Friday, May 19, 2006

Britney, Get Your Gun

Lord have mercy! Britney Spears is spiraling down so fast, I'm having a hard time keeping up with her. Every time Britney resurfaces (after going underground to wait out her latest controversy) and goes out in public she manages to stumble into another faux pas. Here are pictures of Britney trying to make her way thru the crush of paparazzi in NYC ... and she almost drops poor Sean Preston onto the ground:

Oops, she almost did it again. Britney Spears stumbled this afternoon as she was leaving a New York City hotel and almost dropped little Sean Preston ... We're told Britney was leaving the Ritz Carlton, holding a drink in her right hand and Sean in her left as she maneuvered through a crowd of onlookers. Britney moves through the crowd and then she suddenly trips, the baby's head goes backward and his hat flies off his head. Britney regained her balance and the baby seemed ok ... After the incident, Spears said, "This is why I need a gun." Actually, this is why Britney needs a stroller ... and it's prolly a good idea to not try and juggle your drink in one hand and your baby in the other. A few people have noted that this stumble was prolly caused by the paparazzi and while that may be the case, I'm of the mind that celebrities have to consider that this sort of attention comes with the territory. All of the money she and other celebs enjoy comes at a high price -- intense scrutiny on a day-to-day basis. She may not want the attention now that she's a millionaire but I'm sure she loved it when she was an up-and-coming popstar. In any case, it's good to know that her new ex-70's pornstar body guard is on the case -- note the way his nimble hands help ensure that Sean P. doesn't fall out of Britney's arms. It looks like she's got a good man by her side ... it's about time she got a good man in her life. [Source]

Brit Brit seems to have a penchant for landing on the cover of the New York Post these days:

I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow's headline read, SHOCKING PHOTOS! BRITNEY SPEARS WEARS BRA! [Source]

While normally I would be lauding Britney with praise for actually wearing a bra out in public, I'm afraid this isn't exactly what I had in mind:

Good Britney -- you wore a bra!
Bad Britney -- you only wore a dish cloth over that bra!

OY! Remember the days when it was sexy for Britney to flash a bit of thong? Sadly, those days seem long gone ... so sad :( [Source]

I have to commend Britney's new bodyguards for doing their duty for dear sweet Britters:

Their job can't be an easy one ... so I salute them! They seem to be doing a fairly decent job keeping the creeps away from Brit Brit ... [Source]

... perhaps this is why Kevin Federline is way on the other side of the country far away from Britney's presence? Check out these pictures of K-Fed and his homie G doggs:

Well, at least Kevin has his boyz to keep in company while Britney and Sean P. are away. If we're lucky and if Britney wises up and dumps his ass then Kevin may be spending an awful lotta time hanging with his dawgs in the near future. [Source]

The new hybrid network The CW threw itself a little party to show off the hot actors and actresses that will shape the future of the network:

The plan for the network is to take the hottest shows from UPN and the hottest shows from The WB and create a new network of the hottest shows. To me, The CW strikes me as The WB 2.0. Will it work? I guess we'll have to wait and see. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal satisfied his sweet tooth recently by picking up a little somethin', somethin' at the Sprinkles cupcake shop in LA:

Fortunately for us, he also satisfied our beefcake sweet tooth as well. [Source]

I'm not quite sure but I think that Nicole Richie is having a Bollywood-inspired party sometime soon. Check out these pictures of Nicole picking up some party supplies at an ethnic food shop while wearing a cute, pink sari shalwar kameez (thanks Aarti):

I am not even exaggerating -- that keyboard looks like it's wider than she is! I'm amazed that she can carry such a montrosity! I bet it'll be a hot party ... I wonder if we'll get to see pictures. [Source]

Good news Team Kristin! It appears that Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner are back together and back in love:

The reunited lovebirds got all kissy at Joe Francis' birthday party last week. I think they make a pretty good couple -- he'd be dumb to give her up again. [Source]

Mariah Carey and Karl Lagerfeld tried to out-diva one another at the Farewell To Daylight Photo Exhibition in NYC this week:

Normally, I'd be squarely on Team Mimi but I think the queen on the right is totally out-fiercing her ass. With those ruffles and skinny jeans -- yeah, that girl is workin' it! [Source]

Uma Thurman is on the cover of the new issue of Vogue magazine:

She tries so hard to be sexy ... God bless her! [Source]

And finally, y'all might not remember (or even be aware of) that reality show called Kill Reality! that followed the lives of a bunch of desperate ex-reality stars as they filmed a horror movie called The Scorned. Well, The Scorned is finally out on DVD (actually, it came out on DVD a little while ago but I never had reason to care). I honestly have zero interest in watching this movie ... except for the fact that Reichen Lehmkuhl bares his ass in a shower scene. Thanks to these screencaps from the Famous Male Forums, I'll never need to actually watch the stupid movie:

Reichen plays a straight guy in the movie (he actually has a sex scene with the ever-classy Tonya from The Real World: Chicago -- EW!) which sounds entertaining in and of itself ... but it's kinda really all about the shower scene. Click the stars to see what Reichen has packin' in his jeans. Happy Friday! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time with my good friend Joe ...

... before running into another good friend, Kerrie, at the Somerset Collection. I went out to the Apple Store to check out the new MacBook laptop computers and discovered that Kerrie works at the Apple Store (she claims she told me she was working there but I have no recollection of her telling me that -- she did say she told me at a SASS danceparty and we were both pretty lit up). Kerrie answered all my Mac questions and then we had a nice dinner at Bahama Breeze afterwards.

I have to give a shoutout to Pink reader Melissa who I also ran into at Somerset. XO

Woot! A new weekend is now upon us ... I'm gonna try and catch Da Vinci Code before I lose my nerve and succumb to the bad press it's been getting lately ... the plan is to hit the SASS danceparty tomorrow night and then I have to take a trip this Sunday. Let's get to it ... I'm out.