Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yo Momma Is So Phat ...

I have to wish all the hot moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day today:

Whether your gift of choice is jewelry from Tiffany & Co. or just a bag of Cheetos, I hope y'all have a great day today.

Now we know that there are a lot of powerful celebrity moms in Hollywood but there is none more powerful than Joe Simpson. This year, he finally achieved his lifelong wish and effectively destroyed his favorite daughter's marriage ... now he has Jessica all to himself:

That is why I am choosing Joe Simpson as the Mother of the Year for 2006. Holla! [Source]

Here are more pictures from the 13th Annual Race to Erase MS shindig in Hollywood on Friday night ... not only did Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie AKA The SkeletwinsTM reunite on the red carpet (as we saw yesterday) but they joined forces on stage as well:

Woot! I love it when those two get together ... can't you just feel the skeletal magic?! [Source]

The Race to Erase MS party was hosted by Tommy Hilfiger and was 70's themed ... celebs like Michelle Trachtenberg, Linds and Nicole glammed it up while celebs like Brooke Shields and Natalie Cole cheesed it up ...

... celebs like Laura Flynn Boyle and Jon Lovitz just showed up for the free booze and the free food (do I really have to point out which one of these two showed up for the booze and which one showed up for the food?). This party looked sick ... everyone was there. It's really cool to see all these celebs come together to raise awareness for such a good cause. Shizz like this warms the very cockles of my heart. [Source, Source]

Check out these curious pictures of Ashlee Simpson trying to sneak out of the Beverly Hills Triangle Medical Plaza last week ... HMMMMM ... I wonder what she was doing at this medical plaza???

It's so curious ... Dr. Jonathan Hoenig, M.D. who works in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery has an office in the Beverly Hills Triangle Medical Plaza. What a coincidence ... yeah, I think not. Ash needs to just come out and admit that she got a nose job -- she looks amazing ... I say enjoy it. [Source, thanks Kacey]

Now, y'all know that I love me some Jake Gyllenhaal ... and you would think that I would have lots of extra love for a dirty Jake Gyllenhaal ... but for some reason, I'm not really feelin' the chicken grease stains on the front of his hoodie in these pictures:

At least ... I hope it's just chicken grease. Ew! [Source] has released the artwork for the Confessions Tourbook ...

... and the world lets out a collective ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Are they seriously kidding? How boring is this cover? You just know the tourbook is going to coast about $50 and this is all we get? Boo!!! [Source]

A newly raven-haired Mandy Moore graces the cover of the new issue of Elle magazine:

Apparently, dying your hair a dark color is the way to show the world that you are becoming a serious actress. I'm not sure she looks serious ... but she does look mean and a bit constipated. [Source]

This week's issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine features the principle stars of Lost (my copy has Hurley, Claire and Charlie on the cover) and is chock full of spoilers for the season finale and new information on the next season:

Unfortch, I do not want to be spoiled at all so I cannot read the article. I'm all for insider information and competing theories (which are also featured in this issue) but I don't want to read any of it until I see the season finale for myself. Wee! There is a new episode this week to be followed by the 2-hour season finale next week!! So I'm gonna have to hang on to this issue and read it in about 2 1/2 weeks. [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... since the weather has taken a turn for the dreary I thought I'd try and lighten up the mood with a little hot dude named Nick:

It's not so much that I need a reason to post a half-shirtless hot dude but Nick does seem to brighten up the day. Enjoy!! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon I met up with Megan for dinner in Birmingham, MI at a cute little Italian restaurant before we made our way to the movie theater. We planned on seeing Stick It but were talked out of it by the girl working the ticket counter. She implored us to see some other crappy movie because she was sure we'd hate Stick It (and judging by the poster hanging on the wall [the poster that gives Jeff Bridges the top billing] we were inclined to go with her suggestion). So, we saw Just My Luck instead:

Ugh ... if Stick It is worse than Just My Luck then it must be the worst movie ever made ... EVER! Just My Luck was about as craptastic and I figured it would be ... the writing is horrid, the story is tired and the acting is ... well ... laughable. That said, I'm really glad that Megan and I saw it because it's the kind of terrible movie that you love to see with your friends so you can laugh at the ridiculousness together. The movie co-stars that girl who appears in the Candie's ad campaign with Hilary Duff, Michelle Trachtenberg and Ciara ... she strikes me as such an insignificant person and I can't even be bothered to use her name. She is sooo bad in this movie. It's like, she is incapable of looking good ... at all! I'm sure she was only cast in this movie to make L. Lo look better by comparison -- and it worked! I couldn't decide what was worse -- her acting, her wardrobe or her singing -- ugh! And speaking of bad singing, someone thought it would be a good idea to try and launch the British boyband McFly in the US by way of this movie ... bad bad idea. I had no idea that Kelly Osbourne was the guitarist for McFly -- she was lookin' baaaaad ... well, they all were lookin' bad. If they seriously think that mullets are making a comeback then they are sorely mistaken.

Lindsay, bless her heart, looks amazing as a red head again ... she handled the physical comedy pretty well but over all the movie is just not that good. I love how Linds decided not to wear a bra in all of her wet scenes so that the PG-13 audience could get a nice peek at her nips. Hey ... she did her best to try and save this movie and for that I commend her.

While this movie is pretty terrible I think it might be fun for friends to see together ... Megan and I had a great time with this movie and you might too ... just don't expect much and be prepared to laugh your ass off ... for all the wrong reasons :)

One last thing, I'm not sure if any of you caught the really hot guy on CNN last night who was featured on the CNN news special Chasing Angelina -- you know, the one who is even cuter than Anderson Cooper!! But, just in case you missed it here are a few screencaps to check out:

That's right ... my main man David Hauslaib was among the talking heads on the news special. Didn't he look great? The special airs again tonight on CNN at 8pm and 11pm. Look out for Mark Lisanti from Defamer as well ... it's always great to see 2 of my fave bloggers get some screentime on TV.

I guess that's it ... I am OUT! Lates.