Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hair Color Of Truth: Britney Is Just Dye-ing To Be Left Alone

Um ... I think Britney Spears is going thru ... something. It's unclear how serious she is about her yearning desire to be free from persecution by the press ... first, she pleads with the American public, on national TV, that she wants to be left alone and then a week later happily poses for the pages of OK magazine. Her husband seems to never say no to a photo op no matter how big or how small. I think our dear Brit Brit is really conflicted ... she seems confused and unsure of what to do with herself ... so obviously, she resorts to going emo. TMZ and Gawker both have very recent pictures of Britney rockin' jet black hair as she tries to "hide out" in NYC:

Ye gods ... someone get this girl the new Dashboard Confessional album before she does something really crazy! [Source, Source]

This more emo, dare I say gothier, Britney Spears harkens back to the Britney that we know, love and desperately miss ...

I feel so lost ... I want my old Britney back, damnit! This new Britney is too rebellion for me. [Source]

So what do y'all think? Is she merely dye-ing for attention or just plain wigging out?

Penny Lane Lame!

Kevin Federline is getting the hype machine into full swing these days ... we can expect to see K-Fed partake in wacky, random promotional campaigns as the release date for his debut album, Playing With Fire, draws near. AND SPEAKING OF WACKY AND RANDOM PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS, here are a few pictures of The Federline promoting Virgin Mobile's new Penny per TXT Message endeavor right in the heart of Times Square in NYC yesterday:

Um ... didn't we just hear directly from Britney Spears that she wants the press to leave her and her family alone? I'm not sure that by showing up in Times Square (wearing a cheesey Abraham Lincoln plastic mask, no less) Kevin Federline understands the concept of staying out of the public eye for his family's sake. [Source]

As if the pictures weren't enough, Best Week Ever has exclusive video of K-Fed speaking at the event plus a short Q&A with him afterwards:

Click above to watch

You simply *must* watch the video ... he is a very articulate speaker. You can even call him on his Virgin Mobile phone and tell him so (310-876-4210). Please give him my best for me. [Source]

Meanwhile, the newly press shy Britney Spears has made a surprise appearance within the pages of the new issue of OK magazine, where she opens up about her second pregnancy. Yep, this is suuuuuure to keep the paps off her back ... I'm sure people will be leaving her alone now, just like she asked. [Source]

Superman Returns had its Hollywood premiere in LA yesterday ... here are a few pictures from the event:

I had no idea that Kate Bosworth had such a huge forehead! Wow ... coupled with her new platinum blonde hair she looked a lot like Lex Luthor herself ... except bonier. Brandon Routh looked cookie-cutter boring ... at least director Bryan Singer's Jheri curl was a bit more interesting. Michelle Trachtenberg and her hot man Shawn Ashmore looked ... well ... hot. Doesn't Anna Paquin look stunning? Sorry, I meant stunned? LOLOLOLOL! [Source, Source]

Because I'm a huge nerd (and because David still loves me for it) I already purchased tickets for the two of us to see the first showing of Superman Returns next Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Yes ... I am very ashamed :(

Xtina Aguilera paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday to debut her new music video Ain't No Other Man (which you can see HERE) and she wore a striking black and pink outfit:

Hmmmm ... dare I say that she looks cute? Maybe it's just the subtle shout-out to PITNB but I don't hate her outfit that much. I don't even mind the red lipstick ... well ... okay, I do mind a little bit but I'm willing to forgive. [Source]

People all over the world are rejoicing at the up-coming nuptials between Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban ... if only for the fact that Nicole will be one step further away from nutball Tom Cruise. Here is a picture of Nicole gettin' some lovin' from her niece Lucia as Nicole arrived at her sister Antonia's house for her bachelorette party:

I bet everyone in Nicole Kidman's family is on cloud 9 right now! Woot! [Source]

Kelly Osbourne appears to be very thrilled that she's getting to hang out with Kate Moss these days:

Hee hee, I'm sure the only reason that Kate had any time for Kelly O was because her new BFF Lindsay Lohan has been too bizzy fighting with other celebrities to hang out. [Source]

Since L. Lo has been tied up with her celeb spats, Kate Moss has had to spend her time with other celebs. Here is picture proof that Kate has been hanging out with Victoria Beckham:

Hoochie-ass shoes like these can only be the result of a shopping spree with Posh. [Source]

Speaking of the hooch herself, here are a few pictures of Victoria Beckham leaving her hotel recently:

Mrs. Beckham makes Mariah Carey look classy. [Source]

Since we're on the topic of Beckham, let's check in with hottie David Beckham as he trained for a recent World Cup game:

This picture was sent in by Pink reader Caitlin and I lurve her to death for it! [thanks Caitlin]

You know who else I lurve? Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal ... well, mostly Jake Gyllenhaal but I got some lurve for Maggie (and her fiancee Peter Sarsgaard) by default. Here are a few pictures of the Gyllenhaals out and about in NYC just chillin' ...

... hangin', eatin'. Hmm ... I wish that Jakey would go out in public showing some more skin sometime. [Source, Source]


Yes, I'll take a sleeveless Jakey poo shootin' hoops. Le Sigh. [Source]

The Hills star Lauren Conrad, better known as LC, is on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine:

Yeah, yeah ... she looks cute. Ever since Kristin Cavallari cut her hair she seems to have lost some of her appeal. I ain't gonna lie, I really enjoy watching The Hills, if only for the mere fact that every scene with Heidi is ridiculously hilarious. LC is very likeable in The Hills ... who knows, maybe I'll be switching teams sometime soon. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader JC sends in this picture from the World Cup ... and I really don't know what else to say about it ...

Is this sort of behavior allowable during gameplay? I might look into joining a soccer team very soon. [thanks JC]

UGH ... I don't even want to talk about how my flight into NYC was cancelled and I spent the next 3 1/2 hours getting juggled between 3 different flights (which were on opposite ends of the very long Northwest concourse at Metro Airport). I'll just say that I finally made it to NY (well after midnight) and it's great to be back in the city with my boy :)

No plans for today ... yet. Tonight, we're going to an Entertainment Weekly party to celebrate EW's hot Must List issue due out next week. I am very much looking forward to this issue of EW ... Woot!

That is all for now ... I'm out.