Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spider-Man Returns

Spider-Man ain't gonna let Superman get all the hype these days ... even tho Superman returns tonight at 12 midnight (actually, the showing of Superman Returns that I'm going to see tonight begins at 10pm) Spider-Man wants to remind us that he's been here for years ... here are a few screencaps from the new Spider-Man 3 teaser trailer:

Awww yeah ... bring it on Spidey! This trailer looks so hot! I don't know if I can wait until May 4, 2007! Click HERE to see the teaser trailer for yourself. [Source]

Here is the first of many, many Spider-Man 3 posters (both real and fan-made) that will becoming your way over the next year:

Eh ... this poster is not bad ... it's not great either. Spider-Man ain't sleepin' on Superman's day, that's for sure. [Source]

First it was Britney Spears rockin' the black dye-job, then Paris Hilton and now Spider-Man. I think I'm starting to see a trend here.

Don't Go Breaking My <3

Normally I begin each blog post with a Spederline item but since there isn't any Britney Spears-esque news to be had today, let's start off with another young Hollywood family instead (one generally met with much acceptance) ... Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, their children Ava and Deacon and prolly some friends spent the afternoon frolicking at the beach in California recently ... it goes without saying that they all looked really supercute. The kiddies had a lot of fun playing at the beach with their parents ... except for when Reese tried to make a man out of little Deacon by trying to take him into the ocean and the poor little lamb pooped his pants:

Photo credit: X-17

OMG ... Deacon looks so terrified. Ah well ... the little kid had to get scarred for life at some point ... now he has a reason to resent his mother. Poor Deacon. [Source]

On the plus side, Deacon did get to spend some quality time with his (extremely hot) dad Ryan Philippe. Here are a few pictures of (hot) father and son playing a little bit of football on the beach:

Photo credit: X-17

Woot! I realize that Ryan didn't have to run around the beach shirtless ... but I do appreciate that he did. I'm having a hard time coming up with an image cuter than Ryan playing with his little boy. Cutest.Thing.Ever. [Source]

Mischa Barton has been clocking a lot of beachtime recently lately as well ... she and her new BFF Nicole Richie have been hanging out at the beach almost every day it seems. Here is a fun picture of Mischa ... and it looks like she has an ever newer beach BFF to hang with:

Photo credit: X-17

I'm just glad that American Idol loser Justin Guarini hasn't offed himself yet ... it's nice of Mischa to spend some time with him ... see, and you prolly thought Justin didn't have a single friend in Hollywood at all. [Source]

Yikes! Michelle Williams needs to be careful when she's hanging out in NYC ... sometimes those panhandlers tend to get a little bit too close ...

... it's a good thing she wasn't holding her new baby girl Matilda. Hey, I wonder where hubby Heath Ledger was? [Source]

If it ain't one thing (like, you know, cheating) ruining the tenuous relationship betwixt Jude Law and Sienna Miller it's another ...

It looks like Sienna is fed up with Jude's fashion choices. Those elfin slippers are horrrrrible! I'd dump him too. He is sooo lucky he's hot. [Source]

Check out this picture of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker as they make their way into the much-ignored wedding of Marcia Cross to stockbroker Tom Mahoney:

You just know that Eva is dying to get her meathooks into Tony Parker. Weddings tend to get chicks who yearn to be desperate housewives all in a tizzy. [Source]

Speaking of newlyweds Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney, here is the first pic of husband and wife since they tied the knot over the weekend:

Don't they look so sexy? Who needs to talk about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban when we got this new sexy couple to chat about. You can't see them in this picture, but Tom is wearing the chicest orthopedic shoes I think I've ever seen. Now that's hot! [Source]

Jessica Simpson is out for blood ... Nick Lachey's blood ... check out these hot pics of Jess and her ladies Christina Applegate, Christina Milian and Eva Longoria as they shoot the video for her new single A Public Affair:

That's a lotta booty goin' on there. Jessica Simpson is gonna hafta work it out this time around ... her previous albums haven't been that great (well, they've sucked actually) so I'm hoping that this time around she gets it done right. A hot video would be a good start ... I guess we'll see. [Source]

Hilary and Haylie Duff paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday afternoon to talk about their new movie Material Girls ... here are a few pictures:

I actually quite like Haylie's cute dress ... I deffo hate Hilary's leggings -- maybe the heat has finally gotten to her? She hardly ever wears anything fug. And since when did Haylie Duff get blue eyes? They kinda make her look a wee bit freaky. [Source, thanks Monica B]

American Eagle Outfitters threw a big party over the weekend at their Santa Monica Third Street Promenade store where the All-American Rejects were the musical guests. In addition, Lauren Conrad (from MTV's The Hills) and her little sister Breanna (from MTV's third season of Laguna Beach) played hosts for the event ... it was the first time the sisters have appeared at a public event together:

I've mentioned this before, but I'm not convinced that LC's little sister is gonna be able to carry a whole new season of Laguna Beach by herself ... but y'all know I'm still gonna watch it. It's too bad that Kristin Cavallari doesn't have a wicked little sister to play the foil to Breanna's reign at Laguna Beach High. I love the All-American Rejects ... and I love this picture of AAR ... especially the very bored drummer sitting on his stool twiddling his thumbs. LOL! You can watch the AAR performance exclusively on the American Eagle website HERE. Enjoy! [Source]

Yesterday we got to "enjoy" pictures of David Beckham puking his guts out on the soccer field ... so today we get to enjoy a picture of Becks getting ready for that game that he puked in:

Yes, that's much better. As much as we're enjoying this vantage point of our dear Becks, it looks like the teammate he's stretching with is enjoying it much more. [Source, thanks MJ]

Woot! The guys who brought us the fun summer movie Eating Out (starring Ryan Carnes and superhot Scott Lunsford) are getting ready to release the sequel. Here are a few preview screencaps from the new movie Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds:

Hmmm ... I'm sure there's a plot somewhere in this movie and I'm sure it's going to be as funny as the first movie but I'm just glad to see that there's going to be a couple new hot dudes to salivate over. The movie will debut at OutFest in LA on July 13th and you can check out the movie's official My Space profile to see what other film festivals the movie will be showing at. I can't wait to see the trailer :) [Source]

And finally, Undented is reporting that the very long-awaited box set of Tori Amos rarities, titled A Piano: The Collection, is finally going to be released on September 26th:

This 5-disc box set will span Tori's entire career and will be comprised of classic tracks, newly mixed or expanded tracks AND previously unreleased tracks -- there'll be 86 tracks total in this collection. We're finally going to get to hear the songs Not David Bowie, Zero Point (a song she wrote for Neil Gaiman), Peeping Tommi, Ode To My Clothes and Dolphin Song. Additionally, A Piano: The Collection will offer an extensive track-by-track commentary written by Tori, who discusses the inspiration behind the songs and albums and explains why they were chosen for this box set. I could seriously die! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this box set. Since we also know that Tori Amos is probably recording her next album right now, it won't be long until we get even more Tori goodness. Head on over to EverythingTori.com to see a full tracklist for this box set. [Source]

El News:
BOOOOOOOOO! Sashie, David and I were ALL EXCITED to have dinner at S'Mac last night only to get there and discover that they are closed on Mondays!

I'm not gonna lie ... we cried a little bit right there on the street. We're gonna try and go back sometime this week ... but yeah, our little hearts were crushed.

We ended up having dinner at the Thai restaurant called Room Service which is a couple doors down from S'Mac and we ran into my good friend Josh and his friend Ellen. They were just getting ready to order dinner when we walked in and we all decided to just eat together. We ended up having a really great meal together ... and it wouldn't have happened if S'Mac was open. I also ran into Pink reader Crystal who popped into the restaurant to snap a picture:

She looks really cute ... I, unfortch, do not ... but I'm glad she wanted to take the picture anyways ;)

Anyways, we picked up a bunch of Ben & Jerry's on the way home and ended up watching Batman Begins. As if y'all needed a reminder, Christian Bale is super hot ... and Batman Begins is a great movie ...

Tonight, David and I are going to the first showing of Superman Returns at 10PM ... I'm finally gonna find out if the movie can live up to the superhype:

That is all ... I'm out.