am happy and proud to report that Pink is the new Blog had its 30 millionth visitor yesterday afternoon:

I'm just amazed by this ... I can't believe that so many people like reading what I have to write. I know it's not always the funniest thing ever but I try ... I really love writing my blog and I'm very glad to know that so many people like reading my blog. I <3 you all!

Tonight, I'm planning on hanging out with Sarah, Mike G. and Roger at the Aut Bar in Ann Arbor to help celebrate Roger's birthday.

And ... I guess that's it. Lates!