Sunday, May 21, 2006


David and Victoria Beckham were among Diddy's honored guests at a little soiree he hosted at Cipriani Restaurant in London, England over the weekend ... it appears that the Beckhams have come fresh from safari because Posh is rockin' a new animal print-inspired look:

I can see how Victoria may feel a kinship with the giraffe ... perhaps it's her spirit animal? Becks, on the other hand, may be lookin' gruff but he is lookin' sharp as hell. That furrowed brow, perfectly coiffed hair and suit combo looks amazing on him. Woot! [Source]

Finally! We now have pretty conclusive proof that Dita Von Teese is not, I repeat, is not a member of the undead vampire army:

I had my suspicions about her, what with all the signs that she is secretly a vampire (jet black hair, pale white skin, marriage to Marilyn Manson) but we now know the truth. Whew! [Source]

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon joined friends Breckin Meyer and his wife Deborah Kaplan on a little double date. Ryan and Breckin are total BFFs (it was Ryan who introduced Brecks to his wife) so it's no wonder that they all like to hang out -- altho Reese doesn't look impressed at all:

May I take this opportunity to point out Ryan's rockin' ass? Look at that thing ... it looks like it can't be contained by a mere pair of jeans. I don't know about you, but I think I'm ready for that jelly. [Source]

Oh No! It looks like poor Jessica Simpson has given up all hope of finding a man ... check out this picture of bland and solo Jessica walking the streets of Beverly Hills, CA:

She's not hanging out with her hairdresser BFF (who helps her scope out the dudes) and she's not wearing any make-up (with which to lure in the dudes) and she's out in public? C'mon Jess ... it's too early in the game to be slackin'. You betta step up or game or peeps may forget your name. [Source]

Frankie Muniz is now a rich enough kid to be able to buy whatever toys he wants ... here are pictures of Frankie enjoying his favorite toy of all poolside while on a little holiday:

Must be nice ... I wonder how many batteries she it requires. [Source]

The trailer for the new Aquaman TV series (rumored to be titled The Reef: The Legend of Aquaman) which stars Justin Hartley (along with Ving Rhames and Lou Diamond Phillips) has leaked to the internet after failing to be picked up by the new TV network The CW. Here are a few screen caps from the trailer:

I cannot for the life of me understand why this show wasn't picked up by The CW. It looks like a blonder, wet version of the hugely successful Smallville. Click HERE to watch the trailer for yourself. [Source]

Perhaps there is hope yet for The Aquaman Show ... The CW launched its official website this week and created a site for the series:

Unfortch, the site was only online for a few moments before it was taken down. Maybe they are sitting on this show to use as a mid-season replacement ... Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a mid-season replacement for The WB and look how successful that show turned out to be (only the BEST SHOW ON TV EVER). The trailer looks great ... the cast looks great ... I want to see The Aquaman Show make it to air! [Source]

Here are a few promo pictures of Xtina Aguilera trying to generate buzz for her new album:

I gotta admit, Xtina looks pretty cute in these pics. Granted the hooker pumps in the second picture are a bit much (not to mention the horrid red lipstick that she loves so much), I'm willing to cut her some slack because she's really been lookin' good lately. Do your thang, Xtina ... I'm looking forward to hearing what you put out there this time around. [Source]


Well ... I guess it had finally come to this ... as you all must know by now, Mischa Barton's character on The OC, Marissa Cooper, met an untimely demise in the season finale of the show this week. Here are a few screencaps of her last moments of TV life:

Alas, it is with a heavy heart that I must give a Peace the Spork Out to Marissa Cooper. She will be ... wait ... will be sorely ... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ... missed ... damn, I couldn't type that out with a straight face. LOLZ! [Source]

Hugh Jackman is on the cover of the new issue of Men's Health magazine:

That's a damn fine-lookin' Aussie right there. Hugh has a pair of the hottest pecs in Hollywood and I love that he loves to show them off. Hot! [Source]

And finally, speaking of hot, it's time for this week's Hot Dude of the Week ... say hello to Kenny:

Despite the fact that you can't see Kenny's face ... and despite the fact that his name is Kenny ... I think y'all can appreciate his fine body nonetheless. He has great definition ... yes ... I quite like his definition. I hope y'all enjoy! [Source]

Yesterday evening I met up with Sarah, Megan and Mark and his Tennessean friends Bobby and Rice (his name is Jason but he goes by his last name) for a fun dinner at Pizza Papalis in Greektown before we all mosied on down to Comerica Park to catch the Detroit Tigers play the Cincinnati Reds. We didn't get there early enough to get actual seats so we had to make due with standing room access only. It was cool tho, we were able to pitch peanuts into Megan's cleavage underneath the bleachers -- it would have been more difficult to do so if we were sitting in seats:

Despite the fact that Ken Griffey, Jr. hit a grand slam for the Reds, the Tigers came back in the bottom of the 9th inning to force extra innings -- giving them the chance to win the game in the end. I'm not a baseball fan, but it was fun and exciting and I was cheering along with everyone else around me. It was pretty fun actually.

After the game, we grabbed a few brews at the State Bar before going to OSLO for the SASS danceparty. I have to give it up to my fave SASS DJ Nathan Rapport for playing the best songs last night ... we danced so hard that I was sure one of us was going to have a heart attack right there on the dancefloor:

It was hot as hell in there but so fun. It was good to see the 'stache making an appearance at SASS last night ... Hmmm ... I wonder if I should grow a 'stache and jump on the bandwagon myself.

I ran into a few Pink readers last night, I have to give a shout-out to Claribelle, Toni and Sarah. XO

OY! I had a late night last night and had to get up early to write this short Sunday post because I need to get my ass to the airport in a few hours. I'm on my way back to NYC for the next week ... I've got some bizznazz to attend to. And just to clarify, I'm still working on plans to move to LA.

Okay ... that's it ... I gotta fly ... I'm out.