Sunday, May 28, 2006

And In Other News ...

What a crazy weekend it's been already ... Finally -- the fruit of Brangelina's loins, née Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, has been brought into the world (and let's not forget that other celebrity baby that was born the day before ... unfortch, thanks to baby Shiloh, that poor little L.A.M.B. will be totally overshadowed). Let's try and enjoy the other celebrity news that is also going on in the world ...

Just when you thought that Paris Hilton couldn't get any grosser ... well ... why would you ever think that in the first place? I mean, we are talking about Paris Hilton ... ANYWAYS ... here are MORE pictures of Paris on the set of her debut music video showing off her lovely talents:

It's like the grossness just keeps on going strong. I'm not really surprised that it looks like Paris is going to town on that boy but the picture of her wet crotch is really kinda repulsive. Isn't it a precious sight to enjoy on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? [Source, thanks jemfysh]

Check out these cute pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal sitting on a stoop, with a bouquet of flowers, waiting for a friend? A lover? A ... Natalie Portman?!

Didn't these two used to date a few years ago? I seem to recall that Jake and Nat were an item before he hooked up with Kirsten Dunst ... am I wrong? In any case, it appears that these two are, at the very least, very good friends. They make a cute couple ... as much as I hate to admit it. My guess is that they were just good friends ... but I would be okay with these two being more than friends. You have my permission, Jakey poo -- Natalie is a great girl. [Source]

Jude Law likes to jog. Jude Law likes to wear boxer shorts. Jude Law likes to jog while wearing his boxer shorts:

Any questions? [Source]

Michael Jackson has left the safety of his self-imposed exile in the kingdom of Bahrain to attend the Japanese MTV Video Music Awards this weekend. Here are pictures of Jacko posing with the 2006 Japan MTV Legend Award:

Michael Jackson choked up as he thanked his cheering Japanese fans who gathered to see him accept the Japan MTV Legend Award on Saturday, marking the pop icon's first public appearance since his acquittal last June on child molestation charges in the United States. "I'm honoured to be in Japan again and I'm very happy to be among the Japanese people because I love them very much," Jackson said in his brief appearance at the video music awards ceremony Saturday at Tokyo's Yoyogi Olympic Stadium. "Thank you for your loyalty" ... "I'd like to say to the Japanese people from the bottom of my heart, I love you very much," said Jackson in an emotional message. Responding to fans screaming "I love you," Jackson replied: "I love you more." Then he raised his hands with a V-sign. Aww ... MJ looks really happy to be adored by his fans again ... he's also still very scary-looking but let's let him have his moment. [Source]

US Weekly magazine is celebrating the Hottest Bodies at Any Age and they have chosen to highlight the hot bod belonging to Jessica Simpson:

Yes, she has a great figure but that hair ... why is she wearing that awful wig in this photo? She looks very ... matronly. Boo! [Source]

Pink reader Casey ran into our girl Kristin Cavallari at Rockbar in Miami and sends in these pictures of KC partying her little booty off:

Apparently, Miss Kristin ain't too keen on being photographed all the time (she got a wee bit pissy that so many people were taking pictures of her) ... especially when she ain't all made up with make-up and stuff. Hee hee. [thanks Casey]

Pink readers Melissa and Danley were hanging out in San Francisco at the Bay to Breakers Race last Sunday and they decided to wear their way hot Pink is the new Blog-inspired t-shirts:

Loves it! I would totally rock a t-shirt like this :) Incidentally, the Bay to Breakers Race also has a costume contest component and Pink reader Lauren tells me that someone actually dressed up as "Pink is the new Blog" for the event -- they were wearing all black and a bright pink wig and a sign that said I Love Trent. LOL! [thanks Melissa & Danley]

It's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's take a gander at Adam ... and his pierced nips:

As the temperature rises with each passing day, I can see the appeal in wearing a shirt with a plunging neckline like the one that Adam is wearing. Yes, it is getting hot, isn't it? [Source]

And finally, I have to send out LOTS OF BIRTHDAY LURVE to one of my favorite people ever ... Kylie Minogue turns a beautiful 38 years old today:

Kylie has been thru so much in the past year and she doesn't look any worse for the wear at all ... I hope she has the best birthday ever this year. Happy birthday, Kylie ... we all love and adore you! XOXO

El News:
Yesterday was spent enjoying the city ... walking around in SoHo ... Union Square ... the Village ...

Last night was spent in relative quiet ... I fly home to Detroit this evening to meet up with the entire gang at Sarah's place to party the night away. Adriana is in town ... it's sure to be fun times.

The sunshine beckons, I'm out.