Friday, June 16, 2006

Trentbiz Tonight

Hey ... what're y'all doing tonight? Does anyone have any big plans to watch Showbiz Tonight on the CNN channel Headline News ce soir? No? Well I think you should ;) CNN gave me a call earlier today and asked me to be an on-air guest on tonight's episode ... I figured I had some time to kill before we go out dancing so I agreed:

Jo Piazza from the New York Daily News and I were asked to comment on the disastrous Britney Spears Dateline interview that aired last night. Here are a couple of screencaps from the raw footage of my interview:

OY! I'm not sure how well I did in the interview with A.J. Hammer but y'all can be the judge of that when the show airs tonight at 11PM ET on Headline News. Much lurve to Amy and Aileen from CNN for having me on the show!! Much lurve also goes out to Joe and Dave from HD Studios in Southfield, MI for making me feel right at home in their studio. X0

I hope y'all have a great weekend ... I've been a bit of a nervous wreck all afternoon (since I agreed to be on the show) so I'm ready to unwind and have fun!

I'm out!!!


Air Quotes Of Truth: Britney "Speaks Out"

Sigh. So I think it's safe to assume that many of y'all tuned into Dateline last night on NBC to watch Britney Spears plead her case to Matt Lauer and the American public at large on national TV. To be honest, I watched a lot of preview video and wasn't actually going to devote the time to watching the program last night merely because I figured her interview would only be a short portion of the episode that would air last and would not provide any new information. It turns out that Megan and I arrived at Sarah's place just in time to watch the interview air on NBC (after Sarah made us watch the last half of an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 ... but that's another story, for another time). To my surprise, the entire hour was devoted to the interview entitled Britney Spears: Speaking Out. Lord have mercy ... what an interview it was ... she was emotional at times, at other times she attempted defiance ... and she chewed on a piece of gum the whole time ... it was the new face of Britney Spears:

I have to admit that I do not believe the interview did much to help her image at all. While she attempted to make the case that she wants to be left alone, she did so in a manner that generated so much hype that it seems clear that her interview had the opposite effect of what she was going for -- she gave a nationwide television interview in prime time. Oy! It was really sad to see footage of the old Britney segue into the interview with the current Britney ... she's really come a long way from her reign as Pop Queen. I was really struck by how childlike her responses to Matt's questions were ... she would pout or stick our her lower lip, she'd look away when she was asked a tough question and didn't really come across entirely genuine. I stopped counting her air quote hand gestures after about the 8th one -- does she even know what it means when she uses air quotes? I sincerely doubt that she does. Anyways, she revealed that she is due to give birth to her second child in September and that new music is at least a year away (so much for her comeback). She refers to her child(ren) as her boo-boos and confesses that she no longer looks up to Madonna as her role model and mentor. Instead she wants to be more like Goldie Hawn (?!?), Shania Twain (!!!) and P!nk (!!!!!!!). Next up for Britney is a line of baby clothes that is either called Baby Soul, Rock N Roll, Baby's All Rock N Roll or Babies Are Rock N Roll (the clothing line is named differently in the various transcripts -- I heard the first name) ... when asked why she's coming out with a line of baby clothes she responded: "I like money." And that is exactly my point ... she likes money, she likes fame, she loves the life she's living and yet she wants to be left alone? It just doesn't work that way.

A few Pink readers have commented that I have jumped aboard the Britney Bashing Bandwagon and have claimed that I have been attacking her parenting skills, mainly because of my comments over the past few days and I completely disagree. I am a huge Britney fan, I tend to support her career because I enjoy her music (I know I'll be there to purchase her next album whenever the hell it comes out) but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on what the girl does on a daily basis. I do not feel as if I have been maliciously attacking her at all ... I just call it like I see it. I would love for the old Britney to come back but I know now that it's just not going to happen. Will I still be a fan? Probably. Will I still continue to muse on her actions? Most definitely. Hey Brit, what can I say ... I'm sorry. [Source]

If you missed out on the interview last night, you can read a transcript of the whole thing HERE.

Whew! Let's move on ... here are new pictures of a bikini-clad Jennifer Lopez showing off her hot, flat stomach:

There has been much speculation that J. Lo was pregs in recent weeks mostly because she was going out to high-profile events sporting a lot of grey hair (pregnant women can't dye their hair) but these pictures seem to show that she is not incubating a baby in that tummy of hers. Isn't it just like the rebellious Jennifer Lopez to go against the grain and not join the celebrity baby trend? [Source]

Oh No! It looks like Paris Hilton is running out of clothes, y'all ... here are pictures of Paris on her way to a party wearing only a skimpy black slip:

The poor dear ... has she fallen on hard times? Perhaps some kind soul can show her the way to Target so that a mishap like this won't occur again. [Source]

Blah! Speaking of mishaps ... if you thought that Lindsay Lohan's golden whatevertheshizz she was wearing yesterday was hideous then feast your eyes on this get-up:

Yesterday we caught her stealing outfits from Bea Arthur and today we learn that she also likes to rummage thru Michael Jackson's old tour wardrobes. It looks like she's still rummaging thru Jared Leto's jewelry box as well ... check out that official 30 Seconds to Mars wrist cuff that she's wearing. Lindsay ... what are you doing?! [Source]

Wowie, wow, wow, wow ... if she's not careful, Victoria Beckham is going to shoot someone's eye out when that top button finally pops off her blouse! It looks like Victoria's heaving bosom has heaved to new proportions these days:

This lady's cascading curls often mean it's tricky to get a good peek at her bosoms. But in recent pictures, it's been hard to look anywhere but the chest. Is it us, or have Victoria Beckham's breasts grown of late? We know she's previously had a boob job but, in the last month, she seems particularly busty. And her pink top in this picture must agree... as its top button is stretched to breaking point. If she doesn't shoot your eye out with her buttons, she might poke them out with those dangerous-looking nips. I highly suggest you wear protective eyewear if you ever run into Posh on the street. [Source]

Ever the consummate soccer fan, Mrs. Beckham and her middle child Romeo decided to show hubby & daddy David Beckham some support during his team's game against Trinidad & Tobago earlier this week. It appears that Victoria felt it was necessary to bring a little class to the World Cup ...

... which would explain the microshorts that she wore. Maybe she was wearing the short shorts because she had a gynecological appointment after the soccer game ... then, of course, this outfit makes perfect sense. [Source]

And speaking of the England vs. Trinidad & Tobago game, Pink reader Jeff sends in this hilarious photo of an overzealous Trinidadian player getting his grope on in front of the English goal:

Two hands? That's my boy ... it is my understanding that those Trinidadians are well schooled in the art of the grope. Trust me, it's something I just know. [thanks Jeff]

Pink reader Vinney was on hand for the second Rufus Wainwright Carnegie Hall concert in NYC last night and sends in these 2 awesome pictures of the man rockin' a very dapper tux and top hat combo:

Vinney writes: The concert was great - he did it exactly as he should, with enough of his own personality to not make is seem like a stupid mimic act. Choice line of the night: he referred to Noel Coward as one of the 'Great Gays' and portions of the events proceeds went to the Empire State Pride Agenda! I love it! I knew that Rufus would pull it off. I really wish I could've seen the show but I am glad to know that it was a smashing success. [thanks Vinney]

Um ... is People magazine being serious when they call new American Idol Taylor Hicks the Hottest Bachelor of 2006? I mean, it's gotta be a joke ... right?

Taylor Soul Patrol Hicks beat out the likes of Nick Lachey, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Evans and (get this) Jake Gyllenhaal! LOL! This list is just wrong ... especially when you consider that Ryan Seacrest and AI loser Ace Young made the list. C'mon ... they gots ta be yanking our chain ... [Source]

Jessica Simpson is spilling her guts (and her cleavage) in the new issue of Maxim magazine. In the interview she reveals what she likes in a man, how she likes to kiss and more:

Jessica Simpson may be living single, but she knows what she's looking for: "A guy with a great imagination sends me through the rafters," she tells Maxim. "I love it!" Simpson, 25, the magazine's July cover girl, also reveals her smooching style. "I love to kiss with my eyes open," she says, "because I can take in the entire situation and know if I'm enjoying it or not." Hmmm, I wonder if she's been using this imagination bullshizz on Jared Leto? I hope L. Lo doesn't find out about those two. Anyways, Jessica goes on to say that she is no longer interested in doing reality TV: With [her new movie] Employee [of the Month] due in theaters this year and her new single, "Public Affair," out June 27, Simpson won't revisit her Newlyweds days. "I will never do another reality TV show," she says. "Been there, done that." And the world heaves a collective sigh of relief. [Source]

Beyoncé is on the cover of the new issue of Spin magazine:

Damn! Girlfriend has got a body that won't quit! I am really looking forward to new music from Beyoncé ... her new single Déjà Vu hasn't grabbed ahold of me just yet but I'm sure Beyoncé is gonna drop some sick songs from this new album. [Source]

After too many years away, Nina Gordon (from Veruca Salt) is releasing a new album this summer called Bleeding Heart Graffiti. I cannot tell you how excited I am for new Nina music!!! has been revamped with a new look and her new single Kiss Me Til It Bleeds is already available for download on iTunes. Woot! I am so excited ... the only thing that would make me happier would be if Nina Gordon and Louise Post reconciled, reformed Veruca Salt and released a new album of material together ... alas, it is nice to dream. [Source, thanks Ryan]

And finally, I am also happy to report that the Juliana Hatfield side project Some Girls is releasing their second album next month:

Sure Juliana looks pissed as hell on the album cover (as she usually does) but I can assure you, she is a great musician. There is going to be lots of great music coming out this summer. [Source]

Megan and I met up for a late lunch/early dinner at the Living Room in Berkley, MI. We ate and drank ... and drank ... and were basically wiped out by 6PM. LOL. We had this grand notion that we'd hang out doing fun stuff all night long and all we ended up doing was getting ice cream and chillin' at Sarah's place. But you know what ... it was amazing ... I'm not gonna be able to do stuff like this once I move out West. I'm definitely gonna enjoy as much Detroit time as I can, while I can.

Tonight the girls and I are going out to Necto for some dancing. It may be my last Necto night for a while ... I'm looking forward to tearing the shizz up.

That is all ... I'm out.

Piece Of Cake

Woot! It looks like the Pink is the new Blog-inspired birthday cake is becoming a trend! Pink reader Megan sends in these pictures from her friend Bridget's PITNB-themed birthday party which took place in St. Louis, MO recently:

Megan writes: The cake says "Pink is the new birthday! We (heart) Bridget! WOOT!" The woman at the bakery thought we were crazy, but it was all in good fun. I also attached a picture of the birthday girl and her roommate doing their best impressions of L. Lo...this was obviously much later in the celebration, after many many cocktails. First off, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to Bridget and secondly, I have to send out all my love and thanks for choosing to include Pink is the new Blog in the birthday fun. Loves it!