Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Hot Damn! Summer is finally upon us! Not only has this summer's blockbuster season gotten off to a BIG BANG! but so has filming for next summer's blockbuster season. We've already seen pictures of Tobey Maguire (wearing the black Spider-Man suit) filming some scenes for Spider-Man 3 and here are even more pictures from the set of Spider-Man 3. Check out these pictures of Tobey, Bryce Dallas Howard and a random stunt Spider-Man:

No, Bryce Dallas Howard isn't playing Xtina Aguilera in the third Spider-Man film (altho, with that cheap fake hair and too powdery make-up I can see how there might be some confusion) she's actually playing Gwen Stacy -- Peter Parker's "first true love" before he met, fell in love with and married Mary Jane. It's interesting that they are only just introducing Gwen's character since they've already played up the Peter Parker/Mary Jane relationship. At any rate, these pictures are really cool. I hope we get to track the movie's progress as filming continues over the next few months. [Source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar is also hard at work on her new movie The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing in NYC ... check out these cute pictures of SMG getting all cozy with some dude in a horse drawn carriage:

It is really great having SMG back at work ... she looks great. [Source]

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn (tho, not pictured together) were both on hand for the Chicago premiere of The Break-Up last night, here are a couple of pictures of a solo Jennifer on the red carpet:

I really don't get why Jennifer and Vince refuse to be photographed together at their new movie premieres. They co-star in The Break-Up ... we all know they're together -- at the very least they're good friends who like to spend time together and yet ... they won't be photographed together. I don't think this bodes well for the movie's promotion. [Source]

Here are pictures of Vinnifer hanging out at the Chicago Cubs baseball game yesterday afternoon (before they split up for the premiere) ... shock of shocks ... they were actually sitting right next to one another:

After months of hype, one of the most anticipated movies ever shot in Chicago premieres here Monday night. "The Break Up" stars, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, are in town for the event. The pair took in a Cubs game before the movie premiered at the Music Box on Southport. Vaughn led Cubs fans in "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the seventh-inning stretch. Well, even tho Jen won't be seen with her "unofficial boyfriend" Vince on the red carpet it's cool that she has no problem hanging out with him at a ball game. They really are becoming the toast of Chicago, aren't they? [Source]

While Vince was asked to throw out the first pitch for the Cubs, Julia Stiles was asked to throw out the first pitch for the New York Mets in their game against Arizona last night:

Who knew that pitching was so ... exciting ... or was it just cold at the Shea Stadium ... whatever the case may be, Julia's headlights sure are beaming. [Source]

Check out this picture of the Olsen twins looking boisterous and happy ... yes, the Olsen twins ... actually happy. What could make the usually woebegone and disconsolate Mary Kate and Ashley so giddy?

The twins are cheering on their older brother Trent Olsen at his college graduation. Who knew that the Olsen twins could be so emotive? Happy day, indeed! [Source]

It appears that the rumors concerning trouble in the world of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have been greatly exaggerated ... or at the very least, TomKat have decided to keep up the charade of their happy relationship. Here are pictures of Tom and Katie playing a friendly game of baseball:

Picture perfect ... as always. The happy couple frolicking barefoot in the grass playing America's favorite pastime. Sure, we've STILL not seen hide nor hair of their newborn baby girl Suri Holmes-Cruise but the couple appear to be very happy, don't they? Poor Katie ... she really looks whipped -- it's the only explanation for why she didn't make a break for it and run for her life. [Source]

I know I give Nicole Richie some good natured ribbing sometimes but it looks like she really means it when she says she's trying to back to a healthy weight. Check out these pictures of a bikini-clad Nicole over the span of just a few months:

Hanging out with her mates on a Malibu beach, she looked marginally less skinny than when we last saw her in a bikini back in December 2005 ... Although she still looks diddy, her hip bones are a little less sharp and she appears to have more of a curve about the waist than six months ago. She certainly looked happy and confident as she joked with her buddies ... Let's hope she continues in her effort to cover her bones. I completely agree! It's good to see a little curvature on Miss Richie ... here's hoping she continues to add curves to different parts of her body. [Source]

Paris Hilton has finished the first round of filming for her debut music video (and boy, didn't we get a lot of hilarity out of those pictures?) and decided to thank her video co-star by taking him out for a night on the town ... you know, cuz he is such a swell guy:

UGH ... I'm sure he really deserved everything he got from Paris ... you know ... her gratitude, her appreciation ... her immense and limitless sense of humor. [Source]

Pink readers Laura, Beth and Kristin were partying at TAO in Las Vegas Sunday night for Madonna's Vegas tour afterparty ... while they didn't run into Madonna, they did run into Paris Hilton (who was partying with her mother Kathy and her sister Nicky):

Laura also sends in THIS video of Paris performing her song Screwed. Er ... I'm not sure that "performing" is actually the right word ... it sounds like she is definitely lip syncing. I'm not sure that we're really ready for Paris the Pop Star. [thanks Laura, Beth & Kristin]

OUCH! Why do you suppose that Kate Moss is walking around town with a big fat bruise on her cheek? It's interesting ... Kate has ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty over to her place for a little visit, the paparazzi catch Pete leaving her place, Kate goes outside to pummel the paparazzi for photographing Pete and ends up showing off her brand new shiner:

The model is dressed in a light grey trouser suit, white shirt, cream pumps and dark glasses. The Mirror surveys the ensemble and wonders if behind the lenses Kate is hiding a black eye. "There is no swelling. Nothing happened," says a pal of the model. But the Mirror seems unconvinced. It zooms in, circling the area of interest. To our untrained eye, things appear a little puffy, but not black. The Mail takes a look and says that rather than the eye being marked, it is Kate's cheek that might be bruised. "Her right cheek definitely looked much bigger then the other side," says an onlooker. "Both under her sunglasses and around her chin looked swollen." I'm sure she just fell down or maybe bumped her face into the door jamb ... yeah ... I'm sure that's it. Why in the hell does she still hang out with Pete Doherty? I think her life would be a lot more painless without him in her life. [Source]

Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner are still happily together ... for this week at least ... here are pictures of our girl Kristin and Brody hanging out in Malibu, CA:

I can't explain why ... I just lurve this girl. [Source]

Additionally, Kristin is the latest "celeb" to join the Until There's A Cure campaign which is dedicated to eradicating HIV/AIDS by raising awareness and funds to combat this pandemic:

Irregardless of what you think about Kristin, I think it's great that she's using her starpower to help raise awareness and help raise funds for AIDS research. Woot! [Source]

And finally, here is a picture of Pink reader Wendy dressed up as Pink is the new Blog at the San Francisco Bay to Breakers race a couple of weekends ago:

I am very humbled that Wendy would choose to dress up as my blog for the event. As cruiseazy as it may be, I love that she dressed up like PITNB. I also love that she posed with a gaggle of pregnant Britneys. So hot! [thanks Jason & Wendy]

Yesterday was a total lazy day ... I had some vague notion that I would go out at some point to meet up with someone ... or just go out and do something (anything) but that really didn't happen. I ended up staying in my pajamas all day long. I read some (the new Douglas Coupland book is really freakin' good), listened to some music (I *can't believe* how much I like the new Dixie Chicks album) and watched some TV (the new Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat looks like it's gonna be gooooooood -- it's good to have Coral back in play). Overall ... it was a pretty great day.

This evening I'm meeting up with Tracey and Zakiya (I just can't get enough of that precious little princess) so that we can grab a bite to eat and catch up a bit.

Is it hot where you are? It's been so cold in recent weeks and then all of the sudden it's 90 degrees! Love it! Hope you can get out and soak up some sun wherever you are!

I'm out.