Sunday, June 25, 2006

Don't Rain On My Parade

Sorry for the last posting ... this is the first time I've been in NYC when the Gay Pride parade was being held so David and I went down to check it out for a bit. It was fun ... but I kinda was expecting more OOMPH from the gays. At any rate, Happy Pride, y'all!

Soo ... it's a done deal ... Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are officially husband and wife. The happy couple exchanged vows yesterday in a traditional Catholic ceremony at the clifftop Cardinal Cerretti Chapel at the St Patrick's Estate in the Sydney beachside suburb of Manly ... here are a few pictures from the event:

Kidman, 39, walked down the aisle accompanied by her father, Antony, with her sister, Antonia, as matron of honour, her daughter Isabella, 13, as bridesmaid, and her young niece Lucia as flower girl. Urban, 38, is believed to have been attended by his brother Shane, and friend Marlon Holden. Father Paul Coleman married the couple in front of an estimated 230 family and friends. Hollywood and Broadway star Australian Hugh Jackman sang Peter Allen's classic Tenterfield Saddler during the ceremony, and a Sydney Symphony string quartet also played. Other guests included actress Naomi Watts, Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness, director Baz Luhrmann. Russell Crowe, Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch, and Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi Deng were also believed to be guests. It sounds like it was a lovely affair ... I bet Nicole is glad to be married to a sane man this time around. I'm sure her father is a very nice man but he looks very creepy in this picture ... I know I'm scared! At any rate, I want to wish the newlyweds many years of happiness and love ... I think they make a great couple and I hope they live happily ever after! [Source, Source, thanks Justine]

Check out this cute picture of Keith Urban spending some quality time with Nicole's son, Connor Cruise ... the two look like they're getting along famously:

I bet those Cruise kids would love to spend some time out of the spotlight for a while. I bet they're pretty tired of being used as pawns in TomKat's big game of publicity. It would be nice if Connor and Isabella (Nicole's daughter) got to spend more time with Nicole and Keith and leave alleged baby Suri Holmes-Cruise to do all the cruiseazy publicity. [Source]

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest had its Hollywood premiere yesterday at Disneyland ... here are a few pictures:

Keira Knightley looked a bit frightening but I suppose that was to be expected ... she tends to over-do it when it comes to movie premieres. Johnny Depp looked a bit subdued this time around ... Orlando Bloom looked cute as a button. I threw in a picture of Jennifer Love Hewitt because she could use the publicity. See? I'm a nice guy sometimes :) [Source]

Victoria Beckham is back in Germany with her family after jetting off to Canada to take care of some Rock & Republic jeans bizznazz on her recent, supershort trip. Here are pictures of Vicks with her gaggle of kids walking the streets of Baden-Baden:

It appears that all is well with the Beckham bunch again. I can't believe that little Cruz Beckham is walking already, he is so cute. He is the spitting image of his daddy David Beckham. They make such a cute family ... but you know what else they need? Another baby! [Source, thanks Julia]

Pink reader JJ sends in these pictures of Adrien Brody from the set of the new movie Manolete which is currently filming in El Puerto De Santa Mari­a, Spain:

I'm not a big bull fighting fan ... and I'm not sure that I'd be very interested in seeing a movie about a bull fighter ... but, I think I am very interested in seeing a movie starring Adrien Brody wearing super skintight matador pants. [thanks JJ]

Here are a few more pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal shooting some hoops (in a sleeveless shirt, I might add) with a few friends in NYC earlier this week:

He sure looks good coming AND going, don't he? I wouldn't mind playing a little one-on-one with him :) Wadda ya say, Jakey? Wanna play? [Source]

Justin Timberlake provided Entertainment Weekly with hand-written lyrics to his new single SexyBack which you can hear a clip of HERE and is scheduled to be released next month:

I'm fairly certain this track is going to be huge. Judging by the clip alone, I already love it. It's so catchy ... and it doesn't really sound like anything else (unlike Jessica Simpson's song A Public Affair which sounds a lot like Madonna's Holiday). I'm really excited to hear what the rest of the album sounds like. [Source]

Check out these really hot pictures of Channing Tatum from the new issue of GQ magazine:

The boy gives great face. He's got really great lips. I bet they're perfect for blowing ... bubbles :) [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... say hello to Pete:

Ah, Petey with the piercing blue eyes ... I don't mind so much that you've decided to not wear your shirt for this photo. Believe me, I understand ... it's hot out ... please feel free to leave your shorts at home next time, okay? [Source]

So, yesterday I was tied up for most of the afternoon ... I was hanging out with a few really cool bloggers for a Teen People magazine photoshoot. Finally! I get to be in a photoshoot with the uberhotandsexy Sarah Lewitinn aka Ultragrrrl ... here are a few pictures from the shoot:

Teen People is doing a piece on bloggers for the October issue and we were all brought together for a fun photoshoot yesterday here in NYC. I got to meet the next big blogger -- Leith who writes the blog You Know You Love It. I have to admit, I was unfamiliar with her blog before I met her yesterday but I checked it out and it's awesome. Wait until you see Miss Thang in the magazine ... the fabulous stylists came up with the perfect dress for her ... she looked really, really hot! I also got to meet blogger Aaron who writes Green Parsley and I've already decided we're going to be BFFs. The shoot was really fun ... I had the best time hanging out with Cara (who is dating a Detroiter) and Zena (who is a Detroiter) from Teen People, Todd Selby (photographer extraordinaire), Ramona (his supercute cousin) and pretty much everyone else who worked on the shoot. We did some fun things ... took some fun pics ... I can't wait to see how they turn out.

As I mentioned earlier, David and I went out to catch some of the Gay Pride parade this afternoon ... here are a few pictures:

While the parade was fun, I think I was expecting a little more. We didn't get to see enough floats ... but we didn't stay too long cuz it started to drizzle and we got hungry. My favorite group in the parade was the Lavender Light Gospel Choir ... those queens were tearing it up, singing their praises to God. Now that's some ol' time religion I can get behind.

It's kind of a blah day ... I'm not sure what we're going to be doing tonight.

That is all ... I hope y'all are having a great weekend! I'm out.