Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Baby-Daddy Day

In celebration of Father's Day I have compiled a few pictures of the some of the hot dads who grace the pages of Pink is the new Blog on a fairly regular basis:

Of course, the inclusion of Kevin Federline doesn't not mean that I think he's "hot" except in a way that means he is being talked about a lot these days. Oh, who am I kidding ... as much as the gold-digging ex-backup dancer tends to get me all riled up, I must admit that I do like talking about him. Sure, he's played a huge part in the destruction of one of my favorite pop stars ever and no, he doesn't seem to have a fashionable bone in his body, but he is about to release a rap album that is sure to provide fodder for PITNB for many, many months so how can I not have some love for him? At any rate, I hope all y'all have a great Father's Day with your dads today! XO

I have decided to dub The Federline the Father of the Year for 2006 ... sure, I could've gone the easy route and picked Brad Pitt (who not only is an amazing father to his adopted children but just recently managed to bring forth a child of his own -- with Angelina Jolie!) but what's the fun in that? We all know that Brad is not only a hot dad but a good dad as well ... Kevin has just as many children as Brad does (with another one on the way) and besides, do you know anyone who can rock a farmer's tan quite like K-Fed?

LOL! You just know homeboy had to peel that wife-beater off his body in order to take it off ... EW! Anyways, Kevin Federline ... I am quite certain that you have many more babies to spawn and a willing vessel in which to implant those babies so PITNB salutes you on this Father's Day! Now, I want all of you to raise your 40 oz. Colt 45 malt liquor and drink a toast to The Federline. [Source]

One last bit of K-Fed news and I swear I won't mention him again (well, at least until tomorrow). Here is a new picture of Kevin in reclined repose trying to do his best male model impersonation:

Kevin Federline, who recently cleaned up for a makeover on the cover of ITEM magazine, is now the face of a fashion label. The former backup dancer, 28, has signed on to represent the Five Star Vintage line by the San Francisco-based Blue Marlin clothing company. He will appear in an initial series of ads slated to begin running in magazines this September, a spokesman for the firm confirms to PEOPLE ... The target age group for the line is between 16 and 28, and Macy's, Lord & Taylor and the Virgin MegaStores will sell the "edgy" look, said the spokesman. Asked whether Federline's role with the company was permanent, the rep said, "We have to see how this first ad campaign goes." The rep did say, however, that Federline has already shot the photos for the campaign, and that Federline's wife, Britney Spears, attended the shoot but will not appear in any of the pictures. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Seriously? You can buy clothes modeled by Kevin Federline at your friendly neighborhood Virgin MegaStore? Wee! I can't wait! [Source]

Alright, let's move on ... here are the first pictures that seem to confirm the new romantic relationship between Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. As you may recall, People magazine reported last week that Jim and Jenny were an item and now we have the photographic evidence:

Okay, the "love birds" are only holding hands but as you know, in Hollywood, this is a sure sign that the pair are doing the bucknasty. Jenny looks cute despite the capri pants (yes, I said it ... are you happy now?) and I don't quite get the appeal of Jim Carrey (is it the hair, the teeth, the rubberface?) but they are both comedians so maybe that's the connection? Jim deffo has the better end of this deal ... let's see if he can not screw it up. [Source]

While Jim Carrey appears to be a hit with the ladies ... er, lady ... I don't think the same can be said for our non-American Idol Clay Aiken. Sure, the dude is rockin' a new hairstyle in the hopes of making him more appealing to chicks but I just don't think that it's working:

Uh ... better luck next time Clay. [thanks Natashya]

Paris Hilton appears to have added a new himbo to her collection. Even tho she was spotted buying DVDs with ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos earlier this week it appears that she still requires the company of other men to satisfy her desires. Check out these pictures of Miss Hilton partying up with some random dude at the Marquee Club in NYC earlier this week:

Is that a cigarette in her hand? What?!?! I had *no idea* that she liked to smoke ... cigarettes! Anyways, I wouldn't be surprised if this new dude ends up in Paris' next video. [Source]

Xtina Aguilera has gone all 1940's on us with her new single and her new album and has been spending time with jazz great Etta James in order to get some pointers. Here are a few pictures of the ladies trying to out DOOOOOOOOOOOOOO one another:

Hee hee ... Xtina may be a good singer but I don't think she should turn her back on that old bird. I bet Ms. Etta James can beat a beyotch down! [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... it's hot outside, y'all ... let's check out some shirtless action today ... say hello to Christian:

I mean ... what else is there to say ... other than Enjoy! [Source]

The News:
Sarah and I went out to visit Tracey and Zakiya but we got a late start ... a very late start ... we didn't get to their place until after 9PM. We did get to play with Zakiya for a bit before she had to go to bed ... the little doll is already standing up on her own and she does this cute crawl where she only walks on her hands and feet with her butt up in the air -- it's the cutest thing EVER! Here are a few pix of Baby Z lounging in her favorite chair:

Seriously ... you're dying, right? We had a really great time hanging out with Tracey and Z last night ... I'm not sure when I'm gonna get to see them again before I move out to LA. I leave for NYC this Wednesday for a little over a week and then I'm back home in Detroit for a couple of days and then I'm Westward bound.

OY ... I have to much to get done in the next couple of weeks. Right now, I have some Father's Day things to get done with the fam so ... I hope y'all have a great day ... I'm out!